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Is it possible to halvah when breastfeeding? How to introduce the halva in the diet and when it is not worth it.

During breastfeeding, many foods, including favorite treats, raise questions, for example, halva can be used for breastfeeding.

Можно ли халву при грудном вскармливаниию?</p><p> How to enter the halva in the diet and when it is not worth eating “/></p></div><p>When breastfeeding, some of the apparently familiar foods can cause negative reactions of the baby in the form of digestive problems, allergic reactions or any other problem.</p><p>But what to do with the halva, this is one of the traditional oriental specialties, loved by many of the women and when you breastfeed you want to diversify your diet.</p><h2>Breastfeeding halva</h2><p>To determine whether to use halva during lactation, it is necessary to find out, from what it occurs.</p><p>Halva is a high-calorie and nutritious high-fat product.</p><p>A classic dish made of sunflower seeds with vanilla, raisins and a large amount of sugar.</p><p>Sometimes, nuts or honey are also added to the halva, which further increases the fat and calorie content.</p><p>In large quantities, the halva can cause swelling and heaviness in the abdomen, reactions of the liver and gallbladder, as well as weight gain, if eaten a lot and frequently.</p><p>When used in small amounts, halva can slightly increase the fat content of milk, but does not affect its amount in any way.</p><h2>How to enter the halva in the diet?</h2><p>Like any other food, the halva is introduced into the diet gradually, carefully controlling the baby’s reactions.</p><p>Especially carefully, it must be a woman who previously did not eat halva, and after giving birth to the child, decided to replace it with other sweets.</p><p>If, after a woman has eaten halvah, the child is worried and an intestinal colic also appears or intensifies, an allergic reaction occurs in the skin, it should not continue taking halvah, leaving it for later.</p><p>You can try to replace it with other types of halva: peanuts, sesame, pistachio and others.</p><p>One of the main conditions for the selection of halva varieties is the absence of honey in its composition, since it is a strong allergen.</p><p>If, while taking the first serving of halva, there are no negative reactions from your own body or baby, you can gradually increase the halva serving to approximately 100 grams per day. And if you’re good at taking a type of halva, it’s worth introducing new ones like the original variety.</p><h2>When is not it worth it?</h2><p>You should not eat halva with honey added to those women who are prone to allergies or in whom the children reacted from the skin of the cheeks to other products.</p><p>It is also worth remembering the calorie content of the halva and avoid taking it if you want to lose weight after giving birth during lactation.</p>  <div style=

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