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Is it possible for a nursing mother to eat seeds during breastfeeding?

The seeds are considered in our country and abroad one of the favorite delights. Disputes about the usefulness of damaging the seeds have been going on for a long time, but the question of whether the seeds can be even more acute with breastfeeding.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to eat seeds during breastfeeding?

On the one hand, there should be nothing allergenic and dangerous in the seeds, the product is useful and rich in oils, but it is often possible to hear that it is absolutely impossible to feed the seeds. Why are there such disputes?

The benefits and damages of the seeds.

Sunflower seeds are a source of special vitamins, especially necessary for the mother after giving birth due to the expenses of the body for the restoration and nutrition of the baby.

Especially many of them fat-soluble vitamins E, A and D, whose content exceeds many other products. And these vitamins are responsible for strong bones, sharp eyesight, normal and healthy skin and nails with normal hair and metabolism.

But do not immediately rejoice and run for a bag of delicious grains, the seeds are not always useful.

It is a very fatty product that can cause constipation in a nursing mother and can also cause it in a baby. Therefore, here you have to try individually.

During the day, you should keep track of the child’s reaction, although generally everything happens well.

And yet, it is worth remembering that the seeds can be the cause of the poisoning, since they are far from being always pure and of the highest quality.

On your skin, you can find dangerous germs and spores of mold and other fungi, therefore, before using the seeds, rinse them well, dry them and fry them, it is better to use seeds that are cooked at home.

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