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Is it possible to use contraceptive pills for breastfeeding?

Not all women are prepared for the birth of a major, and after giving birth to a nursing mother, the question of protection against an unwanted pregnancy often arises.

Is it possible to use contraceptive pills for breastfeeding?

Not all approach the PPA method, the propeller and condoms, and the choice falls on the contraceptive pill during breastfeeding. But in this case, everything is quite difficult, not all medicines will be resolved when breastfeeding, since hormones can affect the quantity and quality of milk, and breast milk can adversely affect the baby.

Birth control pills during breastfeeding.

Among the contraceptive pills, there are combined oral preparations (CEC) and purely progestin preparations (mini pill).

During breastfeeding, doctors usually recommend mini-drunk contraceptive pills, hormone levels are significantly reduced, they only contain a progestin component.

In general, for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies during lactation, gesticogenic medications are recommended: mini-drink.

They contain progesterone or its synthetic analogs, with the complete exclusion of estrogen. These types of hormones practically do not penetrate breast milk due to very low concentrations in the blood, and do not negatively affect the quality and quantity of breast milk in the mother.

At the same time, these correct data have no less protective effect than the COC. If you strictly follow the instructions, without losing the pills, suppress ovulation completely, reaching an effect of 98-99%. At the same time, there will be no pregnancy during the entire period of taking the medication during breastfeeding.

These medications have several advantages over COCs: they can be used by overweight women with diabetes, migraines and heart defects, with varicose veins.

You can take these medications immediately after delivery, as soon as discharge stops. With the abolition of drugs, the possibility of pregnancy arises from the first month of rejection of the pills.

The drugs should be selected together with a doctor who will guide you after delivery and who will choose them, according to the characteristics of your body and the presence of comorbidities, hormone levels and many characteristics. Side effects and contraindications will also be considered.

The main medicines for lactation include lactinet, charrosetta, microlut, excluton and others. When taking these medications is not gaining weight, if a woman adheres to proper nutrition and observes motor mode.

Proper reception of OK during breastfeeding.

In order for you to take the mini pills so that they have their maximum contraceptive effect, you must follow a set of rules when applying them.

It is necessary to begin reception not earlier than three weeks after delivery.

The first two weeks of taking the medication, you must also use other contraceptives: PPA or barrier means.

It is important to take the pill every day without omitting it at the same time otherwise, taking a pill after 3 to 6 hours may slightly reduce the contraceptive effect of the medication.

In this case, you should start taking a new medication package without gaps.

Birth control pills for breastfeeding are best taken at night, before bedtime, to reduce the likelihood of side effects in the first few weeks of taking in the form of nausea or dizziness.

Over time, they will go as the body adjusts to the drug.

If it is assumed that a pill could have been omitted and there is a possibility of pregnancy, the medication should be stopped immediately and a doctor consulted.

It is also worth checking if there is a serious side effect from taking the medication during breastfeeding.

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