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How to keep a newborn baby?

Many young parents wonder: How to keep a newborn baby? Their fears are quite understandable, since the baby’s musculoskeletal system is not yet sufficiently formed and the incorrect position or sudden movements can harm the child.

How to keep a newborn baby?

In the first months of life, the baby should be kept carefully, but at the same time with confidence.

The neck muscles of a newborn baby are still very weak, therefore You should always hold your head.

The most common position of the child in the hands of the following: a child lies down on the left hand of an adult with the elbow of the child’s head, the right hand of the adult holds the legs and the back of the baby.

For the baby to feel comfortable, your body should have three points of support: on the back of the head, near the shoulder blades and around the pelvis.

So that your hands are not too tired, use the baby alternately in the left and right hand.

Take the baby in your arms correctly

Before taking the child in your arms, attract your attention with your voice so as not to scare him. Their movements should be slow and smooth, but at the same time confident.

Then if the baby is lying on his back, Then place one hand under the back of his head and the other under the ass, slowly lift the baby and place him in his arms.

The baby’s head should be slightly higher than the lower part of the body.

You can lift it in the following way: with both hands, hold your chest, so that your thumbs are in the front and the rest supports your back. At the same time, hold the child’s head with the index fingers.

Gently lift the baby.

If the child is lying on his stomach. (It is recommended to extend over the abdomen after 2 weeks of age), then place one palm under the baby’s chest, while holding the baby’s neck with the thumb and forefinger, and place the other palm under the abdomen. Soft and smooth movement, take the child and press it against his body, then place it in his hands in a convenient way.

How to put a newborn in the cradle?

Before placing the baby in the crib, hold him close and lean with him to the bed as close as possible to its surface. Carefully place the child and stay a few seconds to get used to the new position, then slowly remove his hands and cover him with a blanket or diaper (depending on the season) to stay warm.

How to maintain a newborn “column”?

For the prevention of regurgitation, it is recommended, after feeding, to keep the newborn in a vertical position (column). This is done to ensure that the baby draws air that enters the stomach during feeding.

After feeding, gently lift the child to face him so that his torso is vertical and his head is resting on his shoulder. With one hand, press the legs and lower torso toward you, and with the other, support the child’s head and neck.

At the same time, make sure the load is distributed evenly along the entire spine.

Staying in this position is recommended until the baby takes out the excess air. It usually takes 5 to 15 minutes.

This situation is the prevention not only of regurgitation, but also of intestinal colic in a baby.

How to keep the baby when washing?

As a general rule, the child is washed with ordinary tap water. The optimum temperature of the water to wash the baby is approximately 36 to 37 degrees.

Girls should rinse from front to back so that the remains of feces do not fall on the genitals. To do this, place the child on the forearm of your left hand on your back. At the same time, the child’s head should rest on the elbow and the hip should be held with the palm of the hand.

We wash the child with the right hand.

It is convenient to wash the child by placing it face down. To do this, place the child in his left hand, face down, while his head should be in the left elbow.

During the wash, the tap water should flow to your hand, not to the baby’s skin. This will allow you to feel the change in water temperature.

After washing, clean the skin of your baby with a clean diaper, if necessary, apply a cosmetic for baby.

How to keep a newborn while swimming?

Prepare for the baby bath with water. Slowly lower the wrapped baby with a clean diaper in the prepared water.

While swimming, the back of the child’s head should be on the wrist of your left hand (if you are right-handed). With your left hand, hold the child by the shoulder that is farthest from you. Carefully water the baby with your right hand.

Expand the diaper, you can remove it completely if it interferes.

How to keep a newborn?

Newborn children can not be raised by the hands, it can lead to dislocation or subluxation.

When you hold the child in your arms, make sure that your head does not fall backwards, as this can cause injuries.

It is not recommended to keep the newborn baby upright for a long time. Also, you should not put the baby on your forearm, turning your body to one side (until age until you master this skill).

Since the bones of a newborn baby are soft and not strong, prolonged exposure to an incorrect position can lead to its curvature.

Very often, the mother and the baby identify quickly with a comfortable position and, in addition, finding the child in their arms does not cause any difficulty.

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