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Diseases of the reproductive organs.

Good afternoon, please help advice. Delivered smears in various infections. Exocervicitis diagnosed. (Two months ago they burned the erosion, there was no such diagnosis).

In smears we found Gardnerella and streptococci. No other infections were found, including hidden ones. By ultrasound of the pelvis: the fluid in the posterior space in small amounts, the cervical canal expands in the lower third by 2.2 mm due to the anechoic content.

Prescribed treatment: suprax, vilprafen, metronidazole, macromior candle. Tell me please, can I take 3 different antibiotics at the same time?

Hello First, an STI does not diagnose exocervicitis!

Second, if you did an ultrasound after ovulation, then fluid, this is normal, unless you are concerned about symptoms such as fever and pain. Third, he only has two antibiotics, metronidazole is a completely different group, antiprotozoal medications!

In your case, you can do vilprafenom, metronilazole and candles and take a clinical blood test.

Thank you very much for the answer, the pain does not bother and the temperature does not. But the ultrasound was performed on day 9 of the cycle, in which case can we talk about inflammation?

Yes, in this case it is possible and, nevertheless, I would recommend to undergo an anti-inflammatory treatment, but with only one antibiotic it will be enough. And redo the analysis: smear on oncocytology, but not before three months after the treatment of the cervix (from the time of cervical coagulation!)

Dear doctor
I ask you a question with the following question: please, tell me if the clean point buffers are dangerous. Inflammation of the appendages. Can I use these tampons?

Hello anastasia The tampons themselves do not represent a danger to the body, but if they change irregularly, then in the menstrual blood, as in a good nutrient medium, the bacteria multiply and can pass from the vagina to the uterus.

During treatment, it is best to refrain from tampons, so as not to obstruct menstrual blood.

I just read about these (Chinese) tampons, people write that after using them a lot of “dirt” comes out, some kind of films and something similar to pressed cottage cheese. This is normal?

Hello Anastasia I do not have practical experience with such tampons, but I suppose if everything were so easy, it would be possible to suspend the obstetrician-gynecologist’s release as unnecessary and treat women with this method alone.

You have the right to choose whether or not you want to experience your health. A long stay in the vagina of any object, leads to a delay in the discharge in the interior, it is not surprising that after removing it all come out in “tons”.

In addition, under its action a chemical burn of the tissues takes place, after which the mucous membrane is rejected. By the way, in Chinese pharmacies you will not find them.

Good afternoon
I tested myself and found an infection por.parvum. What is this infection and where does it come from? Last year everything went well. I have a partner that I’m sure of. Tell me the method of treatment. Thanks in advance.

Hello This is part of a woman’s normal microflora. Normally there is no sterility in the vagina.

Normal microorganisms live there. Including ureaplasma. He arrived there sexually or at home, or in any bathroom.

When everything is good in your body, it does not show bad qualities. But if you get a dangerous infection in the vagina or if the number of protective bacteria decreases, it can cause inflammation. If the cleaning swab is in order, then it does not make sense to treat it.

Good afternoon. Thanks for the reply. Tell me if my results can still show something extra. I presented 13 types of PCR tests:
chlamydia trachomatis
mycoplasma hominis
ur.parvum here found
herpes simplex virus I
herpes simplex virus II
Gardnerella vaginalis
Neisseria gonorrhoeae
trichomonas vaginitis
mycoplasma genitalium
candida albicans
atopobium vagina and more PCR -HPV 16,18,31,33,35,39,45,52,56,58,59,66,26 and 51. All this is not detected.
Thank you very much for your help.

You’re fine. There’s no need to treat the ureaplasma.

Thank you very much for your inquiry.

My relative after the extraction of 2 ovaries, after a year increases the number of elements in which he has an allergic reaction, recently there was pain in the right side of the abdomen with pressure and sudden release. She was consulted by the gynecologist who operated on her, said that everything was fine, the pain would pass. He was also told by a surgeon at the clinic. (The analyzes are good).

What does she need to be tested?

Good afternoon I advise you to undergo an ultrasound of the pelvic organs and an ultrasound of the abdominal organs (in the morning on an empty stomach, do not eat or drink).

Lower abdominal pain may be associated with tubal inflammation (that is, if there is a uterus and tubes in place), if they are not there, then with exacerbation of adhesions due to hypothermia or a pathology of the urinary tract or the intestines. For allergies, consult your allergist.

Hello Please, help me understand the cytology and PCR tests for HPV type 16.18.

Cytology: Against the background of a moderate amount of coccal microflora, a moderate number of neutrophilic leukocytes and erythrocytes are dispersed hygienically and cell groups of the superficial and intermediate layers of the epithelium scarce from various parts of the epithelium and numerous groups of cylindrical epithelial cells. they occur separately in the epithelium epithelium, in which various types of cylindrical epithelial cells are observed. Nuclei, slightly different in size and shape, moderate cytoplasm.
Conclusion: stationary endocervicotic cyst with inflammation. Indirect cytological signs of viral lesions of the mucosa.
PCR for HPV:
DNA VPH VKR title 16 Ekaterina Klokova
Gynecologist-obstetrician, Cand. love of science

Hello So you have an ectopia (erosion) of the cervix, against the background of the virus is a greater persistence and destruction of the cervix, that is, the inflammatory process that has already affected the endocervix, that is, the inner surface of the cervix! If you have already given birth, then a biopsy is necessary with an additional treatment of the cervix in an instrumental way (coagulation of radio waves) and, of course, antiviral therapy!

