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Elkar: properties, instructions for use and characteristics of the drug.

With the birth of a baby, many parents, and especially mothers and grandmothers, constantly worry about whether their child eats well, if there is enough milk for him, if he should give more mixtures after the breast, etc. And if the pediatrician at the monthly weigh-in says that the baby has not grown and has been added enough, then there is a real panic! And doctors, to calm parents and improve the baby’s weight gain, a baby is prescribed to take Elcar.

What is this drug and how does it work? We are going to solve it.

Elkar: properties, instructions for use and characteristics of the drug.

Elkar is a drug, the active principle in which levocrinitine. So this carnitine, very much to the left, is related to the B vitamins, it is a natural substance that provides long chain fatty acids to the cells, where acetyl CoA and ATP are formed (the energy itself, on which everything works our body).

Therefore, Elkar for newborns, young children and adults is a medication that normalizes the metabolic processes in the body, due to the improvement of the main link of metabolism: the formation of energy.

Now more specifically about the effects of Elkar’s intake.

In accordance with Elkar’s instructions for use, he:

  • Improves the metabolism of proteins and fats.
  • It increases the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices, normalizes its enzymatic activity.
  • Reduces the fat content in the muscles, helps reduce overweight.
  • Increase stability during exercise.
  • It is an indirect antagonist of the action of thyroid hormone.

Elkar for newborn babies can be prescribed by a pediatrician under the following conditions:

  1. Birth injury, suffocation of the newborn.
  2. Reflection of insufficient suction
  3. Prematurity
  4. Reduced appetite
  5. Low body weight
  6. Hypotrophy, hypotension, weakness.
  7. Restoration or preparation for surgery.
  8. Children often sick
  9. With a delay in mental or physical development.
  10. After a serious illness

As an additional means of improving liver function, Elkar can be prescribed for jaundice of newborns.

Possible development of side effects – gastralgia, dyspepsia, allergic reactions.

How to give Elkar to newborns?

Elkar for newborns is available in a 30 percent solution for oral administration, in vials of 25, 50 and 100 milliliters.

For newborns, Elkar 30% is administered in doses of up to 10 drops twice a day, the doctor will prescribe the exact dosage regimen.

The medicine is used for better absorption 30 minutes before feeding, diluted with a small volume of water or 5% glucose solution.

Feedback from users about the use of Elkar drops for newborns is quite different, a medication helped and everything became good, others did not notice the effect, several parents noticed the opposite to the deterioration of the child’s condition after starting the medication .

All the children are very individual, what helped one baby does not necessarily help the other.

However, there is still a small experience of prescribing this drug in pediatric practice, and some pediatricians and neurologists love this medication and it is widely prescribed.

As for Elkar’s price for newborns, the medication can be purchased at 300 rubles per 25 milliliter bottle, up to 700 rubles per 100 milliliter pack.

For a newborn, 25 milliliters may be sufficient for a course, if the medication is prescribed for two weeks, but if the course is 2 months, then it is more convenient to take a larger package at one time.

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