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Fish during lactation: is it possible for the nursing mother to fish fried, red, salted, dried and smoked?

When breastfeeding, the mother’s food should be useful and diverse, but mothers often hear other women’s stories about “terrible allergies” and are afraid to eat certain foods.

Fish during lactation: is it possible for the nursing mother to fish fried, red, salted, dried and smoked?

This greatly impoverishes the nursing diet, leading to deficiencies of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Proteins are an important component of nutrition, which can be obtained from fish and meat, but it is possible for a lactating mother to fish, because allergenic properties are attributed to it.

Breastfed fish

Fish is a source of easily digested proteins for a nursing mother, as well as a store of useful trace elements: iodine, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. The nutritional value of fish is not inferior to meat, and in some moments it even wins.

But some types of fish are classified as highly allergenic products, and mothers refuse to eat many types and varieties of fish.

What kind of fish can mom breastfeed?

Many types of fish can cause allergic reactions to the mother or baby, so you should know what fish products and what kind of fish can be consumed safely, and which should be considered with care and caution.

Preference should be given to such varieties of fish:

  • Fish with white meat and moderate fat content (cod, haddock, hake, walleye, sprat, carp, sea bass).
  • River fish with low allergens content (perch, gilthead, river trout, pork rind, pike).

The cooking can be boiled, steamed, baked or in a channel with a small amount of liquid. Thus, the beneficial substances will be preserved to the maximum.

Can the mother breastfeed fried fish? In the first months of breastfeeding, fried fish should be discarded for reasons of its excessive fat content, as well as its strong absorption.

After three months of breastfeeding in small quantities, you can eat fried fish and from the list allowed.

Is a nursing mother allowed a red fish?

Of course, such varieties of fish do not know much better than white varieties.

But can red fish be breastfed? There is no unequivocal answer to this question, but the red fish is considered a strong allergen and the first months of lactation should be abandoned and then introduced into the diet.

The preferred methods of its preparation would be the cooking, cooking and steam method.

Also, for the first time it’s worth refusing the herring, mackerel, mussels, crabs and shrimp. The benefits of such products are small, and the degree of danger is great.

What can and can not?

Often, young mothers want to diversify their diet through fish delicacies or special fish for cooking. They ask Is it possible to breastfeed the mother salted fish?

The answer to this question is also ambiguous: in the first months of feeding, salted fish during lactation is not desirable.

It can be of low quality, which can cause poisoning or infection with worms, it can be an allergen, since the product is raw and is not processed thermally, which reduces the allergenicity.

In addition, salted fish causes an intense thirst, which can cause changes in the flavor and composition of the milk.

In the same way, you can answer the question. Can the nursing mother dry fish? This fish is not processed thermally, it is dangerous in terms of poisoning and infestation by parasites, it can change the taste of milk and cause fluid retention.

The dried fish during lactation can be used after six months, in very small pieces and with extreme caution.

Is it possible to smoke breastfeeding mom fish? When smoking, there is a fish processing process, but it is not enough to completely protect it from dangerous parasites and microbes.

In addition, smoking increases the allergenicity of the fish. Therefore, smoked fish during lactation is also not recommended, especially in the first months of feeding.

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