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How to prepare for a cesarean: for visits, in the hospital, morally.

Preparation for childbirth always occupies an important place in the life of a pregnant woman. Today, labor often ends in a cesarean section.

How to prepare for a cesarean: for visits, in the hospital, morally.

The knowledge of some characteristics of the operation, as well as the postoperative recovery of the body, will be useful for all women who enter this difficult but very important period of life.

If you know you have a planned cesarean, then the period of maternity leave is the time to think about it. How to prepare for a cesarean section, it is useful to know all future moms.

For the same women who come to the operation is not the first time, you can also find something useful.

Preparation for cesarean section before hospitalization.

  • The planned cesarean requires preparation, like any other operation. This is not the worst version of childbirth. You know in advance about the next operation. So you have time to get the most information.
  • Start by choosing a maternity hospital and a doctor to treat you. Although it is not necessary at all. If you do not solve this problem yourself, a doctor will be provided and you will be hospitalized in the maternity hospital in the place of residence.
  • It is worth learning about the cesarean section. What is this operation? How it’s done, how long it lasts, what anesthesia options there are, how to behave after childbirth, how to care for a newborn baby. So you will be easier and not so afraid.
  • During pregnancy, it will be useful to perform specially selected exercises. It is worth knowing in advance the set of exercises that are shown in the first days after surgery. They will help you get up faster, it will be an excellent prevention of adhesions, constipation, hemorrhoids and other postoperative complications.
  • Pick up the “disturbing briefcase” as soon as you leave the maternity leave. Everything you need for a cesarean section for you and the baby. Although caesarean and planned, unforeseen circumstances may arise at any time. Therefore, pick up the bag. A list of the necessary things can be obtained in the medical consultation or in the emergency room of the chosen maternity hospital.
  • After a cesarean section, you will probably need a postpartum bandage. With him it is much easier to move. Do not forget to put it in your suitcase.
  • Remember that with the planned caesarean section hospitalization is also planned. That is to say they will put you a few days before the operation or even a week. If they try to perform surgery between weeks 39 and 40, they should go to the hospital a week before. In some cases, previously hospitalized. It is worth discussing this issue with your doctor. This is done so that in the hospital the doctors with you can prepare for the operation. Schedule a day, take exams. You may need to designate additional tests or consult limited specialists, such as a surgeon, an endocrinologist.
  • The extract will also be a little later than after normal delivery. The earliest on the fifth day, but maybe later. Therefore, complete all household chores.
  • It is worth paying attention to the level of hemoglobin. During pregnancy, the need for iron increased. A cesarean section always has blood loss 2-3 times higher than the physiological one. This establishes that during the operation there will be no complications. Therefore, it is necessary to control hemoglobin in advance and, in low-level cases, to drink iron preparations.
  • One week before the caesarean, begin to cleanse the vagina. For this there are special candles. Check with your doctor. This will reduce the risk of infectious complications after surgery.
  • Make sure you eat well. Your diet should be balanced and varied. Do not forget the meat. After the operation, you must mobilize all internal resources to restore the body.
  • If you suffer from varicose veins in the lower extremities, be sure to wear compression stockings. During the operation and after it, the lower extremities should be bandaged with elastic bandages to avoid the formation of blood clots. Do not forget to take them with you.

In the hospital before surgery.

Therefore, you will be placed in a hospital for a few days to prepare for a scheduled cesarean section. But you will not get bored.

