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Nutritional calculations: how much should the baby eat?

All mothers are concerned if a child is eating, regardless of whether they are breastfeeding or if they are children. If babies are easier to breastfeed on demand and regulate the amount of food they need to eat, artificialists must calculate nutrition so that the child does not go hungry and, at the same time, does not overfeed.

Nutritional calculations: how much should the baby eat?

Nutrition calculations for artificialists are necessary because the volume of the stomach at birth in children does not exceed 10 ml and increases gradually with growth. It is important that the child receives sufficient nutrition, and that there is no excessive stretching of the stomach and overload of food.

How much should the newborn eat?

But if for some reason it did not work with breastfeeding, it is necessary to choose the right mix for the baby and accurately calculate the amount of food you need from the first day of life.

The first days of the baby’s life are more important in terms of adaptation to the new diet and lifestyle, and it is important to make accurate calculations of the amount of the mixture that the newborn should receive per day and per feeding.

There are several ways to calculate the power:

For children weighing up to 3.2 kg, the volume of the mixture per day is equal to the child’s age on the day multiplied by 70.

A child weighing 2.8 kg at the age of seven days should use this formula 420 ml of the mixture per day. This daily volume is divided by the number of feeds, having received the volume of a feed.

At this age, children need to be fed at least eight times a day.

For children who weigh more than 3.2 kg, the formula looks like this: the number of days of a child’s life is * 80. This will be the volume of the mixture per day and the amount of the mixture per feeding will be obtained by dividing this volume in 8 shots.

Nowadays, in modern mix packaging, manufacturers help mothers calculate how much a newborn should receive at a time and per day.

The amount of food after 10 days of life.

As in the first 10 days of life, in the future, the amount of nutrition for a child on an artificial diet is calculated from the child’s body weight. The calculation is based on the following principle:

  • Up to a month and a half, the child needs 1/5 of his weight per day.
  • Up to 4 months 1/6 of body weight per day.
  • from 4 to 6 months to 1/7 of the body weight, but not more than 1000 ml

After this age, no more than 1/8 volume of body weight.

For example, a child at the age of 1 month with a body weight of 4200 g per day is required:

4200: 5 = 840 ml of the mixture.

The number of meals per day also depends on the age, and is:

  • children under 2 months need 8 to 10 meals per day, even at night
  • Children from 2 to 4 months need 7 to 8 doses per day.
  • Children 4-6 months 6 doses per day.
  • after 6 months 5-6 feeds.

Therefore, it is not difficult to calculate how much a newborn should eat at the same time. From the previous example, we divided 840 ml into 8 feeds – 105 ml per feeding.

They are given to the average child, and the standard volume of the mixture for their karapuz may be excessive or insufficient.

The calculation of nutrition is made specifically for your baby by a pediatrician or yourself. In general, the data of the mixtures are artificially high, which consumes food more quickly and forces it to buy more mixture.

In this case, children suffer from overfeeding, which can lead to metabolic disorders and obesity.

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