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Disposable diapers “365 days”: characteristics, advantages, disadvantages

In the Russian market, among the famous manufacturers of disposable diapers, there are also smaller and lesser-known manufacturers. The 365-day diapers are one of those that far from all consumers are familiar.

This brand is made specifically for the hypermarket chain Lenta, which means that you can only buy them in these stores, this is one of the disadvantages of this product.

Disposable diapers

However, they have very few drawbacks! From the disadvantages, I can immediately notice the absence of an elastic band on the belt, which is bad for children up to 6 months, since the child remains most of the time, which means that liquid droppings can flow easily through the belt on the back of the child.

Well, one more drawback – diapers “365 days” are not very breathable, due to the strong swelling of the sorbent in the diaper during filling.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a protective cream under the diaper and a fairly frequent change of diapers. However, when they are used at a time not very hot and according to the recommendations, the ass does not blush, the child is comfortable.

One more thing that all parents do not like, but children do not really care: this is the design of diapers. Or rather, the diapers of the brand “365 days” have almost no design.

This is just a diaper that does its job well, but it will not work to admire it!

Now about the merits:

  1. Price The price of this brand is really very low, around 7-8 rubles per diaper, depending on the size (for example, the price of the Japanese Moony diaper is 22 rubles each).
  1. Thickness The thickness of the diapers “365 days” is the same as that of Japanese Moony.
  1. The inner layer and the softness. The diapers “365 days” are soft and pleasant to the touch, the baby feels comfortable with them.
  1. Absorbent properties. Absorb well and stay dry, leaks are possible only in children up to 6 months, due to the lack of elastic in the belt, which I mentioned in the disadvantages of this brand. They have a triple rubber on the side walls, which provides additional protection against leaks.
  1. Velcro fasteners Arrange perfectly, you can undo and buckle several times, have a stretch insert, which is good for babies who are actively moving, as they will not press the abdomen. But one thing: there is no possibility of adjusting the size of the diaper with a brooch, which means that you have to buy exactly the size that is needed for the child.
  1. Allergy As part of the diapers, there are no impregnations and lotions, which allows to reduce their price and, in addition, make them really hypoallergenic. However, be careful when you use it for the first time, since the development of allergies in the baby is still possible, all children are different!

In the “365 days” brand there are diapers, panties, which are more convenient for older children with mobility. Diapers The “365 days” panties correspond to the main characteristics of the diapers of this brand, the only difference is that they have the shape of panties and a comfortable elastic belt.

Otherwise, the same pros and cons.

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