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How much does a cesarean section cost: prices abroad and in Russia?

That ended with a long wait of 9 months. Soon your baby will be born.

But the most crucial and difficult stage ahead is childbirth.

So he wants everything to go well, quickly and painlessly, and can return home as soon as possible with a healthy child. Therefore, now the expectant mother is asking questions:

  • Where and how to give birth?
  • Which is better: delivery or cesarean section?
  • What if there are no indications for surgery, but I am very afraid of giving birth myself?
  • How much does a cesarean section cost?

The answer is very simple. A cesarean section will cost you as much as you are willing to pay for it.

Worth it?

Let’s start in order. If you have indications for a planned operation: scar in the uterus, pregnancy after IVF, abnormal fetal position, severe heart disease, nervous system, high myopia, fetal hypoxia, etc. – then you will have a cesarean section programmed completely free in the state genre. The house to which the consulting doctor will send you.

How much does a cesarean section cost: prices abroad and in Russia?

However, if you really want to pay, then you can offer additional services for a fee.

For example, choose a particular doctor who will perform the operation, a separate room in which it is possible to visit relatives, suture material, choose a doctor for a newborn, etc.

All this is not absolutely necessary, the assistance in its entirety is required to provide you completely free of charge.

If not only a doctor, but also a clan. You decided to choose the house yourself, then the price list of paid services, even for a cesarean, the exact prices can be found on the website of the selected clinic.

Better yet, advance to the genre. The house will meet with the doctor who will perform the surgery and will discuss all the issues at the time.

What is the price of the cesarean, if there is no evidence?

The future mother is very afraid of giving birth on her own, from the first day of pregnancy she prepared for an operation. He believes that only thanks to cesarean delivery will it take place without pain and without consequences.

First you need to think carefully.

Births should not be afraid at all. Still, unlike cesarean section, it is a physiological process. To eliminate fear, try to find as much information as possible about the birth.

You can attend courses for pregnant women, read more about childbirth, watch movies. Take the birth of a husband or someone of relatives for moral support.

Cesarean section is an operation

A cesarean is a serious operation that has its drawbacks and complications. First, by placing yourself on the operating table, you put your health and, at times, your life at risk.

How much does a cesarean section cost: prices abroad and in Russia?

The risk of injury during a cesarean section is 5 times higher than in natural childbirth. Increased risk and bleeding that can result in the removal of the uterus.

After cesarean, infectious complications, such as endometritis, inflammation of the appendages, and even sepsis, are more common. To avoid them, antibiotics are almost always prescribed, which is rare in natural childbirth.

There are also long-term effects: pain due to adhesions and damage to the nerves, irregular menstruation, inflammation of the uterus, infertility, postoperative hernia, with pregnancies and subsequent births, difficulties may arise due to uterine scar, endometriosis – proliferation of the uterine mucosa in the abdominal cavity or in the postoperative scar, which is accompanied by severe pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

This is due to the fact that in the birth process the maturation of fetal lungs occurs under the influence of the hormones that control this process.

The colonization of the child’s intestines is violated by the microflora and the formation of immunity due to the lack of contact with the mother’s birth canal. During childbirth, hormones are produced in a woman’s body, the most important of which is oxytocin, the so-called “love hormone”.

It is he who takes care of the maternal instincts. During a caesarean section, it is not possible, immediately after birth, to place the baby in the breast, which violates the attachment formation of the mother and child.

Most women after a cesarean section have difficulty breastfeeding.

If you have found a clinic that provides such services, it is worth a hundred times to think about whether it is worth taking a conscious risk that can be avoided and paying that price.

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