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Hospital after cesarean section: procurement, complicated labor, additional hospital.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a whole stage in the life of a woman who radically changes her habitual lifestyle. During pregnancy, new habits appear, another body shape, hormones and mood.

With the increase in the period of time, it becomes more difficult to walk, take care of your own health and the health of the future baby is at the forefront, and work and the world around you move to the second. All thoughts and actions are dedicated to the future baby.

In order to ensure optimal comfort, health care and mode of pregnancy, all workers receive a certificate of inability to work during pregnancy and childbirth. If a woman is expecting a baby, then she is given 140 days (70 days before delivery and 70 days after delivery).

While waiting for two or more babies at the same time, the expectant mother not only has to do it, her pregnancy and delivery take place under the strictest control, since they involve many risks, therefore, she is granted a certificate of disability more extensive, which lasts 194 days and is issued for a period of 28 weeks. .

Complicated delivery

Unfortunately, not all births go well and complications occur periodically, which in particular can result in a cesarean section. Caesarean section is an abdominal surgery.

Hospital after cesarean section: procurement, complicated labor, additional hospital.

It is accompanied by a longer period of rehabilitation, blood loss is more physiological, which often leads to anemia of varying intensity.

A much higher percentage of complications falls on patients undergoing labor than usual, respectively, and more careful monitoring and observation is necessary in the postpartum period.

Discharge occurs on the fifth or eighth day with a favorable postpartum period, according to the maternity hospital.

Complicated labor includes not only cesarean, but also delivery that ended with the imposition of obstetric forceps or a vacuum extractor, severe anemia requiring blood transfusion, eclampsia, preterm delivery after 30 weeks, endometritis after birth and many serious general diseases of women.

At the beginning of preterm labor in a woman from week 22 to 30, the patient receives maternity leave and 16 additional days of sick leave, that is, 156 days in total.

Additional hospital

According to the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated 06/29/2011 N 624n, a cesarean is included in the concept of “complicated labor”.

Tip When you receive a disability certificate for pregnancy and delivery, make a photocopy where you can clearly see the list number of patients and the date of opening and closing, then the hospital will write the disability certificate for 16 more days quick and easier for you.

Multiple pregnancy and additional hospital.

Frequently asked questions: Is an additional sick leave due if the pregnancy is multiple and ended with a cesarean section?

Hospital after cesarean section: procurement, complicated labor, additional hospital.

The answer is no. Multiple pregnancy is already complicated, so the woman receives 194 days of medical leave in advance.

All pregnant women, once admitted to the hospital, it is desirable to have a copy of the maternity page, since the sick leave after a cesarean section (and other complicated deliveries and the postpartum period) is issued on the basis of the sick leave as a continuation and, as a result, is paid. average wage

If the patient did not know about the prescribed 16 days after the complicated delivery, she may request that she be given a continuation of the hospital at any time after discharge from the maternity hospital and the institution where the delivery was performed is obliged to give the 16 calendar days required.

Payment of this pamphlet by the employer must be made within 10 days after the submission of the list of patients to the accounting department.

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