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Gauze diapers: what is it, how to make them and use rules.

The majority of people who raised their children with gauze diapers advise the same thing to young mothers. Like us, we have grown very well and everything is fine, and you grow the same.

Gauze diapers: what is it, how to make them and use rules.

This category of people tells scary stories about modern disposable diapers, extolling the merits of gauze diapers. Surely many of you, young parents, face such statements.

I do not know what choice he made, in favor of gauze, disposable diapers or modern reusable diapers, which in their essence look a lot like gauze diapers, only in a modern way, but for me the choice is absolutely obvious, not a gauze!

Disposable diapers are not only good for the child, but also for their parents.

And then, why am I so against gauze diapers, because many children have grown up in them? We will understand in order.

To begin, let’s define what a gauze diaper is.

How to make gauze diapers?

The gauze diapers can be purchased ready to use, but, according to user comments, they are thin and small.

And because all the moms experienced in this topic are recommended to make gauze diapers for newborns. Also, this is not a complicated business.

You take gauze or old cotton bedding (from repeated washings, the fabric becomes very soft and sensitive to the baby’s skin), the bedding is even preferable to the gauze, as the gauze quickly becomes unusable after washing.

We cut the fabric into squares of 80 cm by 80 cm or 1 meter by 1 meter.

Diapers with a meter are suitable for any baby, but for a newborn it is better to take a smaller size, so that a lot of fabric should not be used.

If you use a cloth, you can leave a layer or take two squares together in a diaper. If you use cheesecloth, you will need between 3 and 4 layers, depending on the density of the gauze.

The edges of the folded squares should be cleaned on a typewriter.

You can immediately fold the squares into triangles and sweep the already folded triangles, this will simplify the placement process, but will extend the drying process, since the triangle will be thicker than the square. Here the diaper is ready.

There are more complex methods to make gauze diapers, more perfect, so to speak, the forms are easy to find on the Internet.

How to use a gauze diaper?

  • Everything is simple: if you left the diapers in the form of a square, then you must fold them before placing a triangle. If you made triangles immediately, take a diaper and place it on the surface where you want to change the baby’s clothes.
  • We place the baby’s diaper so that the top of the triangle is between the baby’s legs and the base of the triangle below the waist.
  • Now the upper part of the triangle is wrapped between the baby’s legs to the navel.
  • The two remaining corners of the triangle are wrapped around the newborn’s waist and fastened, tucking under the already rolled fabric.
  • The diaper is worn. Wrap the baby or put it on the sliders.

Now about the rules for the use of gauze diapers:

  1. It is very important to use a protective cream for gauze diapers! There are special creams that are called cream under the diaper.

This will allow you to better protect the baby’s skin from the aggressive effects of stool, which can not be avoided with gauze diapers, since neither cotton fabric nor gauze can absorb moisture and remain dry. Then, the baby’s skin in any case will get wet.

And this is the first, and perhaps the most basic for me, minus the gauze diapers! Regardless of what the proponents of these hygiene products say, in gauze diapers, the risk of developing dermatitis and irritation is much greater than in modern reusable diapers and, even more, in disposable diapers, even in the cheapest ones.

  1. After each removal of the baby’s diaper, it is necessary to rinse with water! This is necessary to eliminate the remains of stool from the skin.
  2. It is necessary to change the diaper immediately after urinating!

But newborn babies sleep most of the time. That is why the diaper change occurs only when the baby has woken up, and this in 1-2-3 hours, and at night it can be up to 6 hours.

It turns out that all this time the child is wet! Of course, when the urine starts to eat the skin and everything starts to itch, the baby wakes up and cries, you change the diaper, you calm him down and he has already urinated again.

The skin has not moved away from the exposure to urine, and here there is a new portion!

Then everything depends on the baby. If the baby really wants to sleep, then he will sleep, despite the discomfort.

If the discomfort can no longer be tolerated, the child wakes up. And this can happen every 20 minutes, as soon as you pee.

The result – a restless baby and a tired mother.

  1. Wash the used diaper with warm water.

If the baby appears, then wash it with soap. Well, after that we erase in the washing machine at a temperature not lower than 90 degrees!

Since the bacteria that came from the stool to the diaper, with a milder mode of washing, will not die.

  1. After drying the diapers made of gauze, iron them at the maximum temperature. It is also necessary for disinfection.

If we take into account all the nuances of the use of gauze diapers, it is possible to see the second and third drawbacks of using them for a baby: the lack of sleep for the mother and child, the need to wash and iron them.

Naturally, the baby will have to dress to walk, and in the cold season, this means that you will not walk for a particularly long time. Also, you have to worry constantly, is the baby dry?

What is not a gauze diaper anymore.

Advantages of gauze diapers

However, parents, who nevertheless choose gauze diapers with precision for their babies, still have a number of advantages:

  1. They are available to everyone.
  2. These diapers are breathable.
  3. According to the users, they are more respectful with the environment than disposable diapers, since they do not need to be wise with the way to dispose of them.

Personally, in my opinion, some advantages are not very convincing. Especially at the expense of breathable properties.

Any diaper can “breathe”, if it is wet and this moisture touches the skin for a long time, and in the end irritation can not be avoided.

Instead of concluding, if you can not convince yourself and still intend to wear gauze diapers, you’d better see modern reusable diapers, the essence is the same, but in them your baby will definitely be drier.

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