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Fears about pregnancy – the author’s article by Maria Patrusheva

Hello, dear readers. The theme of fears is very relevant. First, everyone has.

And everyone interacts with them in some way. Agree with me that fears start in your head?

Fears about pregnancy - the author's article by Maria Patrusheva

First, a thought appears, random, alien or exaggerated, and already behind it, the reaction throughout the body. Sometimes fears are confusing, in the form of anxiety.

Fear is an emotion, a feeling with a huge amount of potential energy.

This compressed energy is always ready, since a compressed spring will break in an arrow that runs towards the target. The potential energy becomes kinetic.

The objective is what we want, what we think and where we direct our attention.

Family, work, well-being, creativity, development. When a woman experiences fear, her body shrinks, breathing becomes shallow and does not provide the necessary blood supply to the organs.

The brain also suffers from lack of oxygen and nutrients. To think about good, you also need energy.

If fear panics, the body simply freezes and you can not hurt yourself in that state, but you can not help it with your own power of destruction.

You have to wait or ask for help from outside. If instead of dreaming of a cute and healthy baby, a kind and affectionate husband, a nice job and wanted in a friendly team, dream of the opposite, where there will be more power, this is a fact of life.

When the scenario of your life is executed, you can say: “I have to iznala!”. Of course, something that happened you must think about it!

And apply certain actions or inaction. Another thing is to learn to be the master of your head and its harmony with the body!

You can turn off the television, of course, but the neighbors will still say about the new news and the living fear, that you will want to know more about what is scary. No wonder children love both horror stories.

There is a lot of energy. And what energy do we know?

Solar energy, lightning, electrical, atomic, biological, thought, thermal, chemical, magnetic field and what I do not know yet.

There are many of these energies in the physical body of man. Energy can be free and united, unidirectional and multidirectional.

Nature has endowed women with power capable of much. From some men it can be heard that a woman is a weak creature from whom there is no place to go.

Why do we need so much?

For the creation, the creativity of your life, because we are co-creators with a divine principle. A pregnant woman has these powers many times.

She needs it to support and give birth to educate the next generation, to transform her strength into comfort at home, tasty and healthy food, a fairy tale for children, strength to motivate her husband to increase the welfare of the family, and some even earn money and perform in society.

Come up with what your husband will give you, he does not know everything. If everything is true, then there is no place for fear. What to do when fear breaks through?

We are human beings, social creatures, and more secure in society. But society is very close, the information world is overloaded.

In my practice, there was a case in which a pregnant woman listened to a television program about home birth, she was very nervous, thinking about those who did not have time to get to the hospital and started to give birth. The ambulance nurse only has to take delivery home.

So she formed an undesirable situation in herself, although everything ended well.

The second case occurred with a pregnant woman who feared traveling alone on a bus without a husband. He lost consciousness in the bus, he felt bad when he went to work.

He had to be hospitalized. On the eve of hospital discharge in good condition, again the knowledge was lost: she fell into the arms of her husband at the time of discharge and there was no liquid ammonia in the post.

Alcohol was immediately brought from the office, but there was much talk that the doctors could not provide timely assistance.

Thus, the fear of doctors’ distrust and dependence on her husband’s presence became a reality. The psychological work was done with the woman, she understood and recognized the body’s response to situations. I took responsibility for my condition and then I saw no more loss of consciousness.

Favorably and over time gave birth to a healthy baby.

What are the main fears of pregnant women?

  1. Fear of the loss of the fetus, pathology of the fetus / deformity, illness.
  2. Fear of pain during childbirth, birth trauma, tears, surgery, possible anemia and its consequences.
  3. The fear of changing your body and the loss of self-love, family relationships with your husband, fear of not understanding your condition.
  4. Fear of harm from the activities or inaction of doctors or inadequate care of inferior quality. The reason for this fear is distrust of health workers. Medical errors, unfortunately, are. And such events are not accidental, they are attracted to women who read horror stories on the Internet or listen to neighbors, friends, close relatives who have had such negative experiences with doctors and an unfavorable outcome of childbirth.
  5. Fear of responsibility for a new life, a newborn baby, fear of not facing the duties of a mother. The basis of such fear may be insecurity, doubt, lack of information about their actions, disbelief in themselves and their loved ones. Most of the time it is women who condemn the actions of their parents, brides who have parental experience. What can you do for yourself and your family, for health and prosperity?

1. Take responsibility for your health. Since you are pregnant, it means that everything is in order, your baby is already with you. Give him joy and comfort.

For the moment, he can rejoice only in your emotions. Eat well, make medical appointments, if applicable.

Any fear is the lack of information. As soon as you discover what excites you, calm comes. You are the director of your life, because you dreamed of pregnancy and she appeared.

Express gratitude to your parents and your man, father of the child.

You can use the following psychological technique: Take 2 notebooks, one with black crusts and another colored, as you want. Write, draw, write your fears, no matter how terrible they are in a notebook with black scabs, when it is scary, then write. Through the muscular strength of the fingers that hold a pencil or a pen, a brush, if you want to paint your fear in paintings, the power of fear that was in your head will be spilled on a sheet of paper.

The head will be lighter and the body will respond with a deep breathing movement: you will feel it by a change in the chest, a more complete exhalation, the spine will straighten, the shoulders will fall slightly, the tension will leave the muscles, a smile will appear and new thoughts will begin to emerge.

Maybe the thoughts disappear for a moment, this is very good. Your sensitivity will increase.

Then you open your beautiful notebook and write there, draw what you want, a new situation to fulfill the wishes, a favorable prognosis for the birth and the birth of a baby, etc.

Make sure you feel a good result of the birth, your relationship with the doctors, with the relatives, with your baby, draw your first meeting with your child. If the power of fear is great, think about great and interesting events in your life. New apartment, new income, new pleasant family relationships.

Then the space of fears will change to the space of love in your family. As a self-help, you can chew raisins and observe changes in thoughts.

2. Attend a timely prenatal clinic doctor, midwife, follow your advice and medical appointments, if necessary. Talk to your doctor about possible outcomes that are unintelligible to you.

Follow the plan described by your doctor. Eat well, sleep long enough to sleep well.

If you need the help of your loved ones, ask for it, because sometimes it is necessary, for example, when you are hospitalized.

3. Stop frightening your husband with your conditions, sometimes not very comfortable, but not fatal. Men are very concerned about you if something is wrong and they are always willing to help you, but they do not know how to do it, so they are often told what to do for you.

4. Attend school for pregnant women, exercise regularly, this will prepare your body for the next delivery. Sometimes a woman does not exercise, considering that there is enough movement in the garden or at work. Dear women, it is not.

During exercise, work all the muscles associated with breathing. Stress – inhale, relax, exhale. In this case, you feel your muscles, the degree of your physical state.

When you feel that there are practically no thoughts, the head rests, the energy of the body increases, the body becomes light and elastic. During physical work, thoughts creep into your head and energy is spent in solving various tasks, often unrelated to you, as a result, fatigue and irritation will appear.

5. Love yourself, your family, trust yourself, learn about yourself a new one, pregnant, get a diary of your behavior and emotions. Remember that you create the world in which you live!

Open the space of love and joy and a healthy baby will certainly come there.

If there was a negative experience in your life (ectopic pregnancy, failed abortion or miscarriage), take the new pregnancy as new and not as a repetition of the previous one. Change the habit of thinking badly about yourself to a new one: positive, defend yourself with laughter, joke, joy!

Praise the courage to become a mother! I wish you greetings, intelligent and kind doctors and midwives!

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