If you have not yet given birth, then decide when you will plan a pregnancy, you should also perform a cervical biopsy and antiviral therapy. After a biopsy, it will be determined that you must first do a doctor or you are pregnant or treat the neck urgently.

Hello 3 days ago, the abortion was 11 weeks after the abortion. There was no discharge as in the following days (without blood). Today, after 3 days, I felt a sharp pain in the lower abdomen and the temperature rose to 37.5 using analgesics. 2 hours. I took 3 tablets with an interval of 30 minutes.

What can happen to me and where to turn? Where did you have an abortion or the local genecologist?

Hello, Contact where they had an abortion. This can be an accumulation of blood in the uterus, inflammation, torsion of the corpus luteum cyst.

Hello I am 19 years old and for the year that a candidiasis appeared for the second time, tell me how to cure it, with what drugs? At this time there is no possibility of going to the doctor for the symptoms: itching, mild burning and flow of cheese.

Hello Anna. Inside you can take a capsule of fluconazole, 150 mg, under any brand name.

Local antifungal candles. They also exclude sweets, flour, soda.

I have been diagnosed with ureaplasmosis and gardnerelosis.
I was prescribed medication, 8 points, but I did not specify how I should take them. In particular, those medicines that are taken orally (tablets)
Could you help me? Should they be taken in the proper sequence, point by point or at the same time?
1. Unidox-Solutab 100 mg 2 tablets per day for 5 days
2. Ornidazole 500 mg 2 tablets per day for 5 days
3. Pimafucin 4 tablets per day for 10 days.
4. Mycomax 150 mg once a day on day 11 of treatment.
5. Dalatsin 1 candle per day 3 days
6. Terzhinan 1 vaginal tabl 6 days after dalatsin
7. Vagilak 2 tabl per day 14 days after unidox-solutab

So, how can I drink articles 1, 2, 3?
At the same time or after the end of drinking one drink the next?

Good afternoon Articles 1, 2, 3 should be drunk at the same time, more dalacina should be inserted further down in the text

He received histology analysis: 1. Chronic endocrinitis. There are areas of squamous epithelium with dysplasia.

2. Glandular hyperplasia of the epithelium (the last phase of secretion, the desquamation phase), fragments of a glandular polyp. Tell me, how serious is the diagnosis and the treatment is usually pharmacological or surgical?

What tests will still have to happen. (I’ll only go to the gynecologist).

Hi It will be necessary to send a smear in the HPV. Dysplasia is a precancerous condition of the cervix and is sometimes treated with cauterization of the cervix. Sometimes an anti-inflammatory treatment is performed.

Good day, I am 25 years old, I have a son (1.6), after giving birth I went to a gynecologist. I was diagnosed with CMM and then I had a biotomy. It turned out that I had grade 1 dysplasia. I did not get any HPV test. nothing was found, a doctor sent to cauterization of argon, and at the appointment with the doctor I repeated the expulsion of the urinary organs, and here came the results: RESULTS OF RESEARCH ANALYSIS OF EXTRACTIONS OF OCHBENOMAL ORGANS (female) epithelial cells were moderate lesions White blood cells covered hermetically in n / 3 Not found in n / 3 erythrocytes Kokki significant amount in n / 3 microflora Gardnerella (key cells) No spores and mycelium were detected Phagocytosis + in n / 3 mucus No tricomocos were found detected gonococci NECK WAYS Moderate number in the field of vision epithelial cells Firmly cover the leukocytes in n / 3 Leukocytes not found in n / 3 erythrocytes Cocky significant amount in n / 3 microflora Not detected Gardnerella (key cells) No spores were detected and mycelium No hotsytosis was detected +++ in p / s mucus Trichomonas not detected Gonococcus not detected URETHS N single number in the field of vision epithelial cells 0-1-2 in n / 3 leukocytes Not detected in erythrocytes p / s Unique amount of cocci in microflora p / s Not detected gardnerella (key cells) No spores or mycelium were found detected phagocytosis in mucus n / C. No trichomonas were detected. There were no gonococci that I would be recommended next: is it dangerous? To see a doctor only after 2 weeks, very worried.

You have a smear with inflammation. Did you burn argon from argon? Was the analysis done before cauterization? If you have not yet burned and been tested for sexually transmitted infections, you should place a candle in your vagina for 10 days at night and send your husband to the urologist for a test of genital swelling.

I have not burned anything yet, that question, but what should I do with grade 1 dysplasia? How to treat Or to start removing inflammation and then cauterize?

