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If the breast hurts during breastfeeding, after breastfeeding, the nursing mother and the nipples hurt when breastfeeding

In most cases, breastfeeding mothers seek help from pediatricians and breastfeeding consultants if they have pain from breastfeeding. At the same time, the sensations may be different: this is a discomfort in the chest, with pain and pain, pain in the nipples and even thickening with the presence of other unpleasant symptoms.

If the breast hurts during breastfeeding, after breastfeeding, the nursing mother and the nipples hurt when breastfeeding

Why does your breast hurt when you breastfeed and how to quickly eliminate this feeling when you need the help of a doctor or medication, every mother who is breastfeeding should know?

Breast pains during breastfeeding: causes.

Breast milk is the best food a mother can give her baby, but if the feeding process is full of pain and discomfort, it will be difficult for the mother to enjoy this process and feed them for a prolonged and efficient time.

The pain can often lead to a decrease in the amount of milk, the whims of the baby during feeding and the irritability of the mother, as a result, if the causes of pain are not eliminated in time, breastfeeding can be completed quickly.

Rarely, in the first shots, there may be slight discomfort in the nipple and areola area, because the baby’s first accessories are due to the nipple, which is not used to suck.

But it lasts the moment the baby creates a vacuum in the mouth for a few seconds and disappears quickly as the feeding increases and lengthens.

Initially, immediately after delivery, there is very little milk in the breast and the breast feels empty.

As the milk arrives when it is not drained in time, a state of engorgement can be formed, this is a painful milk filling with edema of the ducts, in which the milk is more difficult to separate. In this condition, the breast is dense, enlarged, discomfort and pain occur when you try to decant.

The main way to combat breast engorgement is to apply the baby frequently with full emptying, while if the child can not completely empty the breast, it is worth resorting to pumping.

Other reasons why breastfeeding hurts while breastfeeding are:

  • An acute affluence of milk, overflowing the chest.
  • Nipple trauma due to incorrect coupling (abrasions, cracks)
  • lactostasis (stagnation of milk in a certain lobe of the breast)
  • mastitis (infected or not infected)
  • chest injury
  • Damage to the breasts caused by candidiasis.

If the chest hurts after feeding

It is caused by fungi of the genus Candida, which belong to the conditional pathogenic flora, which reside constantly on the skin. During lactation, if there is a decrease in immunity, this infection can be activated, which is manifested by candidiasis in the baby’s mouth and in the mother’s nipples.

This condition requires treatment, as it can lead to the development of abrasions and cracks.

To get rid of candidiasis, it is necessary to treat the baby’s mouth and the mother’s nipples after each feeding with a solution of 1% candida for local use (in glycerin), as well as a soda solution: 1 teaspoon per cup of warm water.

With a soda solution, moisten the gauze ball and carefully clean the child’s mouth at the same time, another ball of gauze is processed on the nipples and allowed to dry in the air. Candidiasis usually appears in a couple of days.

If the nipples hurt when breastfeeding.

To effectively eliminate the cracks, it is necessary to correct the accessory so that the child does not grasp the nipple of the breast, but most of the areola (circle of area). After the correction, the application of cracks passes quickly.

To combat the cracks in the nipples that have already formed, it is necessary to maintain frequent air baths for the thorax, the use of therapeutic creams – Purelan, bepanten applied to the skin of the nipple.

After breastfeeding, you should decant a drop of milk and let it dry on the skin. Milk has healing and moisturizing effects.

The chest hurts the nursing mother

At the same time you can form consolidations, the chest hurts. During feeding, areas of stagnation can not be reduced in size.

With such a condition, it would be correct not to be frightened, not to fall apart and not to injure the chest once more, but to put the child on his chest more frequently in various poses.

A light massage and a breast cleanse under a warm shower will be useful, applying arnica ointment to the area of ​​lastostasis, as well as warm compresses before feeding, and then cooling to relieve swelling and pain. With the right actions, lactostasis takes approximately one or two days.

If the breast and fever are sick during breastfeeding, this may be a sign of prolonged lactostasis or incipient mastitis.

All initial actions with him will be similar to those of lactostasis, while you need to rest and not be as nervous as possible, and in the absence of relief in a day, you should seek the help of a doctor or lactation consultant.

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