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Glycerin candles: what they are for and instructions for use

Children up to one year, regardless of the type of food and the time of introduction of complementary foods, are prone to various problems with the digestive system. And this is understandable, and even normal.

After all, a baby is born with functions of the organs and systems not yet fully developed, and in the first year of life they take place the maturation and the formation of the appropriate activity. This is especially noticeable in the digestive tract.

Glycerin candles: what they are for and instructions for use

In the uterus, the baby is fed through the placenta, his stomach and intestines do not work.

When the baby is born, it begins to suck the breast and the activity of the digestive tract begins.

Then, when the baby grows, in addition to the milk, other foods with a different texture begin to enter their diet, the digestive system jumps back to its development and adapts to the new conditions.

By growing a little more, the child begins to eat solid foods, and this is another step in the development of the function of digestion.

And so, for about a year, the harmonious activity of the gastrointestinal tract gradually formed from a system that does not work.

At each stage of the development of digestion faults and various disorders are possible. One of the possible manifestations of this type of failure is constipation.

Of course, constipation is not a pleasant situation, but do not despair, it is most likely that your baby’s constipation is functional in nature, which means that everything will improve in a short time.

If constipation constantly worries your baby, you should contact your pediatrician!

Why use glycerin candles?

Well, to help your child with constipation, you can use glycerin candles. Because they

Glycerin candles act only in the intestines, are not absorbed, do not cause addiction and, therefore, are safe even for newborn babies.

Glycerin candles are sold at a pharmacy without a prescription. The price of glycerin candles is not exorbitant.

For 10 pieces in the package you will have to pay about 160 rubles.

According to the instructions for use, glycerin candles can be used in children from three months.

However, it is possible to use glycerin suppositories in newborn babies, only before using it is advisable to consult a pediatrician.

For a newborn baby, the glycerin candle should be divided in half if it is a baby candle, or in four parts, if the candle is intended for an adult. That is, the dose of the glycerin suppository for a newborn is 0.35 grams.

How to put glycerin candles on the newborn?

  • An adult, mom or dad or grandmother, washes their hands.
  • The candle is removed from the packaging, if necessary, divided into the desired dose.
  • The baby lies on the back or on the side, on the back is more convenient.
  • The legs of the baby bring the knees towards the stomach.
  • To improve gliding, the candle can be moistened with lukewarm water, or it can lubricate your backside with cream or baby oil.
  • A candle is deep in the anus. Enter must be carefully, effortlessly.
  • The child’s buttocks should be held and held for a couple of minutes so that the baby does not extinguish the candle immediately.

The glycerin candle dissolves in the intestine and irritates the intestinal mucosa, which contributes to defecation. Usually, the effect occurs within 15-30 minutes.

If there is no effect, then it is possible to repeat the introduction of the glycerin candle only after 12 hours.

How often can glycerin candles be used for newborns?

For a newborn, and even in adult children, it is possible to put glycerin candles no more than once every three days. Despite the fact that glycerin candles are safe for children, their most frequent use may develop diarrhea.

According to reviews of mummies that used glycerin suppositories for newborn babies, the drug is well tolerated and gives quick results.

Do not forget that glycerin suppositories do not cure constipation and do not prevent it, they only help your child empty. And, therefore, you should not put glycerin candles for newborns for a preventive purpose.

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