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Hello, I am 24 years old, the delay is 2 weeks, the pregnancy tests are negative, periodically there is pain in the lower abdomen, as in menstruation, and everything seems to be during ovulation, but there are no periods. Weakness, vertigo, right leg and right leg are numbed but not completely, but in part the thigh, it is necessary to bend down to return the sensitivity.

The constant weakness and pull all the time to sleep.

You must visit a gynecologist, because without an exam and an exam it is impossible to establish the exact cause of the symptoms indicated by you.

Good afternoon. I’m 31 years old. Poisoned food from the store.

Three days the temperature was 38.8, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and severe headache. Past blood test:
Hemoglobin 130 g / l 117 – 155
Red blood cells 3.90 x10 * 12 / l 3.8 – 5.1
Hematocrit 37.0% 35 – 45
The average volume of red blood cells (MCV) 95 Fl 80 – 100
The average content of Hb in the erythrocyte (MCH) is 33.3 pg 27 – 34
The average concentration of Hb in red blood cells.
351 g / l 300 – 380
Color indicator 1.00 0.85 – 1
Platelets 206 x10 * 9 / l 180 – 320
Leukocytes 8.01 x10 * 9 / l 4.5 – 11.3
Immature granulocytes 0.03 10 * 9 / l 0 – 0.09
Immature granulocytes% 0.4% 0 – 0.6
Segmented neutrophils 5.95 x10 * 9 / l 1.60 – 7.90
Segmented neutrophils% 74% 47 – 72
Eosinophils 0.10 x10 * 9 / l 0.02 – 0.30
Eosinophils% 1.2% 1 – 5
Basophils 0.02 x10 * 9 / l 0 – 0.07
Basophils% 0.2% 0 – 1
Monocytes 0.65 x10 * 9 / L 0.09 – 0.60
Monocytes% 8.1% 3 – 11
Lymphocytes 1.29 x10 * 9 / l 1.20 – 3.00
Lymphocytes% 16.1% 19 – 37
Tell me, according to the analysis (delivered in a private clinic, it really did not explain anything). Today is the fifth day after intoxication, persistent severe headache and abdominal pain.

In general, the blood count is almost normal. But there is a slight excess of monocytes (in absolute units) and a decrease in the number of lymphocytes.

These changes can be observed in inflammatory processes, including intoxication.
To exclude a severe disease of the digestive tract, for example, viral hepatitis, which can also express pain, fever and headache, it is necessary to pass a blood chemistry test: ALT, AST, bilirubin (general, direct, indirect), Amylase, LDH. The analysis will help identify the pathology of the liver and pancreas.
In addition, changes in the blood test may be related to the fact that the symptoms that bother you are not caused by poisoning, but by a viral infection. Some viruses affect not only the upper respiratory tract, but also the intestines, such as entoroviruses.
In any case, a blood test should be performed after recovery, as a general rule, it is done 10 to 14 days after the first analysis.

Hello, I have such a problem, the temperature lasts 5 days at night 37.1, and during the day 35.4, 36 what is it?

The increase in temperature at night is found in some people and in the absence of disease.
But if you encounter this for the first time, you must examine the thyroid gland (donate blood for hormones), exclude chronic infections (HIV, hepatitis), you must also pass a general blood and urine test to identify asymptomatic inflammatory processes.

Hello After an antibiotic treatment (finished 4 days ago), the diarrhea does not stop, there is heaviness in the stomach.

I tried smect, but without result. How to clean? How long do antibiotics leave in the body because I am planning a pregnancy?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Regarding the elimination of antibiotics from the body: for each medication, the period of its elimination is indicated in the instructions for use in the pharmacokinetics section.

As a general rule, the instructions indicate the need to refrain from conceiving a child during the period of antibiotic use, if such a need exists.
On diarrhea and heaviness in the stomach in the context of the use of antibiotics, it is most likely that these symptoms are caused by intestinal dysbiosis as a result of the negative impact of antibiotics on the intestinal microflora. In this case, the use of dairy products with bifidobacteria, lactobacteria can help.

Include in your diet natural yogurt, kefir, acidolac.
If no improvement, should consult a doctor and be examined to rule liver disease (sometimes toxic liver effects may occur as a side effect of antibiotics) that can be performed by blood chemistries (hepatic markers) and ultrasound of the liver and pancreas. In addition, if necessary, the doctor will prescribe lyophilized bacteria that restore the microflora: Bifidumbacterina, Lactobacterina, Linnex or others.

Hello Tell me please, I prescribed fosomax, but I want to get pregnant in the next month, I have a question, if I drink for 1 month, will give some results on bone density, because it is drunk long and how long it must survive. Drug? (Or you may not even start drinking at that time) Thanks in advance.