It is necessary to eliminate inflammation, put candles with hexicon for 10 days, then take the smear again and, if it is normal, cauterize. Dysplasia is treated with cauterization, but a clean smear is necessary to cauterize.

Good afternoon. I have been tested for hidden infections. Ureaplasma urelitikum kolic. 7.6×10 * 3. Copies / 10 * 5 epithelial cells and Chichydia trachomatis Kolich.

09/18/2014 1.2×10 * 6. copies / 10 * 5 epithelial cells. Please, decipher how bad everything is. And if it can appear without sexual relations.

Hello The ureaplasma is not dangerous and chlamydia is very dangerous. Causes infertility, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, inflammations. It is usually transmitted sexually.

I had a slight erosion of the cervix and several small cysts.
Elimination of cysts and erosion treated by destruction of radio waves.
Within a week after the procedure there were water discharges.
Then, somewhere on the 8th, scarlet scarlet veins appeared and began to pull the belly. During the next three days, the spot only increased.

At the reception at the gynecologist, I was told that the scab had left early and that almost all of the previously stuck surface was bleeding. They said that blood can only be stopped by burning again.

I agreed
They also said that they would come to treatment on days 2 and 5 after the procedure, where in fact they simply treated the wound with potassium permanganate.
No candles were written to heal …

Now I am very worried, it was necessary to cauterize or not. And how will the healing be carried out now?

Do I need to go to treatment?
(Monthly can come 10 days after the procedure.)
It’s very dangerous
Please answer

Oksana, hello.
You do not have to worry, there’s nothing terrible.
The fact that you have dealt with a cervical wave wave erosion method is very good, the best method of treatment today. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the crust moves away prematurely (this happens rarely, but it happens …). The reasons for a premature wash can be The violation of the regimen after the procedure is different, but very strong. You should have been told what to do during the 3 weeks after the procedure: do not live sexually, do not take a bath or sauna, do not wear heavy clothes, do not exercise and dance, do not take Alky It is not even wearing high heels.
Very well accelerate the healing of depantol candles.

Thank you very much for your response, Tatiana!

I am concerned that the second procedure was performed on the 20th day of the cycle. What could be the consequences of this?
Can this affect the healing?
Could it be that you have to repeat the procedure again if you do not recover?

And another similar question (just in case, for the future): was it possible to stop the bleeding in a different way, and not by repeated coagulation?

Oksana, hello.
Well, he and the root of evil … Apparently you have some kind of hidden infection, like ureaplasma, mycoplasma or chlamydia, and this manifested itself in your leukocytosis smear and so on. Violation of the microflora. It is only temporarily fading for a while, but after the procedure, when the immunity fell, all the bacteria came out and interfered with a favorable cure.
Oksana, I sincerely advise you to pass the tests for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) after the healing of the treatment site.

Tatyana, but I did ITS tests before treatment and everything was in order. = ((The problem was in leukocytes, which the gynecologist said was in the context of erosion …
Tell me more, please.
It has been 8 days since the beginning of menstruation (and 20 days after the re-treatment of erosion), but there is still a blood secretion, although quite …
It could be prolonged menstruation or a problem with healing.
How much bleeding can go normally in this case?
Thank you very much for the answers, for your work.

Oksana, if bleeding begins, then a repeated procedure is performed regardless of the day of the menstrual cycle, there is nothing wrong with that. It will not have an impact on healing, only the full regime that I wrote earlier will have to be maintained for a longer time.
And, in general, do not worry, the characteristic of the coagulation of radio waves is that after there are no scars, everything will be cured safely.
Those candles that I wrote after menstruation can be sealed for 10 days at night, they are harmless and accelerate healing)).

Tatiana, thank you very much for your answers!
Now I have 8 days after the second procedure. And again some kind of download begins. At first there was a little pink water, but now a bright, pink-orange … still not so much to worry about, but still …
What it is, the bleeding opens again.
I respect the regime now. = ((

Most likely, you fit into the period of menstruation and soon you will begin. After her, put candles.
In general, it is very strange that he heals so badly … He made a smear and an oncocytology before the procedure, what were the results?

Yes, today is 12 days after the procedure, menstruation started.
The fact of the matter is that the analyzes were normal. The leukocytes were elevated, but I was treated with Terzhinan and the leukocytes were normal before treatment. The only thing – the microflora broke.

Can it influence in any way?

Hi, I’m 22 years old. I have a great erosion of the cervix, I prescribed a biopsy and a treatment for SURGITRON. How is everything going first?

Do you have a biopsy with immediate treatment in surgitron? How long does the treatment last?

Hello The algorithm of action is as follows: a colposcopy is performed, an analysis of the cervix is ​​taken for oncocytology, a biopsy is performed if necessary according to the results of these studies, the tactics of additional treatment are selected.

Hello, the strong candidiasis began.

Itching in the cavity of the lips and scratching. Yesterday I took the capsule of flucanazol, I read many good reviews, I thought today would be less, but not (in the morning there was also a lot of shock).

