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Nuts for nursing mothers: can you nurse the nuts, how many nuts can you eat?

All mothers want the baby to receive the best after delivery: breast milk, but not always the mother can receive breastfeeding immediately and the amount of milk does not make her happy.

Nuts for nursing mothers: can you nurse the nuts, how many nuts can you eat?

In the course there are numerous tips: what to drink and eat for breastfeeding. One of the popular products are walnuts with milk for breastfeeding.

What is so magical about nuts and will these methods help?

Nuts for nursing mothers

The quality of breast milk in the mother depends almost directly on how the mother eats, and this is very important for her baby. Therefore, you should always be careful that the nutrition of the nursing mother is complete and varied.

Many mothers try to increase the fat content and nutritional value of breast milk through certain foods, and they want to eat nuts when they are breastfeeding. The fact that they are able to increase breastfeeding literally make up legends.

However, if walnuts are used in everyday life without special concerns, then, when breastfeeding their use, many experts are cautious. Any product can cause negative and allergic reactions in a child if they are not taken rationally.

Nuts fed with breast milk: benefits

Everyone knows that fully ripe nuts are very rich in nutrients and nutrients: they contain proteins and vegetable fats, with useful and essential fatty acids (oleic, lenolénico and linoleic), a large amount of fat-soluble vitamins: A, D and E, B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamin PP.

In addition, many useful amino acids in walnuts include valine, lysine, cystine, arginine, alanine, proline, aspartic acid and glutamic acid, which are necessary for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, as well as many trace elements in the form of iodine, potassium, zinc , phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium and others.

Nuts contain a large amount of tannins, essential oils and carotenoids, quinones, special dyes with bactericidal properties. Of all the types of walnuts, walnut is the most useful for the diet of young women, including breastfeeding.

Therefore, nursing mothers, who even lose weight, should not worry about eating nuts, since gaining extra weight with them is difficult: do not eat many of them, but do not have enough carbohydrates.

Nuts during lactation due to their unique composition can positively affect the work of many internal systems and organs.

Nuts activate the heart, create a protective effect against radiation, strengthen the immune system, have a slight diuretic effect, help eliminate toxins and toxins, activate forces and help in the fight against fatigue, reduce the effects of depression and improve memory, actively help to deal with mastopathy, help strengthen nails, hair and improve the condition of the skin.

According to the reviews, when breastfeeding at least once, almost all mothers used nuts and many people had a good knowledge of them.

Can a nursing mother the nuts?

If walnuts are so beneficial, can walnuts be breast-fed?

Experts say that they can only be used with great care. They can lead to the development of allergic reactions due to the essential oil contained in them, and therefore in the diet should be strictly measured during lactation.

The nut allergen, which enters the breast milk, can give the baby a cumulative effect and then manifest a brilliant skin reaction.

Nor are roasted nuts recommended for breastfeeding due to the release of specific allergenic oils, as well as jams with nuts or walnuts with honey. These products can not only cause allergies, but also with the excessive use of nuts, even colic in the baby.

Can you breastfeed the nuts?

In fact, the greatest danger of nuts when breastfeeding is not an allergy, but a particular mold, which if stored incorrectly fruits can be formed in them.

No less dangerous will be the microbes that grow in nuts if stored incorrectly, emit poisons that can cause the development of oncology.

Is it possible to eat nuts to nursing mothers, if the consumption of nuts is very small? Yes, then they will be useful for the baby.

It can often be heard that the nut is used with milk to increase lactation, but in reality such a drink does not affect breastfeeding, although it is certainly useful to replenish the strength of a nursing mother.

How long can you eat nuts breastfeeding mom?

You can eat nuts at intervals between main meals, but do not lean on them too much.

You can take nuts to walk with your baby to satisfy your first light hunger.

Enter the nuts is in the diet very carefully, for 1/2 things a day, following the reaction of the child.

Excessive nut consumption can cause allergies in the stomach, colic and skin. When such reactions occur, eating nuts should be ruled out for a while.

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