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How to take care of a newborn’s teeth? Selection of toothpaste

Oral care is the main link in the prevention of dental diseases. In the practice of a pediatric dentist, special attention is paid to the prevention of early caries.

The main preventive tools are oral hygiene, the criteria for feeding a child, etc.

With the eruption of the first tooth in a child, in the parents, sooner or later a question arises: how to take care of the teeth of a newborn?

Как правильно ухаживать за зубками новорожденного?</h2><h2> Choose toothpaste “/></div><p><strong>When to start brushing your baby’s teeth?</strong></h2><p>The cleaning of the teeth should be carried out from the moment of the first dental eruption. Some dentists recommend starting to take care of the baby’s mouth, some time before teething.</p><p>It is proven that the sooner the child begins to get used to the daily procedures, the quicker he will get used to it and there will be fewer problems with the development of oral hygiene.</p><p>But children are not always, in the stages of preparation of the oral cavity for teething, are easily susceptible to such a procedure. Because of the inflammation of the gums, almost any contact with the baby’s gums can cause a painful reaction.</p><p> For these reasons, parents will be forced to give up their attempts for a moment after the eruption of the first tooth.</p><p>In fact, there is no fundamental difference: start the hygiene of the cavity before the eruption of the tooth or after it. This is an individual decision of each family.</p><h2><strong>How to take care of teeth in a newborn?</strong></h2><p>The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range of oral hygiene products and products for younger patients. If brushing the teeth begins before the time of teething, it is recommended to use special dental wipes.</p><p style=
How to take care of a newborn's teeth? Selection of toothpaste

The napkins are made of non-woven material, which completely eliminates the exfoliation of the fibers that a child can swallow.

The wipes are saturated with xylitol, which is absolutely safe for the child, but detrimental to the pathogenic microflora.

Said wipes can be used in children of different ages, and the cleaning can be carried out with the total absence of teeth, or for the first piece of crumbs.

The most convenient to use recognized dental wipes, which are made in the form of fingertips.

To clean the baby’s mouth, just put them on the finger and clean the baby’s entire mouth with gentle movements, without forgetting the inside of the baby’s cheeks and tongue.

The cleaning of teeth with dental napkins is best done after breakfast and before bedtime. The oral cleaning should be carried out after feeding, after at least half an hour.

This rule will protect against spitting and even vomiting in a child.

You can replace dental wipes with gauze tampons. Because it is not significant, but it is still abrasive, cleaning the mouth of the child’s mouth is more effective and easier.

As a general rule, these brushes are made of silicone and can have a different work surface: grooved or small villi. There is no fundamental difference between these toothbrushes, this is a matter of choice and taste of each child in particular.

It is as easy to use brushes as the fingertips, as well as the dental napkins, to put the father on the finger and sweeping movements to process the entire oral cavity. The characteristics of the cleaning will be associated with the appearance of the first tooth in the crumbs.

In pediatric practice, it is the “circular” caries that will develop in the neck of the tooth, and with progression, the cut of the tooth in the base can occur, like a circular saw, which is the name. For these reasons, you should pay special attention to the dentition when brushing your teeth.

Its cleaning must be carried out with sweeping movements.

We must not forget to clean the surface of the tongue, which accumulates a large number of pathogenic microorganisms. Gradually, these microorganisms are distributed throughout the oral cavity and can trigger various inflammatory and destructive processes in the tissues of the oral cavity.

Do I need toothpaste?

Too much information often confuses parents about the need to use toothpaste in children under one year of age. Dentists’ opinion about the use of toothpaste to clean the first tooth, in two ways.

Как правильно ухаживать за зубками новорожденного?</p><p> Choose toothpaste “/></p></div><p>A group of dentists says that toothpaste is not necessary, which explains their decision for the absence of negative nutritional factors. Children under one year of age receive a minimum amount of sugars, and breast milk, in general, is not a provocative factor for the development of caries.</p><p>In addition, children at an early age simply can not rinse their mouths and spit physiologically, and swallow a certain amount of toothpaste.</p><p>The second group of dentists says that toothpaste is still needed.</p><p>It is impossible to exclude the possibility of the formation of caries and many inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity during artificial feeding, and the introduction of complementary foods, because the terms of teething and introduction of complementary foods are the same.</p><p>To determine which opinion will be the most correct, has not yet been successful, each point of view has the right to exist. The decision to use toothpaste only depends on the shoulders of the parents.</p><p>If you decided to start brushing your teeth with toothpaste, you should choose carefully and carefully. The child’s first toothpaste must meet a number of requirements. It must not contain:</p><ul><li>Preservatives</li><li>dyes</li><li>Fraternities</li><li>paraben</li><li>perfumes</li><li>fluorine</li><li>sugar</li></ul><p>The composition of the paste may include BIO components – extracts of herbs, milk enzymes, due to which the cleaning of the tooth surface is carried out.</p><p>Among the most popular toothpastes for up to a year, you can mention the “Splat” first tooth cleaning kit, the first toothbrush set with the fingertips and the first toothpaste “ROCS”, “chicco” and much others.</p><p>When choosing toothpaste, you should carefully read the instructions for use and look at the label, which indicates the age at which you can use the paste.</p><p>If the child refuses to use the paste, after all, it is incomprehensible, although the pleasant taste of the paste does not please the baby, it should not insist.</p><p>For the first use of toothpaste, simply brush the silicone bristles of the toothbrush with the tooth bud and brush the teeth. During the procedure, parents should carefully monitor the child’s reaction.</p><p>If the child is quite acceptable reacted to the toothpaste, then the next time, you can increase your number.</p><p>If the amount of toothpaste is greater, then the child will simply swallow it. Of course, swallowing toothpaste, which is adapted by age, is safe, but even so it is not desirable to prevent this.</p><p>Even if the first tooth brushing receives a negative reaction from the child, the parents should not give up their positions.</p><p>The fact is that the child simply does not understand what the parents want and protective reactions are included. As soon as the crumb understands that the procedure is safe and is carried out daily, the negative reaction will disappear.</p>  <div style=

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