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Is blackcurrant possible during breastfeeding? Dangers of use

During the breastfeeding period, the breastfeeding mother must be careful when introducing new fruits and berries, since the baby can react to apparently familiar foods in unexpected ways.

Можно ли черную смородину при грудном вскармливании?</p><p> Dangers of use “/></p></div><p>However, this is not a reason to reject healthy and tasty fruits and berries, you just have to be reasonable.</p><p>So, for example, blackcurrant is quite permissible during lactation, if used properly. But is this berry useful and how to eat it properly?</p><h2>Blackcurrant when breastfeeding</h2><p>The black currant berries have a pleasant flavor and aroma, and also have healing properties and are very useful.</p><p>In addition, as part of the blackcurrant, many vitamins such as P, vitamin E and group B, as well as carotene and minerals: potassium, iron and phosphorus.</p><p>In addition, there are many pectins in gooseberries that have detoxification properties, as well as essential oils and vegetable sugars.</p><p>These properties are extremely useful for a more active recovery after delivery, useful for mother and baby, help strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolism and vascular tone.</p><p>Useful will be like fresh berries, and broths and compotes, adding berries to tea. Especially useful will be the blackcurrant juice for weakened women, after operations, including mothers with caesarean section.</p><h2>Dangers of use</h2><p>Due to the high content of vitamin C in berries, currants are classified as potentially allergenic products, but their moderate consumption during lactation is considered safe.</p><p>On this day, new products can no longer be introduced and it is worth tracking the skin reaction and digestion of the baby.</p><p>If the acquaintance went well, the next day you can increase the dose of berries and expand the diet with currants. If there are rashes on the baby’s body, red cheeks or intestines are bothersome, it is necessary to postpone familiarity with this berry for one or two months.</p><p>Also, do not use currant mothers who have increased blood clotting and a tendency to thrombosis, increased acidity of the gastric juice, gastric ulcer and gastritis.</p>  <div style=

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