Hello The Fosomax medication prescribed to combat osteoporosis, the course of treatment depends on the severity of disorders of bone structure, therefore, the effectiveness of treatment for a month in his case should be discussed with the doctor who prescribed her the medicine.
Fosomax is not recommended for use in pregnant women and during lactation, as it can cause the formation of impaired bone in the fetus. Therefore, while taking the medication, conception is not recommended, once the treatment ends, it is worth waiting for the next menstruation and after that, you can already commit to conceive a baby.
Consequently, if you get pregnant exactly next month, then I would not recommend taking Fosomax. You should also check with your doctor how much bone tissue you can have to complicate a pregnancy, it may be better to undergo treatment and then plan a pregnancy.

Gender: Woman Age 28 years.

Hello, dear doctor, my husband and I tried to have a child the other day, ovulation was on October 1, 3 numbers felt signs of a cold, today they have intensified, the temperature has increased slightly. I took 3 capsules of Oscillococcinum, 1 capsule, in the morning and in the evening, I took tea with raspberries and milk with honey, during a month I took folic acid, 1 tablet per day.

Tell me how I can more effectively cure a cold, what additional vitamins to take and how much is dangerous for the child, with the possible conception. Thank you

Hello, If the common cold is a common viral infection, the means you specify should be sufficient.

If the temperature and other symptoms do not pass within 3-5 days, you should consult a doctor to obtain a more accurate diagnosis.
In such early stages of pregnancy (if it has already arrived), the common cold may have no effect on the embryo, in some cases it may interrupt the pregnancy or there are obstacles to its development.

Good evening. A little insect, a swollen mouthful in the middle of the leg, a dripping nose appeared, the drops pierced the nose for a while, the bite was a swelling, hot, it hurts.

What can be processed? Antihistamine saw.

Hello julia Sorry for the late response. We hope your condition has improved.

Tips for the future: when insect bites, at home, we can recommend the following: 1) make a compress soda: Apply wet soda to a cloth and set it in place of the bite 2) use a lotion made of tincture propolis, tincture of valerian or drops for the heart 3) rub the entire area Ointment that contains hormones – hydrocortisone or prednisone. For insect bites with a sting, you should remove a sting in advance at the site of the injury, using tweezers and treat the spot with green paint or chlorofilipt alcohol solution.

And drink more fluids to help the body deal with toxins and eliminate them quickly.

I will add the answer from the previous doctor.
Hormone ointment is best used as prescribed by a doctor, especially during the pregnancy period, as well as for people suffering from chronic diseases. The fact is that the active substance of the ointment can be absorbed at the site of the bite and enter the general circulation, since edematous hyperemic tissues have many dilated blood vessels.

Another minor clarification to the subject of insect bites.
It should be remembered that severe swelling, redness, especially if accompanied by general malaise, weakness, fever and resistance to antihistamines, is a reason for the doctor’s mandatory treatment.
Insects can be carriers of various infections, even common mosquitoes can transmit, for example, West Nile virus. The doctor will be able to recognize the symptoms of an infectious disease in time and prescribe an adequate treatment.

Hello, very worried, the second month of notable weakness is terrible, there is no strength in the legs, the language is terrible, it pumps. At the end of July 2014, severe weakness and a temperature of 37.4 started suddenly and lasted 9 days. Then, the temperature is gone and it does not rise anymore, but the weakness has remained, 1.5 months does not pass, the legs in the legs do not go up the hill at all.

At the time the weakness began, at the end of July he made the oak, the tank, the urine, everything was normal. At the end of August, she returned to take leukocytes, fell from 6.8 to 4.8, lymphocytes 48%, platelets 171, fell below normal. mch 33. Everything is normal for the tank. Before that there was a prehistory: in December it started with indisposition, weight loss on the sides and bone pain for 3 days, feces were put pale brown, then throat suffered a cold, tonsils increased considerably, tongue was terrible, tempera 37.4 and weakness became noticeably abnormal tinnitus

Weakness is wild, indisposition, tempo 37.4, terrible tongue, pale brown stools and weight loss on the sides was one month, then the weakness disappeared with indisposition, but the tongue remained, the sides They were thin, the noise in the ears and the yellow stool was still one month old (diarrhea never). During these symptoms, the oak, urine and tank were within the normal range, the cd3 immunogram, cd8 increased, the cd4 / cd8 ratio was reduced.

Now it is also reduced. cd4 were 823. Now, at the end of July, there were 727. From January to the end of July, everything seemed to be pretty good, until the weakness reappeared with fever, the weakness is still wild.

The network was not active in January, but the HIV center was negative at the speed center from December to August. Last analysis on August 12.

The last risk and contact was in November 2013. Hepatitis after half a year was less. Uzi shchit.zhelezy, a normal small pelvis since the beginning of August, was at a reception at the hematologist, did not suspect anything. The therapist says that everything is normal in his part.

The weight does not fall, the lymph node one seems to be small under the arm since December. The language is terrible, the noise in the ears, the temperature is not there, the weakness is terrible, I walk down the street of weakness, I have no strength to climb the hill. Tell me, if you can, what should I do next, where to go, crying all day today out of desperation, I want to live and not run if it’s something serious, I’m 30 years old.

Things are standing. All the money has already been reduced in the analyzes, all are expensive.