She already tortured me. Also, there is no time to go to the hospital, as long as you pass the tests and the result arrives, it will be a long time and there will be no possibility of paying a fee.

Please tell me what to do and how to cure it! Before that, Hexion and Vaginorm S. put candles.

Hello Hexion has no effect on candidiasis and the vaginorma strengthens it. Insert clotrimazole candles into the vagina twice a day for 3 to 6 days until the symptoms normalize.

good afternoon Regulón of 2.5 years of age for contraception.

Now we want a baby. On ultrasound, they place multifollicular ovaries (there is no dominant fall, and there is no ovulation), but monthly. see for yourself

I took 2 dyuhuston courses (from 16 to 25 days) now the doctor recommends taking Midian for a “restart effect” (pregnancy in case of cancellation), but is it worth it? after all, the regulon and so much damage … (the hormones are normal and the thyroid also, smears and good crops) Advise!

Hello If you do not take the Midian, it remains to be stimulated with clostilbegite.

This is a serious drug, so you must first try without it. There will be no damage from the midians this time, a rebound effect can occur

Hello Today I passed a smear on the microflora of the cervical canal, please comment on the result. I’m 26 years old, I’m not pregnant.

Thank you very much in advance.
Microscopy of the removable cervical canal.
Epithelium 3-6-8
Leucocytes 1-2-3 in p / s
Phlegm +
Reed of flora
Flora (amount) moderate
Trichomonas vaginalis not found
Neisseria gonorrhoeae not found
No elements of the pathological fungus were found.

Hello Your blow is fine, there is no cause for concern.

Hi Tell me Please, my sexual partner was diagnosed with chlamydia, was prescribed 7 days of metronidazole, 14 days of vilprafen and 2 times fluconazole. They said I need to drink the same and candles.

Do not tell me which candles are better and in what period of treatment they should be placed. And is it worth taking something to restore the microflora?

Hello anna With chlamydia infection, topical clindamycin has a good effect.

However, I would recommend an on-site consultation with a gynecologist for the selection of an individual chart. Given the characteristics of this infection, it would not be superfluous to prescribe immunomodulatory and resorption therapy.

Hi, I have PCOS! Healing for 2.5 years!

First I saw 3 months, Regulon, then 3 months. Diana and 3 months Duphaston from 16 to 25 d.ts. After the ultrasound control, in which nothing has changed, I went to the doctor!

Hormones are normal, only progesterone rises in the first phase. The doctor wants me to drink Diana for 1 year, I want to do laparoscopy. My husband and I are planning a child.

How can you be able to advise?

Hello olga Laparoscopy is, in any case, an intervention, after which increases the risk of adhesion formation in the pelvis. On the need for its implementation, the question must be resolved by the doctor, it is done if other methods do not help, and by ultrasound around the ovary a dense capsule is clearly visible.

It is difficult to advise without studying your history. Make an appointment with another specialist, taking with him all the results of the survey and the card.

Perhaps, after hearing the opinion of another doctor, find the right solution for your problem.

Hello, I had not given birth for 22 years, there were no abortions and miscarriages cervical erosion, cauterization by the radio wave method, at first there was a slightly transparent aqueous discharge almost transparent. After the cauterization, a week passed and I could not stand it and it turned out to be sex, and in one day a pink discharge began.

There is no pain or discomfort. This is normal, or is damaged by erosion.

Should I run to the doctor or wait a month?

Hello anna After the treatment, erosion heals, like any wound: a scab is immediately formed, under which normal healthy cells grow, and then this scab is rejected.

In your case, sexual intercourse may cause premature rejection of the crust, without a normal healing of the wound beneath it. Of course, everything can be done, and everything will be cured normally, but there may be an incomplete cure and even spots, therefore, it is better to visit the doctor.

Positively decipher the toxoplasmosis test G40.5ME / ml. M4.90 is positive. Avidity anti-Toxopiasma gon.

IgG 75.00 reference values ​​OVER 40 HOW SHOULD I UNDERSTAND?

Hello, you have acute toxoplasmosis. You urgently need to contact a specialist in infectious diseases for treatment purposes.

Hello 2 weeks ago I had a curettage in the uterus (hysteroscopy), the doctor prescribed Regulon to me to take 3 months to normalize it after the operation, but I searched the Internet, it is contraceptive and the answers are not very good. Can you please advise me if I should take it or maybe some other medication?

Hi All contraceptive drugs have the ability to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Because when a girl takes them, artificial hormones enter the body for 21 days, then the taking of the pills is interrupted, during which menstruation occurs, then a new cycle of the pill: menstruation and then another. This teaches the ovaries to function properly after the contraceptive is canceled, so that the body can produce the necessary hormones in time and receive the menstruation in time.

Regulon is a good drug, simply cheap, so it is not profitable to praise and publicize it. Take jes plus, if you want a more expensive medication, only there you should take 28 days in a row, then start the next package without pause.

