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Disposable diapers Bella Baby Happy: characteristics, advantages, disadvantages.

Reviews of the Bella baby Happy diapers are very controversial, however, this brand has been in the market for a long time, it has a full line of Bella Baby Happy diapers before the newborn, designed for babies born of light weight or earlier, Up to Bella Baby Happy Junior extra, which is even adapted to Large children, older 2-3 years.

Disposable diapers Bella Baby Happy: characteristics, advantages, disadvantages.

The manufacturer positions its product as a super breathable diaper, which perfectly absorbs moisture. And some moms say that these diapers are absorbed really well, but the diaper does not fit well with the baby’s body, and when it’s full, it hangs a bit, creating conditions for leaks in the side area.

According to the reviews, Bella baby Happy diapers are a bit hard, so it is better to take them for older children, for newborns will not be so comfortable.

Another disadvantage of this brand, Bella’s diapers are not sold in all stores, that is, they must also be registered.

Many parents notice that diapers have an unpleasant odor and that happy diapers will fall heavily from the baby.

There are, of course, positive comments about the Bella baby Happy diapers, but to be honest, they are much smaller.

In general, summarizing a small result on the disposable diapers Bella baby Happy, we can say the following: if you need a diaper not very expensive for an older child who wears diapers not permanently, then this brand will probably satisfy him.

There is another manufacturer of disposable diapers with a similar name: happy mom. This is not the same as Bella’s happy baby diapers.

They are produced in the Czech Republic, and Bella – in Poland. As part of Happy mum, there is polyethylene, which means that they are not breathing, which is bad for a child.

In addition, according to the opinions of users, these diapers do not absorb moisture, so the ass is red and wet. In general, I would not recommend this brand for use.

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