What should I do? How to find a diagnosis?

Where to go

Do not hesitate to consult a hematologist again. However, the changes in the general blood test are alarming.
In addition, you should consult a specialist in infectious diseases to rule out slow infections, such as toxoplasmosis, borreliosis and others.
Also keep in mind that various medications and dietary supplements can inhibit blood formation. Often, these effects are observed when anti-inflammatory medications are taken.

Hi 4 days ago, the temperature rose to 38.3, there was weakness, stomach pain and liquid stool 1 time.

The next day, the temperature dropped to 37.7 and there were also loose stools and weakness. Stool every day 1 time liquid. I take enterofuril 1 to 3 times a day, today a little weakness, nausea and loose stools were 2 times, I drank coal.

I can eat anything but meat, drink tea, compote. What can be, how to start the treatment, it is difficult to go to the doctor.

If you find it difficult to see a doctor, you can call the district therapist at home. To prescribe an effective treatment an inspection is necessary. The doctor will perform a palpation of the abdomen to find out exactly where the inflammatory process is located, which will help determine the cause of the diarrhea and temperature.

The clarification of the cause of diarrhea is important, since it can appear during viral infections, in case of poisoning and in liver pathology. Only after establishing a presumptive diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe an adequate therapy.

Therefore, in case of poisoning, antibacterial drugs can not be dispensed with, viral infections in most cases do not require specific therapy and liver pathology requires the use of antispasmodics and agents that normalize the process of formation and exit of bile.
I will add that in case of diarrhea the first day, the “fasting” mode is recommended with the consumption of a sufficient amount of liquid (at least 2 liters per day). As suitable drinks for water, special saline solutions, black tea. In the future, foods are recommended cereals (rice), cooked to the state of porridge, mashed potatoes without the addition of milk and butter, boiled meat in the form of minced meat.

It completely excludes raw vegetables, whole milk, fruits, spicy, smoked, fried, fatty foods.
Call a doctor at home, do not self-medicate.

Good afternoon
About two weeks ago, the right knee began to break (it exploded when sitting on the shot), there was a feeling of tension and pain when sitting and climbing stairs. I used the ointment to last three times a day for 1.5 weeks, there was no effect.

He then drank meloxicam for 5 days and used fenalgon 3 times a day. I feel lighter, there is no pain, but the click and crunch of my knees do not disappear.

The therapist prescribed 10 injections of voltaren and 10 injections of the vitamin colibipin. At the pharmacy, the pharmacist advises waiting, because Voltaren has a lot of side effects and acts on the stomach (and I have gastritis and dysbiosis).

How to be

I think you should listen to the advice of the general practitioner who examined you. If you are not sure of the doctor’s competence, you should contact another specialist.
To reduce the negative impact of Voltaren on the stomach, you can use omeprazole or other gastroprotectors that are customary for you.

Good morning, I have had a cold, sore throat, severe cough and fever. Tell me, please, injections, which can be bought without a prescription. Going to the clinic is not possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hello The symptoms you have indicated: cough, fever and sore throat, can be observed both with viral infections such as pneumonia, sore throat and even with tuberculosis.

It is possible to establish what type of disease you have only with a personal examination by a doctor, in some cases additional tests are required.
You should not prescribe a treatment, especially injectable antibiotics. The fact is that with a viral infection, for example, will be completely ineffective, with tuberculosis will erase the clinic and temporarily reduce the disease, which will significantly delay the period of diagnosis and, consequently, a competent treatment. I would also add that by choosing antibiotics for treatment, the doctor is guided by many factors, which can only be found through a detailed examination of the patient and a detailed examination.

For example, if infectious mononucleosis is suspected, penicillins are not prescribed, and if nosocomial infections are suspected, conventional standard antibiotics are not prescribed.
The only correct solution for the “cold” is to go to a doctor.

I systematically take noliprel, torvocard, ursosan for 4 years.
A prescribed dermatologist roacutan.
Can you take this medication together and how?

All these medicines can be taken together by a medical prescription, do not strengthen or weaken the actions of others, their interaction with each other does not adversely affect the patient’s condition, judging from the information available.
In your case, it is necessary to take into account in addition to the interaction of the medicines with each other and the existing diseases that can be a contraindication to take medicines.

After pneumonia in the army, there is always a lot of sputum, it interferes with the throat and it is necessary to cough, but there is no cough. To remove the sputum, he took the Lasolvan syrup, inhaled with lasolvan, took 2 mukaltin courses, but the effect was temporary or it was not at all.

Tell me what to do, what doctor to turn to and what exams to approve.

A persistent profuse sputum can be seen in chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and other diseases. I observe that bronchiectasis is often not visible on an ordinary radiograph of the lungs to exclude them, a CT scan is required.
In your case, the best option is to visit a pulmonologist, he will schedule an exam and help you figure out the reason for the long-term sputum discharge. In addition, it is worth visiting an otolaryngologist: he will examine the upper respiratory tract and eliminate the pathology of the larynx.

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