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How to recognize the start of labor and determine what you need in the hospital?

The eternal question of all future mothers, especially pregnant women in the first place, is the question of how to recognize the beginning of labor. Determine that in the hospital very soon, you can, observing your condition:

  • belly down
  • it became easier to breathe
  • increased urination
  • Mucus with veins of mixed blood with normal light flow.

How to recognize the start of labor and determine what you need in the hospital?

The mucus plug serves as a barrier, protecting the baby from infection. At some point, usually in the last weeks of pregnancy, this plug disappears. In addition, it can occur, such as 1-2 weeks before the expected birth, and one day.

Therefore, the discharge of the pregnant woman must be controlled very carefully.

If the mucus plug has become detached in a large clot before 2 weeks before the expected delivery date, you should consult a doctor.

Symptoms such as contractions, rupture of the amniotic fluid, indicate that delivery is very close.

Water discharge

Between the uterus and the baby there is a thin barrier: the fetal bladder. It is full of amniotic fluid, which performs many functions and is necessary for the normal development of the child.

The wall of the membranes is very thin, however, this does not prevent it from protecting the developing fetus against an infection. It happens that the amniotic fluid is diverted before regular work begins. More often this happens at night.

How not to confuse them with urine?

1) The amniotic fluid does not have a color (if the baby does not have oxygen, the water can have a green color).

2) They are characterized by a sweet smell (ammonia in the urine).

3) White flakes are present in the waters: this is a lubricant similar to the cheese that covers the body of the baby.

Normally, wastewater during cervical dilation. If this happens before, the baby’s risk of infection increases, so he should go immediately to the hospital.

What to do if the birth begins?

Be sure to tell your husband. You need it to get used to the idea that a new resident will soon appear in your home. Try not to interrupt the work started, if your condition is not threatened (water is not removed, there is no bleeding).

You should not take additional measures to facilitate contractions. If you started at night, try to fall asleep again, you will still need strength during labor.

If the dream has escaped, you can take a hot shower, eat something light and tasty, make a herbal tea not hot. Refusing food is not worth it.

It is unlikely that you will continue to eat before you are born, but you do not need to fill your stomach either: heavy foods often cause vomiting.

If the contractions started during the day, move more. Walking activates labor, increases contractions. Respiratory techniques can be started to relieve pain if the contractions are so strong that they keep you from moving and talking.

Previously, you should not resort to breathing exercises: such control over contractions is very tiring and labor will seem like an eternity.

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