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Green tea is possible during lactation: tea with milk, raspberry tea to nursing mother

During lactation, sufficient fluid intake is necessary, but the young mother simply can not physically drink only one water during the entire feeding period, it will be very tiring.

Green tea is possible during lactation: tea with milk, raspberry tea to nursing mother

And then you have to choose those drinks that do not harm the baby and that give pleasure to the woman. One of these drinks can be green tea during breastfeeding.

However, women often worry, is it possible to use it in its pure form or is it possible to drink green tea with lemon balm when breastfeeding, with other additives?

Green tea when breastfeeding

Many mothers are interested in the question of whether it is possible to drink green tea to a nursing mother to stimulate breastfeeding and to quench thirst, how often and how strong this beverage can be taken.

Breastfeeding specialists today have different opinions on this topic: some say it is worth refusing during the feeding period, others see nothing dangerous in its use.

Green tea, like many other beverages, affects the body of every woman in its own way, and its use must be individual, from very small amounts several times a week to regular intake.

Green tea when breastfeeding

High quality green tea for a nursing mother can provide many benefits due to its qualities: it has the properties of a natural antioxidant, a tonic and a stimulant.

With the regular consumption of this drink, a normal metabolism is normalized, the elimination of excess fluid from the body, along with waste substances, slags and toxins.

Green tea during breastfeeding is often used for gradual and gentle weight loss in combination with adequate nutrition.

But is it possible for a nursing mother to drink green tea from the first days of feeding? It is not worth buying green tea bags in stores, as these finely chopped green tea varieties will not bring any benefit to the body, however, they will not harm either.

The taste of this tea will be far from ideal, and its healing properties do not reach the level of leaf green tea properly prepared at all.

Green tea does not contain caffeine, and also has a low percentage of theine, a special substance that is similar in composition and properties to caffeine.

Therefore, answering if it is possible to drink green tea during breastfeeding, it is worth making sure that the child does not get cranky at night or that he does not sleep worse.

Can you breastfeed green tea?

If you drink green tea regularly, you should not completely refuse to take it, but it is important that you carefully monitor the child’s reactions.

You can drink green tea to a nursing mother, starting with one or two cups a day and watching carefully how the child behaves and how he feels.

In general, receiving green tea does not produce special negative reactions, and the baby responds fairly well. If there are allergic reactions, crying or agitation, it is necessary to postpone the reception of green tea for a while.

Green tea with milk for a nursing mother.

One of the options of the drink, which according to mothers stimulates breastfeeding, is green tea with milk for breastfeeding.

However, there is no proven data on the effectiveness of this mixture to stimulate the separation of milk, this drink acts at the level of self-suggestion as any other hot drink would have acted.

Therefore, you should not get involved in this drink, and answer the question: you can take green tea to nursing mothers, you should say, you can, but in very limited amounts, no more than one or two cups a day.

Can the mother breastfeed tea with raspberries?

Such teas are often used for colds, along with tea with lemon balm or mint, which help soothe the nervous system. But, when breastfeeding with any new product, you must be careful.

Tea with raspberries during breastfeeding can produce a strong allergen and test it like any new product, little by little, carefully following the child’s reaction.

Naturally, this should be a natural raspberry, and not bags with flavors and fillings from the store. This tea is not worth drinking during breastfeeding.

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