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Mobile phone for a child (first grade, adolescent): which one to choose?

Perhaps, in our time it is difficult to find an adult without a mobile phone, or even two for calls from different operators.

Mobile phone for a child (first grade, adolescent): which one to choose?

However, when it comes to buying a device for a child, some parents strongly oppose it. Do you really need a mobile phone for children?

At what age should I buy a pipe for my son?

For a long time in the media and in the environment of parents, the debates about whether to buy cell phones for children do not disappear. Opponents of universal telephones believe that electromagnetic radiation from modern devices has a negative impact on children’s brains.

Perhaps the emergence of psychological dependence and care in virtual reality. In addition, an expensive tube in the hands of children can attract the aggressor’s attention.

Supporters of mobile communications are absolutely right that adults can control the movement and location of the child with the help of a telephone.

In addition, an intelligent device will help organize the student’s daily routine: get up from school, remind him about the training.

From what age is it worth buying a mobile phone for a child?

In how many years the mother decides to buy a cell phone to her son, it only depends on the need for this purchase, the financial situation and the peculiarities of education in the family.

Someone “watches” their children under the age of 14 24 hours a day, others work hard and give a child a relative freedom at the age of seven, and others give that toy to a five-year-old baby.

And yet, the mobile phone. preschool It is not necessary He is under the supervision of educators or grandmothers all day.

Therefore, emergency situations are almost completely excluded.

Another thing first grade student. If he goes to school and comes back alone, does his homework independently, then, of course, the device is necessary.

First, for the child’s safety and tranquility.

For a teenager A mobile phone is a necessity. And he will not agree with a used model.

You need an advanced gadget, with many “bells and whistles”. The phone at this age is the prestige among classmates, a reason to make a statement.

What phone to choose for a child?

When buying a device for children should be guided by the price, the company produces firs and also takes into account several important criteria.

  1. Security Sometimes students do not separate from their electronic “friends” for a minute. Therefore, do not acquire powerful devices for the younger generation to avoid the negative effects of electromagnetic waves.
  2. Resistance to damage. The child still can not handle things completely with care. Therefore, the device is not secured against falls, impacts and scratches. When buying a phone, take a look, first of all, at the stability of the mobile phone to mechanical damage, in particular to the presence of resistant glasses, metal case and protection against moisture.
  3. cost Consider whether it is worth spending a large amount on a device that children can lose or forget. And one or two years later, your child will want an even more expensive model that meets the new requirements and standards. By the way, expensive does not always mean quality.
  4. Special features. Children’s telephones, as a rule, are equipped with several applications: games, video files, training and development programs.

This is, of course, wonderful, but parents should be interested in other functions:

  • the possibility of rapid communication with adults in case of an emergency situation: a call with a button to the “recorded” number in the memory of a mobile phone
  • track the location of the device, for example, GPS navigator.

What phone to choose for a first grade student?

His son goes to school, which means that he will have to be in constant contact with him, to know if he had lunch, how he got home, what he did after school.

For children of primary school age, the telephone must meet several criteria:

  • strong monolithic case
  • Large contrast screen so that the student does not acquire myopia by reading SMS messages.
  • Easy to use
  • low price
  • Ability to track the location of the device.

Also, take care of the built-in flashlight, which can help children in the dark.

Choose a phone for a child from 10 to 12 years old.

If in elementary school the child was happy with the simplest model, it is now vital for him to have a device with many additional applications and functions.

When choosing a mobile phone, keep in mind the wishes of your child. However, meet certain criteria to choose the best option:

  1. A large and ergonomic keyboard so children can write messages comfortably.
  2. The presence of cameras and camcorders, MP3 player, USB port to download from the games network, songs and ringtones.
  3. “Long-life” battery for long conversations with colleagues.
  4. Elegant design, because in this era the cell becomes a matter of status.

Which telephone is suitable for a teenager?

Perhaps young people between 14 and 16 years old should be given the right to choose oneself. Children at this age sometimes know much more about mobile devices than their parents.

However, there is a high probability that the senior student concentrates on the purchase price to demonstrate his “pending”.

Therefore, they should go to the store together, guided by the multifunctionality of the mobile phone and the following criteria:

  • The remaining expensive headphones to listen to music tracks and radio stations.
  • touch screen
  • high quality video camera
  • WiFi connection
  • Wide memory card.

You should also carefully consider the choice of a mobile phone operator to not stay bankrupt during long hours of telephone conversations.

Lift the device according to the age of the child: a first-grade student does not have to buy the latest smartphone model with many unnecessary functions, and the teenager will not like the phone in a simplified assembly.

And most important: do not let your child spend a lot of time with a mobile phone: play, see photos and videos or be on social networks.

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