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Haggies diapers (Haggis): characteristics and opinions

Of the large number of disposable diapers, it is quite difficult to choose the ideal ones.

Haggies diapers (Haggis): characteristics and opinions

That’s why we created these articles about various brands of diapers, in which we have both about the diapers themselves and about the reviews, about their customers.

In this article I want to consider the disposable diapers of the Haggies brand (Haggis).

Haggis diapers are quite common in our market, which is their undoubted advantage, since Haggis diapers can be purchased in almost any store, pharmacy and market.

The price of haggis diapers, depending on the place of purchase, the type of diaper and the volume of the package, is very different and, therefore, we will deal with this issue in more detail when considering the individual lines of these diapers.

Soft elite hugs

And so, let’s start with the line of haggis diapers designed for newborn babies: Huggies Elite Soft (Haggis Elite Soft).

This series is available in two sizes for newborn babies (this is a size for babies of up to 5 kg and 2 sizes for babies of 4 to 7 kg) and three sizes for babies of three months (3 sizes for babies of 5 to 9 kg, 4 sizes for babies) 8-14 kg and size 5 for pips 12-22 kg).

The price of diapers haggis elite software for newborns 2 sizes in a package of 88 pieces about 10 rubles per piece, with which you will agree, quite.

If you take 5 pieces of size 56 in a pack, it will turn out almost 25 rubles per diaper! However, newborns require much more diapers per day than an older baby.

The manufacturer states that Huggies Elite Soft baby diapers have a unique inner layer with special pads that provide incredible softness.

The special absorbent layer of Soft Absorb absorbs liquid stool and moisture in seconds. And for more tenderness, Huggies Elite Soft contains 100% organic cotton.

In addition, there is a special pocket for baby’s liquid stool, which protects against leaks. Plus – an indicator of fullness of the diaper.

It sounds very good And that really

According to consumer opinions, Huggies Elite Soft diapers (Haggis Elite Soft) are really good. Of the disadvantages, they only notice that diapers are a bit expensive, but if you take them for newborns, the price is not very high!

Huggies Ultra Comfort

The next line of haggis diapers, in which I wanted to stop, is Huggies Ultra Comfort (Haggies Ultra Comfort).

This series is published separately for children and separately for girls. There are four sizes: 3 sizes (5-9 kg), 4 sizes (8-14 kg), size 4+ (10-16 kg) and size 5 (12-22 kg).

The price of a diaper in this series is 3 sizes in the region of 15 rubles, and size 5, in the region of 20 rubles each, cheaper than the Huggies Elite Soft.

According to the opinions of consumers, haggis ultra comfort is coarse, thick, leaking. 12 hours is not enough, perhaps the development of allergies, with little ventilation, not everyone is happy with the rubber bands (tight, rubbed) and sticky.

Classic hugs

In a word, despite the fact that there are positive comments, I would not put these diapers on my children.

Another line of diapers of this brand – Huggies Classic (Haggis Classic).

Haggis Classic is available in four sizes: 1 size (3-6 kg), 2 size (4-9 kg), 3 size (7-18 kg) and 5 size (11-25 kg).

The price of diapers in this series is approximately 11 rubles per unit in 3 sizes, and size 5 is approximately 15 rubles. The most economical line of haggis diapers.

The manufacturer does not say much about these diapers: soft, breathable, and a block of special diaper gel blocks the lock of the lock for up to 12 hours, keeping the baby’s skin dry, in addition, 360 ° technology: soft barriers Elastic and a stretch belt help prevent leakage in the legs and back.

What do the customer comments tell us?

Leaks, thick, paper, not enough for the whole night, possibly irritation and allergies.

But there are many positive comments about these diapers, and many note that counterfeits are often found.

So, apparently, negative criticism, it is still about low quality fakes.

Otherwise, how to explain a number of such positive reviews, I do not know! I think it’s worth trying, especially considering the attractive price!

On the one hand, it seems possible to unbutton and buckle several times, on the other hand, since we took off our panties, why should we unbutton them?

Many users attribute this point to the disadvantages of Haggis diapers, since the child undoes these Velcro.

The price of diapers, panties in the region of 23 rubles each.

There is a separate series of pants and diapers for children over 4 years old. Its cost is around 50 rubles per item.

To summarize, I would try the Huggies Elite Soft for newborns, and perhaps for an older child, the Huggies Classic series.

Well, what to take your baby, depends on you, dear readers. Leave your comments on diapers, can help someone with an option!

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