Good afternoon Please tell me what I have, I went to the gynecologist, after passing the tests, she wrote me the candles “Hexicon” and “Vaginorm S” put, after Hexicon started the white discharge, when she started to put Vaginorm with the approved discharge, but … after the treatment began. Thrush, especially in the morning there was a strong discharge, I took a fluconazole capsule, after a day when the thrush passed, but it started a brown discharge with an unpleasant smell!

Please, tell me why it was like that, they treated me, but none is different. What to do ?! When this smell happens, sometimes I feel like I’m sorry, even when I’m involved in my own business, it’s not very pleasant ((

Hello The discharge of odors is a bacterial vaginosis.

He is treated with vaginorma, but this drug has caused candidiasis. I advise you to insert neo penotran candles twice a day for 7 days, and everything will pass.

About the brown secretions, and when were the previous periods?

Monthly they were from September 3 to 7!

But it is still better to put candles: neo penotran or clotrimazole?

Good evening. Please, help me solve it. I need to cauterize erosion.

For two months, it is impossible to go through this procedure. Only by renting everything the doctor ordered, it turns out that you need to spend more.

Only it seems that everything will happen, it turns out that the analyzes are outdated. Tests already approved PCR, colposcopy, biopsy (diangnosis – cervicitis, CM ectopia), smear.

The results of the last hit: lek. – U-1-2 with 20-25 V 4-10 epit.kl. – u 15-20 v 4-6 c 2-4. The doctor said many of the white blood cells.

But when they told me that I still needed to take a photofluorography, to visit a therapist (although I do not have any complaints), I had the feeling that they were only being intimidated. Tell me, please, is it really that bad because of the results of this test?

What are the white blood cell standards in a smear? If you need more information, I am 38 years old, two children. Please forgive my emotion.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hello The rate of leukocytes in a smear is up to 15.

You have an inflammatory smear, you need to put a candelabrum for several days before the erosion treatment, ideally 10. The fluorography and the consultation of a therapist are only necessary if you want to burn the erosion in the hospital, that is, during the hospitalization.

Abdominals and transvvagin were examined.
Good afternoon I recently did a video-scan, everything is in order, but the conclusion of the gynecologist is an echo of signs of endometrial hyperplasia.

My cycle in the last one. Time 40-42 days. On August 22, it began to be published monthly.

The body of the uterus in normal state, the contours are clear, length 47 mm, anterior-posterior 43, width 29 mm. the uterus is not changed, the endometrium is the thickness of the functional layer of 1.48 cm, the endometrium is homogeneous, it reflects the endometrium, it is not deformed, the uterus is not dilated, the cervix is ​​18 by 18, the right ovary is 26 by 19, ODA is in the type of place, thin does not change, ovary lion 24 to 26 behind the uterus, thin does not change. My question is: Does this prevent pregnancy?

Hello. Endometrial hyperplasia interferes directly with pregnancy.

The fetus has nowhere to tie, because in the womb there is growth everywhere. It is necessary to perform a diagnostic curettage separately from the cervical canal and cervix

Hello On pelvic ultrasound, salpingitis was diagnosed on the left.

The fluid in the left fallopian tube 12 * 5 mm. The doctor prescribed a complex treatment: Derinat injections of 1.5% intramuscularly / once in three days 10 injections. Galavit candles rectally the first two days, 1 SV 2 times a day, then at night 1 SV each alternate day 20 candles.

Candles Longidase (3000 IU) the first 3 times the first time in 2 days, 7 times the first time in 5 days. She said to perform the treatment twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Please tell me if a good treatment is prescribed by a doctor and can be cured of salpingitis. And more, if immunity of these drugs will decrease?

Hello daria
The three medications: Derinat, Galavit and Longidase are immunomodulatory and I see no reason to take them all at the same time. In the treatment of salpingitis, it is better to leave Longididase in the treatment regimen, since its action is not only immunomodulatory, but also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
But all this is not a complete treatment for salpingitis.
The first thing to do is to identify the causative agent (tests to detect latent infections and other STIs) and, based on the results of the tests, perform antibacterial therapy so that you do not have this acute salpingitis and other forms of complications of salpingitis.
In other words, the treatment regimen for salpingitis consists of an antibacterial therapy and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic and immunomodulatory therapy is added. And it is very good if all this treatment ends with physiotherapy.
Your immunity will not decrease with respect to the previous scheme, but it will only increase a lot, but unfortunately it will not be cured of salpingitis.

Good afternoon Thank you very much for the detailed response!

I also want to ask you, I am 26 years old, there was no birth. in 2012, in June, there was an emergency laparotomy, due to ovarian stroke, a cyst in the right ovary of 4 cm and appendicitis (without peritonitis). Histology: yellow body cyst.

And after another half year, that is. In December, laparoscopy was performed. Completed: Exudate removed by electric suction.

Tank taken. sowing Appendages are isolated from adhesions. The cyst of the right ovary is removed, the bed of the cyst coagulates.

Neostomatoplasty, non-removable tube. Chromohydrotubation – the pipes are passable. Diagnosis: Acute metroendometritis, bilateral salpingo-oophoritis.

