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Enter the first and second data (if available) HCG results and click on the button “Calculate the result”. The graph will show the points of your results, which can be compared visually with the indicators of the hCG rate.

The points are connected by a line, which allows us to estimate the dynamics of the hCG index over time between tests.

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Hi, I have the first pregnancy, they were treated for infertility. The last menstruation was from July 11 to 18, my cycle is not stable. On August 11, he did a test for hgch-364.8 and exactly 4 days later he repeated-2614.

An ultrasound was sent very early, and only showed the fertilized egg, and the embryo was absent (August 11). The size of the ovule at that time was 11.2.

I am very worried about the current situation, should I fear the incorrect development of pregnancy? Is the hgch growing rapidly? Is it normal that by 11 August the embryo has not appeared on the ultrasound?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi Hgh, you grow up not fast, but as it should be.

The embryo in 100% of cases should be visible when the size of the ovule is 20 mm. Up to this size, the embryo may not be visible.

In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section. When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hello The last monthly 23/01/15 27.02 hgch showed 74.24 and on Sunday 15.02 there was a brown discharge, as I understand it, was the attachment of the fruit?

02/03/15 again delivered hgch 623.43 Tell me, please, is this normal? I’m worried because I survived zb. A year ago. Thank you!

What is the number of the first hgch delivered? It grows It’s good

In 33 d.ts. hgc 31 units, progesterone 40 … to 35 d.ts. hgh 45 … nothing hurts. Is it worthwhile to sound the alarm?

Tell me why, I had hchch 514.9, and after 3 days I went to 168.4 IU / l?

Good afternoon. He made the calculation of the growth dynamics of hCG in a calculator in two places.

In one place, the dynamics are normal, your site is low. Very worried

Can you comment on the growth results of hCG? June 17 (16 DPO) – 476 June 20 (19 DPO) – 1618 June 22 (21 DPO) – 3054 07.07 (36 DPO) – 36,660.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, please tell me, the last M was on May 23, the cycle was 33 days, on June 27, hgch 606 honey / ml, July 1, 1891 honey / ml, is this normal or is it not? enough? Thanks in advance.

Hello According to the tables, of course, I would like more, but the pregnancy is developed for everyone individually, we do not rush to draw conclusions, the dynamics is pronounced, it means that the pregnancy develops, in 3-4 days it can return to take the analysis

Hello, tell me, there is a cause for concern, on the third day of the delay, on May 21, 17, I passed hCG 2101 and May 25, 1757, 2551. Is this normal or not?

Hello I want advice I had a delay of 3 days, the tests were positive, after 2 days I started to stain something brown the next day that seemed a month.

He has delivered the result of hgch 11.7 IU / l. In the ultrasound I found nothing, what could it be?

Hello The last menstruation was on 09/14/2015, the next one was expected for 12/10/2015.

12.10 – menstruation did not arrive, but tolerable pain appeared in the lower abdomen (usually, this pain appears on my first day of menstruation). At night I realized that my chest was very sore, I suspected it and decided to do a pregnancy test in the morning. 13.10 – made a test, the result showed two strips (one was pronounced with brightness and the second with brightness), the stomach continued to hurt throughout the day 14.10 – made another test, the result was with two strips (one was pronounced with brightness and the second with brightness), throughout the day, the stomach continues whining 15.10 – I do the third test, the result is two strips (one was bright and the second was boring), I decided to go to the LCD for an appointment with the doctor.

They looked at me in the armchair and said that there was erosion (after having touched the doctor, she said that she had some bleeding blood), the uterus was enlarged, but she does not see the pregnancy. After the chair, we went to the ultrasound, so the doctor examined the uterus and said that until now he had not seen the pregnancy, but he saw a large cyst of the right ovary. The doctor said that he must pass the tests, and that is a suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy.

After all the above, I was told to come to the reception on the 19th of October and I gave instructions for the tests, one of them was hCG. The analysis of hCG has passed, the result is 686.4 mmo / ml. BUT MONDAYS SO LONG.

Help, please: why was HCG analysis necessary and what can be determined from your results?

Hi A GC analysis is needed to accurately determine the presence of pregnancy in the body and a preliminary conclusion about whether it is uterine.

You have a pregnancy, possibly, possibly ectopic. The determination of this will help the delivery of hgch blood in the dynamics and ultrasound in the dynamics.

On this site there is a special section to consult a doctor. Please write your questions there.

In the doctor’s consultation section, I wrote my question, but unfortunately a window appears (your question has been sent and is pending approval). But two days have passed and nothing has changed.

Therefore, I am writing here, since I have not been able to sleep or eat for three days, I am constantly angry.
Thanks for checking my question.

Hello I do not have a regular cycle and it is difficult to determine when ovulation was.

May 24 was the first day of menstruation. On July 26, an ultrasound identified a corpus luteum of 18 x 18 mm and hCG 172, 29.06 hgc – 399.

