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Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

Not only Hollywood artists adopt orphans. Our celebrities are not far behind.

We compile the most moving stories.

In 2003, the famous television host adopted an 11-month-old girl. “I found my daughter, you could say, by chance,” Svetlana said in an interview. – An acquaintance brought the girl to the house, in which she had taken the girl a little earlier. Quoted with the words: “And here you will find your happiness”.

It happened like that. I saw Tonky and I understood: I do not want to look for anyone else … “.

The fact that the girl was adopted, Sorokina did not hide it, her profession is not realistic. But at the same time, everything changed, both the date of birth and the name of the patronymic.

Antonina, called her daughter for her grandmother.

Now the girl is finishing ninth grade at school, and Svetlana regularly loads photos of Tony on her Facebook page and is very proud of her daughter.

Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

The famous lawyer and his wife Olga in 2007 adopted the twins, Dasha and Maxim.

“Our daughter has two children, Sasha and Lenka,” the lawyer said in an interview. – Both grandchildren lived in our country house for a long time. Olya and I used to take care of them. But Sasha went to school, and now they are all the time in Moscow.

The house is empty So I suggested to my wife: “Let’s get the child out of the orphanage!” And she replied: “Let’s go two!” The reflections took thirty seconds.

After that, the couple started going to orphanages in search of babies.

– The answer to the question, to take or not to take, is obvious to me. Take away – commented Barshchevsky. – Extend your youth, get new joys and care (which also keep the tone).

In my opinion, you need to take two. First, they “fit” with each other and free you some time. Second, each one takes out the second in something of its own and stretches behind it in something else.

Third, you are much more interesting. And finally, in fourth place, do not forget your age and remember that, after a while, you will not do it, and you will go through life together.

Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

In 1999, the popular singer took a child named Igor from the orphanage. She saw him during a charity event in Penza.

And when he learned that the child had a heart defect, he decided to help him and pay for the operation. A little later, he became his mother.

For many years, Tatyana hid Igor from the fact that she is not his mother. The truth revealed to the adoptive father, the ex-husband of the singer, producer Vladimir Dubovitsky.

The boy was surprised. But then, after talking to my mother, I was able to handle the emotions.

Recently, Igor, who now lives in the United States, became a father, and thus turned Tatyana Ovsienko into a grandmother.

– Wonderful event, now in my heart there is another small ball of love. “The fact that I am now a grandmother does not scare me a little,” admitted the singer to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children
Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

The famous basketball player and his wife Maria were parents of two children when they decided to adopt the girl Alexander. It happened in 2009.

Now there are four children in the family – one more child was born.

“I think adoption is the best act of my life,” said the athlete’s wife in an interview. – Your children are, of course, very valuable, but adoptive children can give you something else. You see, this is a more serious event for parents.

You grow emotionally and spiritually.

According to Maria, they will not hide from Sasha the fact that she was adopted. Now he spends most of his time in the United States, and there those stories are in the order of things.

– The process of collecting the necessary documents took nine months, we can say that we were carrying out our son, – said the basketball player in an interview with KP. – There were doubts about whether we can treat all our children equally. Recently, my wife and I discussed this and came to the conclusion that we do not make a difference between them.

I’m very happy about that.

Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

In 2013, the singer became a double mother: she adopted a boy and a girl. Now Lera and Serozha go to school and study music.

“We live happily,” Margarita said in an interview for the television program. – They’re full, dressed, shod. We are all good We go to the movies, theaters, museums, zoos, circuses … They have an absolutely normal childhood life.

Sometimes I say: “Yes, you are a hero!” Two children took, and I do not understand what heroism is?

Also, I do not even know who saved who, whether I’m a child or them. Living without them, I was going crazy in silence.

The normal state of each woman, when she lives with her family, gives birth to her children. I have not worked here, my delivery ended in tragedy. And I understood that I was already hanging.

All that I earn, all this wealth that I do not need at all. To all this money?

Why they told me: “Live for yourself!

What are you, this is great! “

And for me this is the highest selfishness: to live for yourself. I am a very active person, I have to give, share all the time. And who to take care of, if not the children?

Now I am extremely happy to have a boy and a girl, two completely different worlds. Two planets A niche full in the soul was empty.

And before that, I was miserable: work – home, home – work. Well, I bought a fur coat, diamonds, a car.

And then what? You get home, and then silence, emptiness.

And why such a life? Children – this is my gift of destiny, not otherwise.

Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

The actor and his wife Lyudmila adopted the boy Danya.

“We’ve had the idea of ​​expanding our family for a long time,” Rakov said in an interview with the Caravan of Stories. “My daughter went to college, she started her own life, and Lucy and I are very young.” So, why do not we have another child? And immediately we decided: if we do not give birth, we will adopt.

For us, it does not matter. We could not give birth and we went to plan “B”.

First they saw Daniel at the end of December 2009. I found him in the baby’s house.

The boy immediately sank into their souls, so after 4 days they persuaded the leadership to give the baby to the family. It happened right on New Year’s Eve – December 30th.

“It’s amazing how easy Danya came into our life, our family,” admitted Lyudmila. “We look at the pictures that were taken the day after their arrival”, the son behaves as if he had always lived with us, in this house.

Let mom listen: Russian stars who adopted children

In 2007, the 56-year-old actress and her 80-year-old film director decided to be the parents of a 3-year-old boy named Kirill. Her only daughter Natasha had grown up and lived separately.

The actress said that the encounter with Cyril happened by chance. Together with her husband, they performed at the Moscow orphanage.

After the concert, a small child approached them and asked him to give him a cross. And, of course, they could not refuse, they had to go back to him.

Since then, the couple began to visit Cyril regularly, and then decided to adopt.

– We spent a whole year going to Kiryusha, he was waiting for us! The issue of adoption was decided more than a year ago. So hard to do everything!

Now we have a family. The boy is with us, “said KP Naumov.

“I remember when they took Kiryusha home, she said:” Every night I asked God that my mom and my dad find me quickly, “Belokhvostikova admitted,” I will do everything so that my son will live happy and have a true childhood. he will never be alone.

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