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How to learn the multiplication table and save a lot of nerves.

Math teacher Ekaterina Kukina said how to master the multiplication table without taking the children’s summer. This method will simplify the study, give knowledge and keep the school diary.

You have probably heard more than once the opinion that the level of mathematical education is decreasing.

When my children studied in second grade, I understood clearly Why is the level of mathematical education falling? at school It was in the second grade, when laying the foundations of mathematics education, that such irreparable giant hole.

The main problem is in the multiplication table.. Look at the notebooks in the cage that the children at your school have.

I went to buy notebooks for a long time. Still, not at all, this is the image:

How to learn the multiplication table and save a lot of nerves.

There are even worse notebooks (for high school students), in which the multiplication tables are missing, but there are many formulas without meaning.

Well, so What is this notebook is bad?? The unsuspecting father sees that the multiplication table is in the notebooks.

Like all my life in the notebooks, there was a multiplication table. What is wrong

And the problem is that in the notebook. NO multiplication table.

The multiplication table, my dear readers, is this:

How to learn the multiplication table and save a lot of nerves.

Otherwise it is called the “Pythagorean table”.

The upper and left columns can be omitted, only the main rectangle.

First is the table. Second, it’s interesting!

None child will not consider Examples written in bars.

None child I can not find Interesting examples and regularities in the written examples.

And in general, when the teacher says: “Learn the multiplication table”, and the child does not even see the table in front of him, he immediately understands that mathematics is a science, where ordinary things are called differently and you must cram much. nothing is impossible

  • First, there is no garbage and information noise in the left part of the examples.
  • Second, you can think about it. It is not even written anywhere that this multiplication is just a table.
  • Thirdly, if she is constantly within reach and the child constantly runs into her, he almost never begins to memorize these numbers. In particular, he will never answer “55” to the question “family eight”, because the number 55 is not in the table and never was.

Only children with abnormal memory can memorize the example columns. In the “table” you have to memorize much less.

Further, child by automatic looking for patterns. And he finds them himself.

Such patterns are found even in children who have not yet been able to multiply.

For example: the numbers that are symmetric with respect to the diagonal are equal.

Human brain single ready to look for symmetry, And if you find it and notice it, very happy. What does this mean?

This means that the product does not change the transposition of the factors.

How to learn the multiplication table and save a lot of nerves.

You see, the child notices it himself! A What man has invented himself will remember him forever., in contrast to what he gave or told him.

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