There were 4 failed IVF attempts.
Worried about the ectopic. Tell me, please, is hgch growing normally?

Hi Could you tell me if there is a normal increase in hCG?

I am very worried, in November of last year I had two operations (treatment of a cystadenoma of the left ovary, removal of appendicitis). There was a lot of stress in this cycle. Last month began on July 7, 2016.

Expected failure of the menstrual cycle, in the background of stress. After the operations, the cycle was 28-30 days.

On August 9, there were 5 tests, all positive, the second strip is paler. August 11, the level of hCG – 458.31 honey / ml. August 15, the level of hCG – 2132.08 honey / ml.

August 23, the level of hCG – 14308.79 honey / ml. In ultrasound I plan when there will be 8 obstetric weeks.

Hello You have good growth dynamics of hCG.

Hello Five days ago, he exceeded his hhg. Had 52678, yesterday the recent results 55895 is this a normal increase of? Six weeks of pregnancy.

Hello Six weeks of obstetrics or from the moment of conception, if from the moment of conception, this will be the norm, because after the octave (obstetric) the growth of hCG slows down.

If you have six of precise obstetrics, you need to control the condition, contact the doctor personally.

Hello The day 2.03.2017 was exceeded on day 13 after ovulation, the tests improved after 10 days of ovulation (pale). The hgch showed 1.20 IU / L. What does this mean? How much does this translate to me / ml?

Thanks in advance!

Tell me, is this a normal increase? Is it a bit too much?
11/07/2016 – 6283
11.11.2016 -23206
Deadline 6th obstetric week

Hello. If we take into account the growth rule of hCG in small terms: every two days twice, then that’s fine.

Girls, please, tell me, I donated blood in hgch on July 8, 2017. A week of pregnancy was written and it was recommended to donate a total hgch in dynamics two days later, I died again on 03.08.2017 hgch Valentina

Good day The last M 02/17/2016.

HCG first 23.03-more than 1000, second 28.03.-10292.47, third 31.03.-18200.75. Could you tell me if I’m getting back to normal?

For me it’s very important, I can only go to the doctor next week.

Hello You have a good growth hgh, which conform to the norm.

Good afternoon The last months were 09/06/2015, approximately ovulation 09-22-23.2015.
My hCG on 05/10/2015 – 163 units, on 09/10/2015 – 2287 units Tell me, please, does my height correspond to the date?

Hello You have a good increase in hgh, meet the deadline. On this site there is a special section to consult a doctor.

Please write your questions there.

Good afternoon
Tell me, please, the level of hCG 4822 at 5 weeks of pregnancy, is this a normal value? The analysis passed in hemotest.

Hello, If there are 5 obstetric weeks, that is, if there is 1 week of delay, then the hgch number is normal.

If it is 5 weeks from conception, then it means that they are 7 obstetric weeks, then the number of hcch is reduced.

Hello, those have passed hgh-97me \ after 10 days 466, what is this, is it normal?

Hi This is a bad increase hgch.

It indicates that the pregnancy does not develop, or that it is not in the uterus. In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section.

When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hi, I’m following the dynamics of x and t. There were already two ST.
20dp 4800
22 dpp 9000
24 dpp 11000
26 dpp 12500
28 dpp 16700

There is a heartbeat in ultrasound.
Can there be a normal pregnancy with such dynamics and why has the growth of hgch decreased from day 24 to day 26?

Hello Normally, in early pregnancy, the hCG increase twice in two days, initially is not entirely correct.

Given two STs, do you take progesterone, have you determined the cause of ST, what kind of correction?

Hello In the previous pregnancy, the hgch grew crazy, in particular from 10,000 to 25,000 in 48 hours (it no longer takes it), as a result of the ST, it was not possible to establish the reasons.
In this pregnancy, HGCH also grows very quickly (although slower than last time), 21.05 – the first day of the last cycle, 20.06 – HGCH 330, 22.06 – HGCH 1579, 24.06 – HGCH 3456, 01.07 – HGCH 32230.
According to all the tables and duplication rules, everything happens 2 times faster. With what can you connect?

Hello HCG exceeding the standard may occur in case of multiple pregnancies, in the case of a wrong prescription period and in case of an abortion, as a blistering spill, the numbers show your doctor.

Good afternoon. 20 days have passed since conception. HCG showed 7367ME / l. Tell me, is this a normal result?

Do you need to repeat the analysis?

Good evening, please tell me

The last month was 03/03/2016. The cycle is short – 25 days. It should have started on 03/28/2016. On the third day of the delay (03/30/2016) I passed the hCG – 450. Then I passed the fifth day of the delay (01/04/2016) -950. Then, on the tenth day (06/04/2016) – 7730. Then, on the 12th day (08/04/2016) – 12,880.

