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Mepsi diapers (Mepsi): characteristics and opinions

C 2010 in the Russian market, or rather in its online sector (in retail stores are rare, according to buyers), brand disposable diapers Mepsi (Mepsey). This product is produced by the Russian company Satellite-M, located in Moscow.

Mepsi diapers (Mepsi): characteristics and opinions

The manufacturer positions its products as premium diapers, reliable, soft, soft, hypoallergenic, breathable.

There are two diaper lines available, the main one and the new one: Mepsi Soft Breathing (soft mepsi and brefin).

The main line has 4 sizes: size NB (for newborns up to 5 kg), size S (for babies over 4-8 kg), size M (for children 6-11 kg) and size L (for children of 9-14 kg).

Soft Mepsi Breathing, according to the manufacturer, is an improved version of the diapers, softer, more reliable, has an inner layer of relief, which allows to reduce the surface area of ​​the baby’s skin that comes into contact with the diaper .

In fact, there is virtually no difference between the diapers of one and the other series.

That is, Size NB (for newborns of up to 6 kg), Size S (for babies of 4-9 kg), Size M (for babies of 6-11 kg) and Size L (for karapuzikov 9-16 kg).

You can buy mepsi diapers at online stores and at several retail stores.

As for the cost, a diaper will cost you from 13 to 22 rubles, depending on the size and volume of the package. Diapers average price range.

From the characteristics of these diapers, it can be seen that they use Japanese absorbent filler and filler produced in the United States. There is a fill indicator to determine when the diaper is changed.

The manufacturer claims that Mepsi diapers are safe, do not emit a toxic odor due to the use of high quality hypoallergenic materials.

And what do we really have?

According to the reviews of consumers who have already tried mepsi diapers, the following can be said: approximately equal and positive reviews.

What they write well:

  • Price This we have already solved, the price is not transcendental and true.
  • Comfortable I do not know exactly what it means, but many people respond in this way.
  • Soft Soft inner layer. Not like a Japanese diaper, but very suitable for a baby.
  • Fill indicator. This moment is pleasant for many.
  • Well absorbed. There are discrepancies: several clients say that the diaper often drips, enough for a small amount of liquid, not enough for the night. This moment is on the verge of the pros and cons, since there is no consensus.

Negative moments of Mepsey diapers:

  • Few places are sold. The least common
  • Malomeryat. Especially for chubby babies, they press on the abdomen due to a fairly sturdy belt.
  • Some customers notice the unpleasant smell of diaper chemistry.
  • Allergenic Not often, but there is an allergy to this brand of disposable diapers.
  • Flow What I said above.
  • Hard Approximately half of users believe so.
  • Without short diapers.

What a feature it was. It’s not very flattering, but not the worst!

I think you can try.

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