Pelfioperitonit. Cyst of the right ovary. Bilateral Hydrosalpinx

He received antibiotic therapy and another good treatment (according to the rate). The doctor said it was due to the infection.

In January, after menstruation, transmitted infections: ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomonas, everything is negative. The doctor said that after laparoscopy and treatment, everything will be negative.

After that, for two years they treated me completely at home. The result of the last ultrasound: diffuse changes in the myometrium. Echo signs of chronic adnexitis.

Tell me please, does this mean that I could be cured of hydrosalpinx and salpingo-oophoritis? And yet, the doctor ordered me to take Lindinet 20, because after these operations the ovaries began to work a lot and there were strong ovulatory pains, the follicles exploded.

I have been taking this medication for 8 months, I had no side effects. Another one of those questions, excuse me, that is to say. Do I take Lindinet 20 before planning a pregnancy? And do you need a break? (If I take a break, does it turn out that the ovulatory pains and follicles will bother me again?

Please comment on the latest ultrasound result. What are diffuse myometrial changes? Can you recommend something else?

Since January 2013, infection tests are no longer approved. What infections should I give?

And the most important question is, can I get pregnant if everything has improved during the treatment? And before planning a pregnancy, do I need to check the permeability of the fallopian tubes?

Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

Daria, hello again))). I’m sorry, I did not answer immediately, I missed your repeated answer …
After the events she described, I had the first question: what type of infection was treated in the hospital and how was her sexual partner treated?
Hydrosalinations were eliminated by medical laparoscopy with consistent antibacterial therapy. Salpingo-oophoritis remained, on pelvic ultrasound, the doctor describes it as adnexitis. But I would advise you to check the permeability of the fallopian tubes after such serious illnesses and treatments.

Because if an ectopic pregnancy occurs, it is fatal to the fallopian tube and the probability of an independent pregnancy is practically reduced to “0”. Therefore, it is not necessary to take risks, but you must plan the pregnancy with your doctor.
Lindinet 20 is a good low dose OK. In your case, I would not advise you to take a break, because

Your ovaries have been under stress for a long time, let them “rest”))). And, of course, take the medication before planning the pregnancy, but you should always see your doctor every 6 months.
There are many reasons for a diffuse change in the endometrium, but most likely it has an effect of its inflammatory processes. This is another reason for the planned pregnancy process)).
With such long-term chronic inflammatory processes, physiotherapy is very useful)) Options: low intensity UHF therapy, medicinal electrophoresis, low intensity UHF therapy, ascending shower, infrared laser therapy, paraffin, ultraphonophoresis, medication for defibroziruyuschimi, etc.

Thank you very much for the detailed response!

Hello I am 19 years old, I live sexually with a regular partner for about 6 months, everything was very good with sex, then it turned out that I had some diseases, like vaginosis, ureaplasmosis, etc., I tried it, everything was fine, I decided to choose OK , first I tried the plaster of Evra, then a new ring, then Jeanine.

The first month is fine, the second month the desire disappears and the libido decreases. Therefore, I have changed the drugs.

After taking Janine, it was painful to have sex, it was the wall of the vagina that rubbed it, and it rubbed so much that after it was cured for a week, sex is now once a week and constantly accompanies the sensation of that is like losing my virginity, I thought it was due to Lubricant, stopped drinking well and the lubricant appeared, but when entering the penis it still hurts, and after a couple of minutes it rubs me a lot, it rubs the outside and I feel I have very thin skin. Advise what to do

I’m already in despair, before this was not.

Hello, Oksana! One of the side effects of COC is a change in vaginal discharge.

That is, the lubricant production has decreased, and you have to wait until the side effect disappears completely, while the secretion is restored, try to use pharmaceutical lubricants.

Hello My partner and I identified ureaplasma parvum. Prescribed the following treatment.

For me: “clindacin” No. 10 candles – in the vagina., Then “candidate B6” No. 6 – in the vaginal., “Lactonorm” No. 14, 2 p / d, 7 days, in the vlaval. Partner: Trichopol, 1t * 3p / d, 7-10 days.

How effective is the prescribed treatment in the case of pregnancy planning?

Hello The prescribed treatment does not affect the ureaplasma.

Perhaps, in addition, you have learned about Gardnerellez. Against him, the prescribed treatment is effective.

Zdravstvuyte, Religion Service. Teper, spustya 2 goda opyat poyavilas, not seychas kak budto rassasivatsa ne xochet, uje nedelya kak vishla, v razmere ne uvelichivaetsa, poka trogat ne budu, ne meshaet, nikak ne bespokoit.

Chto mojno namazat ili sdelat, xotela maz Vishnevskogo, no boyus, vdrug ono eshyo mojet rassasatsa, and ego etoy mazyu vityainu. Menyayu, Spasibo Bolshoe.

Hi ruzanna Self-treatment in this situation is not the best way out, it would not be bad for a specialist, a surgeon or a gynecologist, to pass certain tests.

