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Menus and recipes for dairy-free diets for nursing mothers.

Milk and milk products are among the traditional products of our table.

Menus and recipes for dairy-free diets for nursing mothers.

But when breastfeeding is often when a lactating mother uses milk, the child develops a negative reaction of the digestive system or rashes.

Therefore, a negative reaction of a child to cow’s milk protein may manifest, and in this case a non-dairy diet is prescribed for nursing mothers.

The essence of this diet is to limit the consumption of whole cow’s milk and products that contain large amounts of milk proteins.

Dairy-free diet for nursing mothers

It is completely wrong to assign a diet without dairy products if the child is lactase deficient.

In addition, a similar diet will not work for those mothers who plan to use a similar menu of a non-dairy diet for a breastfeeding mother to lose weight.

Diet menu without dairy for lactating mothers.

The basis of the diet is the restriction of whole cow’s milk and products based on it that have not been treated or thermally fermented.

Due to the elimination of milk from the diet as a source of protein, it must be replaced at the expense of meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, so that it is balanced.

The recipes for a dairy-free diet for a nursing mother are simple: the porridge should be boiled in water, do not add milk to the dishes, replace it with vegetable broth and stop drinking whole milk. This will help eliminate allergens from the mother and the baby.

Menus and recipes for dairy-free diets for nursing mothers.

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The article is very useful and relevant to me at this time. I will add it to your bookmarks, so as not to lose)

Tanya, the article is really useful, because milk as an adult has no benefit, and can be abandoned even before pregnancy and feeding.

I found a non-dairy diet for lactating mothers, because the child was allergic to milk and not only. But the doctor forbade me to use not only milk, but kefir. Although kefir is a fermented milk product and the protein is partially divided there, and before they were fed allergies, when there were no special blends without dairy, it can still cause allergies anyway.

Therefore, it is better to give up dairy products for the first time. And if you drink, then a little, no more than 200 g per day. Another cottage cheese should also be excluded, because cottage cheese is, in simple terms, concentrated kefir.

And instead of butter, you can try to use ghee (in it, too, the protein is partially divided).

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