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First walks with a newborn.

Walking in the fresh air is useful for all and newborn children are no exception.

First walks with a newborn.

You can walk with your baby from 8 to 9 days of life, but this must be done correctly and you must take into account the weather outside the window.

The principle of graduality is recommended, that is, we start from 10 to 15 minutes and gradually (adding 5 to 10 minutes a day) we increase the duration of the walks up to 2-3 hours (depending on the climate and the capacities of the mother) .

When is it better to walk with a newborn?

The child can go on the first walk in the second week of life (that is, almost immediately after discharge from the maternity hospital), but this applies to the warm season. If the child was born in the winter, it is recommended to wait a bit with the walks.

If outside the window, the frost and the thermometer show minus 10 degrees, then the first walks are also better to postpone and replace them with short walks on the balcony.

The benefits of walking.

  • Hardened child
  • Fresh air
  • Sunlight – for the production of vitamin D (prevention of rickets)
  • Child development – knowledge of the surrounding world
  • Improve appetite, sleep.

How much to walk?

The number of times a day and the time to walk with the baby depend to a large extent on the weather and, of course, on the abilities and desires of the mother (not everyone has the opportunity to walk with the baby for half a day in the Street).

Generally, regarding the duration of the walks, the following recommendations are given:

For the child of the first second second month of life.

In winter – The total duration of the walks should be at least 1.5 hours a day (preferably 30-40 minutes several times a day). It is very difficult to carry out these recommendations, since it is not an easy task to pick up the baby for a walk, after undressing, feeding, and still has many unfulfilled things in the house, and the time for the next walk is already appropriate.

In summer – In general, I recommend spending almost an entire day outdoors, and when to do homework, prepare to eat?

Therefore, listen to yourself and your baby, come from your abilities. Of course, it is not bad to walk at all, and you should not exhaust yourself with long walks (without joy).

Find a middle point. If you do not have the opportunity to take long and frequent walks, an alternative may be to walk on the balcony and ventilate the room frequently.

The first walks are not long in time, so you can do without the stroller. Take the baby in your arms and walk with him around the house or sit on a bench in the yard.

How to take a baby?

When dressing a child, respect this rule: a child should have as many layers of clothing as he has plus one more layer.

In the cold season, we first get dressed, then we dress the child, otherwise the child can sweat, so he can catch a cold.

Make sure the child does not freeze head, arms and legs.

Before wearing a wool cap, you should use a cotton cap for your baby.

Do not wrap the baby too tight, you should be able to move. In cold weather, it will help you not to freeze, and in the heat, not to overheat (there will be access by air).

You can leave your face open during the ride.

Observe the baby’s reaction during the walk: if the child’s face is red, sweat upwards, then it is most likely hot, if his face is pale, the tip of the nose and palms are cold, then the most It is likely that it is frozen.

Walk on the balcony

If the house is located in a quiet green area, the balcony does not face a busy, polluted and noisy street, so why not?

A walk on the balcony requires less energy from the mother, in addition, if the baby falls asleep in the stroller, you can use this time for the house (which often is not enough).

The main condition is security! You can walk on the balcony only if you are sure that objects from the roof, upper floors or the street will not enter the car.

Leave the child in the stroller without supervision can only do so until the child learns to sit alone (so that the baby does not fall out of the stroller).

It is better to refrain from walking!

  • If the child feels bad
  • If mom is sick (in the case that besides mom there is no one else to walk)
  • If the weather is bad, very hot or cold (minus 10 degrees), strong wind, rain, heavy snow.
  • In summer, it is not recommended to walk in the hottest hours of the day (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Where better to walk?

Of course, it is better to walk with the baby in an ecologically clean area, where there is a lot of vegetation and there are no cars, but in a city it is difficult to find such a place. Find out if there is a park or a public garden nearby, if there are excellent ones, try to get there more often.

If not, at least choose a place to get away from the road and a busy road.

Little tricks

In the fall, in the rainy season, going for a walk, always wear a special rain cape in the stroller, then the rain that started will not take you by surprise.

In the summer, carry the net in the stroller, protect it from insects.

To protect the baby’s skin from the sun, frost, wind, use special products for children (depending on the season).

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