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Orthopedic pillow: how to use it, its characteristics and properties.

All parents want to give their baby all the best. This desire is completely understandable and explicable, but sometimes, in search of the newest and best attributes for the baby, the future mom or dad completely forgets to think about the benefits of the product purchased for the crumbs. But not all innovations in the field of child care are really necessary and useful for the baby.

And some of them can even harm the newborn.

Orthopedic pillow: how to use it, its characteristics and properties.

Therefore, when choosing a dowry for your crumbs, you should not pursue fashion. It is better to think carefully, and if necessary for your child.

One of the ambiguous elements, in terms of benefits, care for a newborn, but very fashionable nowadays, is an orthopedic pillow.

What is the ambiguity of an orthopedic pillow for a newborn?

It seems that if it is an orthopedic pillow, designed specifically for newborns, it is definitely a good and attentive father who is obligated to buy it for his baby.

In addition, manufacturers praise their products, presenting them to potential buyers, as something very necessary, without which the baby simply can not do anything.

And the baby’s dream will not be so sweet without a pillow and there will be problems with the spine and the head will be deformed and will not be uniform. In general, only on an orthopedic pillow will your baby be able to sleep and develop peacefully.

But is it really?

After all, for many centuries, all newborn babies slept without a pillow, under the head of the crumbs they put a folded diaper folded in four.

Pillows on children appeared in the crib alone for two years. And because everything is growing well.

And the heads did not twist and the neck was formed. So, why did they come up with these orthopedic pillows for newborns?

Those in favor of its use will tell you immediately that the children did not use them before, since they simply did not exist.

And now that they have appeared, it means that they should be used, since they eliminate the tone of the neck muscles, allow the correct and rounded shape of the head to form, ensure adequate breathing in a newborn during sleep.

After two months, if you really want it, you can use an orthopedic pillow for the baby, but it should be chosen carefully according to the age of the baby.

What else should I look for when buying an orthopedic pillow for a newborn?

  1. Quality certificate. It must be required! Feel free to ask the sellers.
  1. Material of which the pillow is made. Give preference to pillows made of synthetic materials, as they are more durable, hypoallergenic, dry quickly and are easily washable.
  1. Pillow shape.

Depending on what you specifically want to give your baby, using a pillow for him, you can choose an orthopedic pillow for a newborn in different ways.

The most common: the orthopedic butterfly pillow for newborns. This pillow has a notch in the center and on the edges of the rollers of approximately 3-4 centimeters in height.

With the help of such a pillow, the rounded shape of the head and the correct flexion of the neck will form in the baby.

The pillow positioner (support) can be used from birth, consists of two rollers, among which is the child.

The rollers do not allow the crumb to roll over the stomach and allow you to fix the position of the child, both on the back and on the side.

In such pillows you can incorporate a special sensor, which produces sounds similar to the heartbeat, allowing the baby to feel the “presence” of the mother. Although, of course, no sensor will replace my mother’s hands.

This pillow must correspond to the parameters of the crib, then the baby will not fall from it.

Anti-strangulation pillow. This pillow is usually made of polyurethane foam, its surface is breathable and the baby will always have access to oxygen, even if it is buried in the pillow.

  1. The age of the child for whom this pillow is recommended by the manufacturer.

And so, if the baby is healthy, then, ideally, until the age of two, he sleeps without a pillow.

But there are conditions in which the use of an orthopedic pillow for newborns is mandatory in the complex treatment. And in such situations, the use of pillows is possible from two weeks of age.

Conditions for which the use of an orthopedic pillow is recommended:

  • Krivosheya
  • Deformation of the bones of the skull.
  • Increase or decrease in muscle tone of the neck and shoulder girdle.

Do not forget that the orthopedic pillow is not the main method of treatment, but only complements it.

Therefore, if you use an orthopedic pillow for a newborn with a torticollis and think you do not need to do anything else, then you are very wrong! The pillow only complements the main treatment.

How to correctly use the orthopedic pillow for newborns?

Everything depends on the shape of the pillow.

Orthopedic pillow: how to use it, its characteristics and properties.

If it is a butterfly pillow, the head of the child should be in the groove of the pad and the lower bead should be under the neck.

If the pillow is tilted, the baby falls on it almost everything: head, shoulders. Pillows with two rollers: a smaller cushion to sleep on the back, a larger cushion to sleep on its side.

In the opinion of most parents, children sleep well and without a pillow.

Orthopedic pillows for newborns, according to the reviews of those who have used or used them in their children, deserve a positive response only if it is a truly high quality product. Those who saved in the purchase and bought pillows of poor quality are disappointed and do not use them.

Buying an orthopedic pillow for newborns is not difficult now.

They are sold in specialized orthopedic stores and in stores that sell products for sleeping, in hypermarkets and in pharmacies.

And you can request a pillow through the Internet, just read carefully the reviews about the online store you want to use, this will help you avoid surprises and frustrations when buying.

The price of orthopedic pillows for newborns depends on the filling material, the manufacturer’s company and the shape of the product.

On the other hand, if the doctor does not recommend your child an orthopedic pillow for medical reasons, it would be better for the child to sleep without a pillow for up to two years!

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