Главная 7 My baby 7 Heralds of multiparares birth in week 36 of pregnancy

Heralds of multiparares birth in week 36 of pregnancy

Heralds of multiparares birth in week 36 of pregnancy

Most pregnancies end in a period of 38-40 weeks. In the body of a woman, all preparations for childbirth are completed at this point, the hormones are reconstructed, the bones of the pelvis diverge and the cervix matures.

The child is also prepared, “groomed” before birth, its organs and systems are maturing, has the necessary amount of adipose tissue to easily pass through the process of adaptation to the new, unknown and surrounding world.

Stalkers can appear several weeks before giving birth (on average, 1-2 weeks, but sometimes it takes more than 3 weeks from the onset of precursors to delivery or an individual phenomenon).

The precursors that the woman herself can notice include:

  • Changing the height of the floor of the uterus – lowering the abdomen
  • Training, false uterine contractions.
  • mucus plug discharge
  • stop the pregnant weight gain
  • increased urination and urination.

In addition to the physiological changes, the experts also notice the changes in the part of the nervous system, there is a certain flexibility in the state of mind, since in the first months of pregnancy anxiety and tears appear.

It is also characteristic of the finish line and the phenomenon of “nesting”. The surge of energy leads to the fact that the woman begins to actively improve the home, prepares a room for the baby, pereryirivaet all things, makes a ubrou general, prepares her husband to eat during the next week.

If the first birth, the appearance of precursors in week 36 is common, but for those who repeat is a little early, the main thing here is not to exaggerate and not cause premature labor with excessive activity.

So that the baby does not appear before time, do not forget to use a bandage before the 37th week, do not deny yourself the opportunity to lie down one more time, rest, in no case do not lift weights. And whenever possible it is necessary to reject a sexual life.

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