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Extract from the hospital – Do not forget anything!

Not all young mothers can expect a young parent or relative to get everything they need to be discharged from the maternity hospital. In order to avoid surprises and unpleasant disappointments, it is better to take care in advance what you need for discharge.

Extract from the hospital - Do not forget anything!

As practice shows, it is more convenient to collect two bags. One bag, with the things that are needed directly in the hospital, and the second, with the things that must be discharged.

These bags must be signed and informed about the existence of the person (or those) who will transfer them to you.

What is needed in the maternity hospital?

If you have a contract with a doctor who is going to give birth to you, you should ask what it should do for you and the child. If not, here we will give you an approximate list of things that may be needed in the hospital. It should be remembered that some maternity hospitals have restrictions and prohibit the use of certain personal items.

Therefore, you must be prepared for the fact that some things will have to come back home. But at the same time, you should not worry if you forget to put something, you will not be in prison and family members can always bring the missing things.

The most important thing that is needed when it is requested in the hospital are the documents. It is recommended, as of 7-8 months of pregnancy, always use them yourself.

Required documents

  • Passport, photocopy of passport.
  • Medical insurance policy, your photocopy.
  • Exchange card
  • Birth certificate
  • Contract with the hospital or with a personal doctor (if any), the phone number of the doctor (with whom you plan to give birth)
  • Address to the hospital.

In cases where the future mother goes to the hospital in advance, then all necessary things can be taken immediately.

Things that will be needed in the hospital.

Personal care products – toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, towel, hairbrush, wet wipes and more (according to your personal needs)

Sneakers – Better new and rubber.

Comfortable clothes – Especially the convenience should refer to the feeding of the baby. This can be special underwear for food, T-shirt, nightgown, bathrobe. In the cold season you may need socks, stockings, a warm blouse.

Dishes – Plate, fork, spoon, glass.

The towels – A medium, a small one.

There will be an extra bottle of drinking water without gas.

Sanitary towels – Choose the largest and the most absorbing.

Cream for the nipples: to prevent cracks and irritation in the chest during the first shots.

Breast pads – A useful thing In the first days, and for some months, the milk flows with force from the chest to protect the clothes against leaks, it is very convenient to use these pads.

There are reusable, there are disposable. Disposables are more suitable for the hospital

Notebook and pen: if you suddenly need to write down the doctor’s recommendations or something else

Kettle or small electric kettle (if allowed, of course)

Mobile phone with charge.

For a boy

Diapers and baby vests, as a rule, are given in the maternity hospital, since they must be sterile. But in some maternity homes they are allowed to take things for the baby. More often it is:

  • Disposable diapers
  • Cotton socks and hats (caps)
  • In addition, the baby will need:
  • Wet wipes (baby)
  • Baby soap
  • Cream for children in powder: the doctors recommend to obtain the simplest thing, because they are the less allergic reactions.

Discharge from hospital

The hospital extract is a highly anticipated and exciting time and, if possible, it is also better to prepare it in advance.

Most of the time, if the baby and mother are healthy, they are discharged from the maternity hospital for 3 to 4 days after the natural delivery and 7 to 8 days after a cesarean section.

Let’s start with the documents:

Before being discharged, you must receive a birth certificate with an exchange card for the child and for you an extract (conclusion) about the child’s health status, how the postnatal period went, the doctor’s recommendations.

According to the birth certificate, you will later receive a birth certificate from the child.

The day of discharge you will need:

Clothes for you: prepare yourself better for discharge in those things that YOU were during pregnancy. If this is a cold season, be sure to remind the young dad to wear warm clothes and shoes.

Clothes for the baby Children’s clothes should be washed and caressed. Clothing for the newborn must be selected according to the time of year.

Do not forget the diaper to avoid surprises along the way.

Decorative cosmetics – to look good in photos.

Camera, camcorder (if applicable): check if the batteries work

If you have not had time to buy it, you can call a taxi with a car seat for children (check the availability of the operator).

What you need at home

  • Cradle with mattress, bumper.
  • Dressing table with changing table
  • Pram
  • Night light
  • Swimming bath
  • Linens
  • Clothes and diapers for baby.
  • Oil cloth on the bed
  • The blanket is made of flannel, wool.
  • Diapers, disposable diapers
  • Care and hygiene items for the baby.

And, of course, the most important thing for the baby is his love and care.

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