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Good stories that all adults should reread.

So as not to spoil the soul, to see the beautiful in the ordinary and appreciate what we have.

With great pleasure we reread the stories of the writer Sergey Kozlov and publish the best passages for you.

Good stories that all adults should reread.

So it was like every night in this clear and cold autumn. And every night, the hedgehog and the bear would gather in the hedgehog, then in the bear and talk about something. And today the hedgehog told the bear:

– It’s good that we have!

– Imagine: I do not, you feel alone and you do not have anyone to talk to.

“It’s not like that,” said Oso.

“I think so too,” said the hedgehog. – But suddenly I’m not at all. Are you alone

Well, what are you going to do?

– as where I started Come and say: “Well, why did not you come, Erizo?” And you will say # 8230

– That’s stupid! What will I say if I’m not?

– If you’re not at home, then you went to me. I’m going to run home.

Oh, you’re here! And I’ll start # 8230

– How for what? So not, as agreed.

– How did you agree?

– How do I know? But you should be at my house or at home.

“But I’m not at all.” You understand

“Then you went somewhere and you still have not returned.” I will run, I will go through the forest and I will find you!

“You’ve searched everything,” said the hedgehog. – And I did not find it.

– I will run to the next forest!

– I’m going to put everything backwards and you’ll find it!

– Not for me. Nowhere do not

“Then, then # 8230 Then I’ll run to the field,” said the Bear, “and I’ll shout:” Ee-e-zhi-i-i-k! “- and they will hear and shout:” Bear-o-o- a “Here.

“No,” said the hedgehog. – I do not have a little. You understand

– What are you bothering me? – Angry bear. – If you’re not, then I’m not. It is understood? # 8230

Good stories that all adults should reread.

– Surely I will hear you. “I will,” said the bear.

– I will definitely come to you, no matter what happens. I will be with you forever.

Hedgehog looked at the Bear with his calm eyes and remained silent.

– Well, are you silent?

“I believe,” said the hedgehog.

“Hares do not age,” said the hare. – The hares die young.

– We run, you know? And movement is life.

Good stories that all adults should reread.

– What are you doing here? – asked Bear.

“Waiting for you to recover,” said the hedgehog.

– All the winter. I, when I knew it was full of snow, immediately dragged all my supplies to you # 8230

“And you spent all winter sitting on a stool next to me?”

– Yes, I overcooked with fir decoction and applied dry brush to the belly # 8230

“I do not remember,” said Oso.

– Still! – Hedgehog sighed. “You said all winter you were a snowflake.” I was so afraid of you melting in the spring. # 8230

Good stories that all adults should reread.

“I like to think in different ways,” said the hedgehog, going over his legs.

“Thinking differently is bad,” said Oso.

They had already turned once around elm and now they went to the second round.

– Think differently, – continued Bear, – means to speak differently # 8230

– What are you? – Hedgehog objected. – You can say the same, – and move.

“No,” said Little Bear. – If you think differently – you speak differently!

– And not! Said the hedgehog. – You can think in different ways, and say the same thing.

Good stories that all adults should reread.

– And here you are! – said Oso, once waking up and seeing a hedgehog on his porch.

“I left for a long time,” said the hedgehog.

– When you disappear, you must notify your friends in advance.

– I would like, do you know what you would like most? – After thinking, he said to Ezhik. “I would like a package on each of your needles more than anything.”

– And what would have grown later?

– And then you would become a real tree and live for a hundred years.

– This is good. # 8230 How would you talk to me?

– I would climb to the top of my head and whisper in a temechko.

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