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Mattresses for children: how and what to choose, fillings (Jacquard, coconut mattresses)

One of the essential components of a newborn’s dowry is a crib with a mattress.

Previously, in the time of our mothers and fathers, there was no problem of choice, they bought the mattresses they could find. They were not ergonomic, they were perforated and folded into bundles, but there simply were not others.

Mattresses for children: how and what to choose, fillings (Jacquard, coconut mattresses)

Today, mattresses for newborns can be chosen for all tastes, but not all parents know which is better, which materials are more comfortable and more secure, and what to look for when choosing a mattress for a newborn.

Baby sleep and mattress.

Newborns and children in the first months of life spend up to 20 hours in a dream, so the correct mattress in the crib and in the stroller is extremely important for them.

During the first months of life, the curvatures of the spine are formed in children, and the ligaments and muscles are strengthened.

Nowadays, you can find orthopedic mattresses for newborns, coconut, spring and many others in the stores for children’s items. Which will be the most appropriate?

When choosing a mattress, you should not look at the price, although sometimes they can differ by tens of thousands of rubles, but in certain characteristics of the mattress.

Mattress dimensions

Depending on its size, the mattress should be adjusted to the bed with precision, the smaller mattress will move sideways, the mattress will not simply become the bed and will deform without performing its basic functions.

When sleeping on a good mattress, the child will be comfortable and comfortable, their movements will not be shy in any way. Nowadays, the standard sizes are mattresses of 120 cm by 60 cm, although it is worth measuring the bed first before buying a mattress (if it was not included in the kit).

Mattress hardness

At birth, the spine has not yet formed in children, it does not have the physiological curves necessary to maintain the position of the body in space. They are formed gradually, like the training of skills.

Therefore, the baby’s spine is straight at birth, but easily deformed when exposed to negative factors.

If the mattress is soft, the spine will bend and bend, which will shape its curvature. It will be correct to maintain a flat line of the spine due to a hard or moderately hard mattress in the crib.

The stiffness of the mattress, as well as its characteristics such as comfort, respect for the environment, safety and comfort depend to a large extent on the filling.

For children, the naturalness of the filling is important, so the mattress “breathes” and does not cause allergies in the child who is in constant contact with him.

In this case, the filling should not be obstructed, deteriorated by the entry of liquids and emit harmful substances during evaporation. Natural fillings are rarely found in mattresses, they usually come in expensive models filled with coconut, seaweed or horsehair.

Batting, cotton, coconut fiber, hollow fiber are considered good fillings for mattresses. The cheaper models have such charges in a mixture with artificial components.

Pros and cons of fillings

Although natural fillers are preferred, they may not always be adequate.

Mattresses for children: how and what to choose, fillings (Jacquard, coconut mattresses)

For example, natural latex or wool can cause allergies, as well as materials such as felt, wool, straw or wood chips after some wet soils can decompose and rot.

Coconut mattresses for newborns (with coconut chips), although they are natural and respectful with the environment, tend to compress quickly, sweat, and after a while they become lumpy. When choosing mattresses for babies, you can pay attention to mattresses with coconut fiber fillings (not chips).

According to experts, such mattresses are better suited to the spine of newborns due to the even distribution of the load in it.

The composition of coconut fiber contains natural polymers, are elastic, do not rot and are resistant to moisture. These mattresses in the interior create the suitable climate: in summer they do not give heat and in winter they warm up well.

These mattresses are suitable for children up to 12 months, have the surface of a child, which prevents the spine from flexing, are hypoallergenic. After a year, you can offer your child a softer mattress, since it is also not recommended to sleep constantly on a hard bed.

Characteristic of the surface of the mattress.

Economical mattresses are usually trimmed at the top with chintz or calico, which is short-lived. These fabrics quickly lose color, fade, rub.

In more expensive models, jacquard is used, which consists of organic cotton mixed with a small percentage of synthetics (up to 10-30%). It is more durable and durable, it will last much longer.

Good mattresses on the set often also go on extra mattresses, covered with a zipper, protecting the mattress from leaks and contamination.

There are models of double-sided mattresses with sides of summer and winter, the summer side is cooler, as it is more breathable. It is made of jacquard or cotton, breathable and resistant to friction.

The winter side is made with the addition of wool with water-repellent and insulating properties. This part of the mattress keeps you warm, making sleep more comfortable.

These mattresses are also universal in terms of the fact that the coconut part is more rigid, is suitable for newborns. A latex is softer, it can be used for children after one year.

Important notes when choosing a mattress.

For mattresses to have the best air exchange, it is worth using beds with grating bases under the mattress.

It is also worth knowing that babies are extremely sensitive to irregularities in the mattress, so the covers should not have seams in the sleeping area. It is necessary to check the mattress regularly to detect dents and pressure ulcers, it must be turned from one side to the other.

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