If the formation has no signs of inflammation (pain, swelling, redness of the skin around), you can try 25% dimexide gel. If there are signs of inflammation, it is impossible to dispense with adequate antibiotic treatment and perhaps local surgical treatment.

Even if the process is now off, the likelihood of it happening again is very high. Do not squeeze and do not run.

Good luck

Please help decipher the pelvic organs ultrasound – 11 days a month. Body size of the uterus: 54 * 38 * 42 mm, antiflexion, displaced to the left. The contours are soft, clear.

Pear shape. The cervix has a length of 27 mm, with endocervical cysts with a diameter of up to 3 mm.

Myometrial structure diffusely inhomogeneous. In the area of ​​postoperative Y-shaped healing, the thickness of the myometrium is up to 5.2 mm.

The endometrium has a somewhat heterogeneous structure of 8.3 mm in thickness, in the upper third the inclusion of increased echogenicity with a diameter of 2.3 mm is a polyp? Right ovary size: 26 * 25 mm, with the presence of the largest follicles with a diameter of 9 and 11 mm. On the left at the edge of the size of the uterus 22 * ​​14 without features in the dorsal space, there is no free fluid.

Conclusion: Ultrasonic signs of adhesions in the pelvis. Recommended: ultrasound control 5-7 d.m.

Is it dangerous, am I planning a pregnancy?

Hello For life is not dangerous. But in the 5 to 7 day cycle, the ultrasound should be repeated to confirm or exclude endometrial polyposis.

Also, it does not have a dominant follicle on day 11 of the cycle and there is no fluid behind the uterus. That is, their ovules do not leave the ovary, in this case problems arise with pregnancy. Examine hormones, check for infections

According to the ultrasound results (day 9 m.ts.):
Endometrial thickness: 6 mm, clear contours.
The structure of the endometrium: heterogeneous, changed due to the formation of an elongated elongated shape with clear contours, increased echogenicity, located on the right side of the uterus closer to the uterine angle, size 24 * 8 * 8
Ultrasonic signs of focal hyperplastic process of the endometrium, multifollicular ovaries were diagnosed. Two courses of dyuhastone were prescribed. He cut and delivered the ultrasound again in two months a month of the month.
The position of the uterus: normal.
Form of the uterus: ordinary
Sizes of the uterus: length 45 mm, thickness 37 mm, width 52 mm.
The volume of the uterus: 41.5 ml, normal size.
The structure of the myometrium: not modified.
Endometrial thickness: 7 mm, clear contours.
The structure of the endometrium: heterogeneous.

Conclusion: ultrasound signs of multifollicular ovaries, echo signs do not exclude the endometrial hyperplastic process.

I checked the hormones (psg, prolactin, ttg and isa), everything is normal, except testosterone, it is significantly reduced in me. We send blood to kotrizol, sugar, insulin and peptide c.

Take urozhestan (there was a reaction to duphaston, including the thorax was very painful) from day 16 to 25 m., Pass the general tests and prepare for hysteroscopy below. month
Tell me, is this operation necessary in my case? I am 28 years old, I have not given birth.

I am very afraid that there may be some negative consequences.
Thank you

Hi, you need a hysteroscopy.

It has signs of hyperplasia and polyposis of the endometrium, and without hysteroscopy they will not pass. In your case, the negative consequences will be more likely due to the fact that you do not perform a hysteroscopy than what you will do. Polyposis will not let you get pregnant when you want.

And then you have to do a hysteroscopy. And if you do now, you will have to take contraceptives or progestogens, so that the polyposis does not recur.

Are you afraid of hysteroscopy because you are not giving birth? This is a safe procedure for you, the cervix opens there just a little, the scraped endometrium is quickly restored.

Those girls who can not get pregnant and undergo in vitro fertilization, in a cycle before the ecological eceroscopy, scrape the uterine cavity so that the embryo adheres better. Talk about the safety of the hysteroscopy for you.

Thank you very much for the response, Gulnaz! Hello again
Yes, my main concerns with this operation were related to the fact that, suddenly, something would go wrong with a surgical intervention, the consequences would be irreversible and in the future I could not get pregnant.
Tell me, what happens if I still do not plan a pregnancy, at least in the next two years, should I go to this procedure with such urgency? I do not really want to sit constantly on gestagens after that.

And what could be the negative consequences of the fact that I would not do it in as little time as I had been assigned? Can polyposis become more dangerous?
Thank you

Polyposis can progress. This can lead to very intense or irregular monthly bleeding.

And maybe not lead. Theoretically, any polyp in the uterus can be reborn into cancer cells. Therefore, you decide how to proceed.

Hello, the uterus myoma ultrasound of 8.1 cm, is surgery necessary?

The size of fibroids alone is not an indication for surgery. There are several types of treatment for fibroids, different medications are used, sometimes procedures for hospitalized patients, and sometimes you just have to wait until the menopause and myoma subside.

Hi A 4 cm right ovarian cyst was found in my hospital.

