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Japanese diapers Merries (Meries): Advantages and advantages

While waiting for the baby to be born, in most cases, the young parents try to prepare all the necessary things for the crumbs in advance. One of the most difficult questions for dads and inexperienced moms is the question of choosing disposable diapers.

Japanese diapers Merries (Meries): Advantages and advantages

In stores, the shelves are simply overwhelmed with several brands of diapers, and each manufacturer praises their product, saying it is the best. How to find out and get really decent diapers for a newborn.

According to Internet users, it is for newborn babies that a large number of mummies and dads recommend buying diapers Merries (Meries).

Let’s see what diapers are and why they are so good for newborns.

Diapers Merries (Meries), this Japanese diaper, which produces a well-known Japanese company. The Japanese make their products only from high quality raw materials under the control of production quality.

Then, when you buy diapers of this brand, you can not worry about its composition and properties, everything will be on top!

Benefits of Merries diapers

But why, however, are Meris diapers so good?

Merries diapers are very thin and soft! According to the reviews of almost everyone who tried these diapers, softer and thinner, they just do not.

Hence the recommendation of a large number of users to buy Merris diapers for newborns.

After all, the skin of a newborn baby is very sensitive, which means that only the softest things should touch it. Here are Meries diapers, these are only the most delicate you can find in the Russian market at this time.

Diapers Meris is hypoallergenic. They are impregnated with the extract of the witch hazel plant, which has good antiseptic properties, to protect the baby’s skin.

And, despite the fact that diaper allergies are really very rare, do not forget, all children are very different and their sensitivity is individual!

Be careful when using diapers for the first time, pay attention to the baby’s skin and if you notice signs of an allergic reaction: redness, rash, stop using diapers immediately and try another manufacturer.

Of pleasant additions: these diapers have a diaper filling indicator and an adhesive tape, which the used diaper, after folding, can be arranged and, therefore, enclose all the feces and the unpleasant smell inside the diaper.


Now a little about the deficiencies of Merries diapers (Meries).

The first censorship that these diapers deserve is the absence of an elastic band on the belt in the back, which contributes to the flow of liquid stool of the child in this place. By the way, rezinochka is missing only in small diapers of size NB (up to 5 kg) and S (4-8 kg), then it is.

The second thing that consumers notice in their diaper reviews is that they sometimes get filtered and, because of their subtlety, they do not absorb as much as the representatives of other Japanese brands of diapers.

The fourth complaint is the price. The price of Merries diapers may seem high, but if we count it for the cost of a diaper, we will get about 18 rubles (per diaper up to 5 kg, 90 pieces per pack), which is quite comparable to the cost of Pampers Premium Care (same size).

So these Japanese are not so expensive. Is it possible to buy cheap Merries diapers?

You can And it can even be very cheap, only its quality will be very doubtful!

So do not risk your baby’s health and do not be tempted by very cheap offers!

However, you can still save some by buying diapers in online stores, where prices are always lower than in the market.

The fifth point is that diapers meria, again, according to the comments of users, are not enough. Therefore, be guided by the following size: the child’s weight is +2 kg.

The panties are particularly relevant to the baby when he has grown up and begins to actively explore the world. Then, for a more comfortable placement, it is more convenient to use diapers for toilet training.

According to the reviews of the buyers of the Merryes panties, they are able to absorb a little less than the diapers, more often they flow, more expensive only the diapers. Otherwise, there are no complaints.

To summarize, we can say the following: if you are in a financial situation, you should try Meries diapers.

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