Then on the 18th (14/04/2016) – 40330. And on the 22nd day (18/04/2016) – 64,329.

I’m worried about the last result. for 4 days, hCG has not doubled (according to my calculations, it should be 81,000 somewhere). Does it delay the growth of hCG? it is abnormal thanks in advance. Very worried was the previously frozen one. please answer

Hello The duplication of hCG is typical in small periods, a greater growth slows down, to calm down can do an ultrasound, to evaluate if the embryo corresponds to the gestational age.

Hi, I suspect an ectopic pregnancy, I have spent 15.37 hgch. What does this mean? Thank you

Good afternoon Last month 14.06. Hgc of 07.27-19125.

Hgch since 03.08 = 79962. Is it a normal or slow growth in this period?

Hello This is a good increase of hhg.

In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section. When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Good afternoon A 30-day cycle. On day 33 hgch – 234.5.

In the 37 – 857.6. Pa was in 15 give.

Is it a good gain and when should an ultrasound be done? Thank you

Hello The last menstruation was 16.04.
01.06-17077 heartbeat is
15.06-42525 on the same day, put a frozen ultrasound pregnancy after 3 days move HGH, the result is 73500. Can grow in a frozen hGH pregnancy?

Hi Be sure to redo the ultrasound, maybe an error in the diagnosis.

Good afternoon, this question, I wanted to have the xgh calculator, if a normal increase, but only data up to 6 weeks … the thing is, I gave in 7 weeks and 3 days, the result was 62185, and 7 weeks and 6 days 80911 How low is this gain for this period?

Thank you

Tell me please, I got dizzy. I passed the answer to hgch 10.4. But go the rosacea secretion.
Could there be a pregnancy?

Hello You are not pregnant For the doctor’s consultation on our website there is a Consultation section.

Please ask questions there. Thank you

Hi, 05/05/2017 I passed the hGH for 13 days after ovulation, the result is 1.20ME / l. They are classified written in ml. How much will it be if it is translated in IU / ml?

Thank you

Good afternoon I can not understand the results of hCG.
The first day of the last menstruation is September 30.
Last floor The event was on October 13, and on November 1, the tests began to show the second strip.

On November 5, the first analysis of hCG showed 251.1.
On November 12, the second hCG analysis showed 439.3.

On November 11 I was doing an ultrasound. Found the sacred egg SVD 3 mm, the embryo is not detected. In the left ovary, the corpus luteum of 17×14 mm (uterus enlarged by 15 mm).

Is there any reason to worry?

I did all the tests myself, since the appointment was only on November 17. I take folic and iodomarin 200.

Age 30 years.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Dear Maria On our website there is a special “Consultations” section where you can ask your question to a specialist.

In this section, no query is made.

Hello at 22 dpp FI was 4.9 mm with hgch 5900 written below the norm and was asked to attend the ultrasound in two weeks. At 24 dpg hgch it doubled at 14,400, today 28 dpp hgch 18,000 very worried about the fall of growth of hgch?

What should I do?

Hello, please tell me that the first hgch analysis was done after 2 days of delay = 36.6 after 2 days = 60.6. It is low?

Good afternoon Hgch was 23.2, resumed after 2 days fell to 20.

What is this

Hi. This means you are not pregnant. On this site there is a special section to consult a doctor.

Please write your questions there.

I have a delay of 7 days. You have delivered hCG 53.2.

What does it mean that there is no pregnancy? Or do you still need to track the change in hCG?

Goodnight !! Tell me please hgch grows normally or not?

The date of the last menstruation date is March 23, 2016. 04gch 04.26.16-2101 hgch 04.05.16-26033. HHG 05/14/16 – 82553.

Hello The growth of hCG is very good.

Margot, Olga, for your questions we have a special section on Consultations. Please ask the experts there.

Hello, today I want to pass the analysis of hCG (02.24.2014) PA was from 17 to 18 at night ovulation was 18, the analysis will show me if the pregnancy has arrived?

Hello I’m worried about the growth after echo.

11 dpp-208. 14dpp-854. 19dpp-5950.

26dpp-21808. Is not it a small increase from 19 to 26 days? On ultrasound in a week, very worried.

Answer please! Thank you @

Hello Please help me with the hCG dynamic. Delivered the first analysis 7. oct.

2014, the result is 164, 00 mMe / ml, then donated 14. Oct. 2014 result of 1240.00 mMe / ml, and finally, the third time 21. Oct. The result of 2014 showed 2588.00 mMe / ml.

Is it my normal dynamics? And what is the approximate time anyway (hgch implies obstetric indicators?)? Thank you

Hello The hgch figure does not determine the duration of pregnancy.

The rate for each week of pregnancy is very broad. You have a lower limit of the norm on the growth of hgch. In the early term, hgch is indicated by the term from conception, and not by the obstetric term.