  • Assign to donate blood, urine, ECG, ultrasound of the fetus.
  • After that, the doctor will decide the code to operate it. This will take into account the pregnancy period, the indications for the surgery, the results of your tests, the condition of the child, as well as the workload of the maternity hospital and the doctors. If the stars converge, then you can participate in the choice of the day of the operation. If possible, they will listen to your wishes. After all, pregnant women can not be denied.
  • The day before surgery, an anesthesiologist will examine you. He will talk about anesthesia methods. General anesthesia when a woman is asleep during surgery or spinal anesthesia. Of course, the latter has undoubted advantages. You will be aware during the operation. You can ask questions and, most importantly, see your child immediately after the extraction. Spinal anesthesia is also better for a child, it is less affected by anesthetic drugs. It will not have a burden on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, such as during general anesthesia. But spinal anesthesia is not always indicated. An anesthesiologist will report this during the consultation.
  • The night before surgery, take a hygienic shower and shave the bikini area.
  • With regard to diet, then before a caesarean section, preparation is necessary. At lunch the day before surgery, you can only eat soup and drink tea, kefir or yogurt at night. You can not eat or drink.
  • In the morning the day of the surgery you will do an enema.
  • Put a drip with saline if you have spinal anesthesia.
  • Make an injection, which will facilitate entry to anesthesia, helping to relax and relieve tension. Also after that you will be less sick.
  • The doctor will perform another vaginal exam. It is necessary to determine if the neck is open. When the cervix is ​​closed, during the operation, the cervical canal passes to open it and allow lohia (postpartum discharge) to come out freely from the uterus and not to accumulate inside. In addition, the obstetric situation may change and the indications for cesarean section will disappear on their own. For example, when the pelvic presentation or the transverse position of the fetus, sometimes the children in the last hours turn towards the head and the operation is canceled.
  • A midwife will rinse the vagina and insert a urinary catheter. This is unpleasant and you will have to endure it 12 hours after surgery. A catheter is needed to control the amount of urine and its color during and after surgery. And also to keep your bladder empty all the time. During the operation, it will not interfere with the work of the doctors or be injured, and after the operation will not interfere with the contraction of the uterus.

During surgery

After all the preparations, you will be taken to the operating room and placed on the operating table. You should listen carefully to what doctors and nurses say.

Report your feelings Especially if you are worried about the pain, the nausea, the vomiting, it becomes difficult to breathe.

If you are conscious during the operation, you will be able to see the child almost immediately after removing it.

To not get bored, when you take the baby, you can sleep a little. In general, the operation lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Postoperative period

It is important to prepare in advance for the postoperative period.

  • You will be allowed to get up 10 to 12 hours after general anesthesia and one day after spinal anesthesia. But this is if there were no complications. Do not get up the first time without the help of medical personnel. You can fall First you need to stand on your side, hang your legs and sit down. After sitting down a bit and making sure that the head does not rotate, you can get up.
  • But to turn into cakes and do gymnastics you should start in 3-4 hours. It is very important for the rapid recovery of the body. Bend and flex the legs in the joints of the ankle and knee, the hands, to attract the stomach. The early lifting and gymnastics will be an excellent prevention of the formation of adhesions, blood clots and hemorrhoids.
  • It is not recommended the first day, otherwise, it will lead to problems with the intestines. On the second day, you can eat lean chicken or beef broth, boiled in third water, drink tea and still water. From the third day on the diet there must be more meat. But do not get carried away by products that lead to excessive gas formation.
  • -Be aware of the discharge of gas and bowel movements. The gases should start to move away on the second day. For 3-4 days it must be a chair. The bladder must be empty at all times. If you are worried about the pain due to the accumulation of gas in the intestines, sit on the bed and swing a little back and forth, while breathing deeply. Then lie down on your side, the gases will disappear.
  • Measure the temperature, if it has increased, be sure to inform the doctor.
  • The child will be given as soon as you can get up and take care of him. The feeding after a cesarean section can be immediate. All medications that you prescribe after surgery, compatible with breastfeeding. If you are prescribed something else, the doctor will warn you about the need to stop breastfeeding.
  • Observe personal hygiene. There will be many excretions. After each visit to the bathroom, you should wash well with gel for intimate hygiene. But you can take a full shower only after removing the stitches with the permission of the attending physician.

How to prepare mentally?

  1. Do not be nervous. A planned caesarean section is very good. You know in advance the day your child will be born. You are examined and ready for surgery. The doctors on the day of surgery have a complete picture of their health and if there are difficulties, they will definitely prepare for them.
  2. Read more about the cesarean, if you can, you can attend special courses where they will inform you in detail.
  3. Many women fear pain after surgery. Nowadays, there are many ways to eliminate it. You must name them.
  4. Complications after surgery If the operation is planned, then all complications are less common.
  5. In some maternity hospitals for cesarean section, you can take a husband or someone from relatives to get moral support. Clarify this question before going to the hospital.
  6. Ugly scar after surgery First, most of the time it is in the bikini area and is not visible. Second, with a strong desire can be eliminated or disguised. Today there are many tools and methods for this.

So, do not get nervous, but tell yourself that everything will be fine and that you will have a healthy and good baby.

Preparing for surgery will not take much time and will have fewer problems and complications.

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