But there was still an inflammation of the appendix. The doctor ordered to take duphaston from day 16 of the 20 mg cycle twice a day for 5 days. A doctor in the consultation of 1 ton 2 times a day until day 25 of the cycle, gradually reduced 2 days and removed one tablet.

Today is the 22nd day of the cycle, it hurts not only to the right but also to the left and loins, can menstruations begin before due to a duphaston reception of this type? Maybe because of this sick?

And the temperature lasts several days 37.0-37.3. Thank you

Hello Menstruation can begin earlier with reception of a dyustastona.

You may also be sick due to the imminent arrival of menstruation. After the end of your period, you must repeat the ultrasound of the pelvis to see if the cyst is gone.

Good afternoon
help me please deal with the treatment.

According to my analysis, the gardnelerosis was found in a large number and, as a result, bacterial vaginitis and candida fungi in a small amount (PCR analysis), and I did not even feel candidiasis at all. First I treated him with Tergynan, then with Betadine, I felt much better, but during intercourse, could this be a consequence of Betadine? I went to the doctor, I was prescribed Polygenax regarding the restoration of the microflora. But this is an antibiotic. I have not found any lactobacillus in the analysis (((I’m afraid to kill everything completely.
Thanks in advance

Hi, did you go to the doctor, did you have a test? And if after the result of the smear was prescribed polygnex, then perhaps there were persistent signs of vaginitis, a large amount of leukocytes?

Next, the Polygynax quote justified. If the smear does not have inflammation, you may be advised to put ginoflor E on the candles at night to restore the microflora, and it will also eliminate vaginal dryness. Its dryness is the result of subtracted vaginitis.

Hello !! The problem is this: about 3 months ago, I had been taking antibiotics for a cold (threatened with a sinus complication).

After that, with each sexual relationship, the husband begins to pinch hard inside the penis, is inside, unpleasant sensations that itch. I went to two different urologists: they said it was a reaction to my microflora, I passed the tests, everything is clean.

But before that, it was not like that! The gynecologist diagnosed me with vaginitis and cervicitis, sent me to a bacipos analysis, found nothing in the culture, only lactobacilli. It has prescribed Terzhinan candles.

If there is nothing in the culture, where does vaginitis and cervicitis come from? Are the microflora antibiotics violated?

After Terzhinan, her husband did not sting for a week, and then again the beginning. How can you understand all this?

Thanks in advance for the answer!

Catalina, hello.
It did not really upset the balance of the microflora after treatment and exceeded the lactobacillus content in the vagina. Lactobacilli in the course of their life form lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

It is for them that their husband’s reaction goes after every sexual contact.
You must undergo a course of restoration of the microflora after the anti-inflammatory treatment. If your gynecologist can not help you, contact your gastroenterologist))))) and restore everything))).

Tatiana, please specify, that is, do I have a too acidic environment in the vagina? Did it happen after taking antibiotics?

I thought they were the opposite of killing lactobacilli … My gynecologist recommended Gynoflor gel to restore the microflora. Do you think it will work? I already fear much more damage. ((

Catalina, the issue is whose))) …
Candida albicans is a fungus similar to yeast. Normally, in the human body there is a balance between Candida albicans and other bacteria and yeasts. However, after antibiotic therapy, most harmful bacteria die, but with them and “useful”, which perform the protective function of our body and retain them. Bacterial balance in the body. But Candida albicans are not killed by antibiotics and because they remain alone, they begin to proliferate actively and create a problem of this kind, such as candidiasis. Candida travels throughout the body through the bloodstream and creates a reaction in all organs. When a vagina is infected, vaginitis occurs, which is accompanied by a large amount of whiter and cheesy secretions, severe itching and burning sensation. When Candida albicans reproduces, toxins are released that cause a further weakening of the immune system.

In general, antibiotics kill our “defenders”, and the breeding of Candida albicans kills us, destroying our immunity.
Therefore, after antibiotic therapy, treatment is always prescribed to restore the microflora, but it must be preceded by a treatment to reduce the concentration of Candida albicans in the body.

Tatiana, please answer, with much desire.

Tatiana, hello. She underwent a restorative treatment with Ginokomfort gel for 2 weeks, her husband was protected with condoms. But the first unprotected PA, and again, it was stinging even more than before!

I can not understand In Ginocomfort’s lactic acid, maybe a reaction to it?

I do not have any discomfort

Hi, I’m 30 years old. A couple of days ago my vagina became inflamed, it turned red, it stung me a bit. Is not it contagious?

What to do I signed up with a gynecologist, but the registration is only for the end of next week, but I’m afraid something is not right … Should I take some urgent action or wait for the appointment? Thank you.

Hello Maybe you have candidiasis.

Wait for the reception of a gynecologist. How did you see the redness of the vagina, with virgo?

Maybe then it was not the vagina … lesser lips, and the redness was from the bottom, towards the anus, and above all everything was normal.

Hello Of course, it could only be the lips, since you could not see the vagina.

Take a smear with a mucous membrane or take antifungal medication, if there is no effect, in any case, go to the gynecologist.

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