I advise you to also keep taking hgch weekly. If the increase is not more than 1200 per week, perform an ultrasound to determine the development of pregnancy

Delivered exactly one week (now hgch 4593) 7 days ago was 2588
Is there any reason to experiment?

Hello Help me decipher my numbers to calm down. On October 25, I had the transfer of two five-day embryos.

On November 5, it approved HGCH – 174.4 (11 DPP), on November 7, HGCH – 254 (13 DPP), on November 11 HGCH – 340 (17 DPP). How can I find out and what can it be? For the first thanks for the response.

From SW. Galina

April 12 – 1741
19.04 – 14738 (there were minor indications, ultrasound of pregnancy 5 weeks 6 days) heartbeats 113 beats
24.04 – 35144
26/04 – 44473

Is the gain of hgch normal?
There was an ST during a period of 6 weeks a year ago, while the growth of hcch was similar.
01.10 48544
02.10 66048 ultrasound palpitations 6 weeks.
11.10 61112 ST Ultrasound, 6 weeks 1 day.

Good evening Please, tell me 7037 mIU / ml for 5 weeks and 2 days of normal value.

The ultrasound showed this period?

Good afternoon Tell me, please, about the dynamics of hCG:
15 DPO – 92
18 DPO – 257. Progesterone 29.1

Good afternoon The HCG showed 132.2 mME, a delay of 8 days, exceeded many pregnancy tests and showed a positive result.

Am I worried about ectopic pregnancy, not low hCG? Thanks in advance!

Hi Growth of hCG Individual, you need to observe the dynamics, maybe there was a late ovulation, then everything is fine.

Hello, the ovulation test was from January 16 to 17.
February 1 hgch 513,
February 7, 8966,
glucose in toshchak 5.5, (he was asked to take it back, if he also had diabetes), T4 11.6,
insulin 14.4
trg 2.56
insulinrez 3.5,
at-tpo 3,
there is a possibility that the twins (by the relative husband), ultrasound made on 1 February, saw nothing, I think I should wait or run urgently (only worry for a short time, it is dangerous). hgc updated
or normal or because of sugar. very worried Thank you in advance

Hello, the results hgch 28.11 – 1500 units, and 4.12 – 18487. Has the hgch level increased significantly?

Hi last month 04/10/2016 ovulation 24.04 first delivery hgch 4.05 – 13 second surrender hgch 6.05 – 61 and third time 8.05 -181 do I have a normal increase of hgch

Hello The profit is adequate, an increase of more than twice in two days.

Good afternoon Tell me please, I am very worried about the growth of hCG, if the pregnancy progresses normally, only with ultrasound on 21.07.2016.
The following dynamics:
01.06.2016 – 275 (2 weeks and 3 days)
06.04.2016 -1234 (2 weeks and 6 days)
06.06.2016 -3306 (3 weeks)
06/14/2016 – 27,860 (4 weeks and two days)
06/27/2016 (after 12 days) – 103696 (six weeks) I’m afraid I’ve really slowed down
07/01/2016 106676 (six weeks and five days)
Term from the conception, the maturity numbers correspond, but here the last growth is very slow, whether it could be the norm.
Thanks in advance!

Hello. Closer to the seventh week, the growth of hCG slows down and the duplication rule no longer works.

Your results may be a variant of the norm. But, of course, it is not possible to say, it can be estimated by ultrasound of the fetal heartbeat.

Hello Tell me, please, the last periods from March 13 to March 19, according to estimates, ovulation is delayed on March 31.

HGH on April 17 – 727, April 22 – 3377, April 29 – 13030, May 6 – 32635, May 13 – 41536, the growth slowed, did not double in a week, on April 26, the embryo is not visible on ultrasound, everything else is normal, progesterone in normal, more I put utrozhestan 200 mg., ultrasound on May 10: the embryo appeared 3 mm, CTE – 9.5 mm, PT grew, everything seems to be normal, but there is no SC, it is sent for cleaning, but all signs of pregnancy persist until today, B. is scheduled for 7-8 weeks. Why, then, did it double from May 6 to 13, is it a sign of a freeze, or does it simply delay the growth of the HCG and have an opportunity and you should wait for the Security Council?

Hello Help me decipher my numbers to calm down.

On October 25, I had the transfer of two five-day embryos. On November 5, it approved HGCH – 174.4 (11 DPP), on November 7, HGCH – 254 (13 DPP), on November 11 HGCH – 340 (17 DPP).

How can I find out and what can it be? Thank you in advance for the response.

From SW. Galina

Please ask questions in the corresponding section.

Good evening I am concerned about the rapid increase of hCG: 13 DPO-246, 16 DPO-1135, 19 DPO-4147.

This is normal?

Hello The growth is actually quite active, it can be a variant of the norm in you, multiple pregnancy is also possible.

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