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Ovulation Calculator (Conception) online at

The follicular phase (estrogen) begins on the first day of the last menstrual period and lasts until one of the dominant (or several) follicles matures in the ovaries. Ovulation ends

In general, the duration of this particular phase of a woman’s cycle affects the delay of menstruation, for example, if the follicle is maturing more slowly than normal or not at all (since the yellow body phase is almost always constant).

Recommended study dates (if required)

Ovulation tests:

of September 2 – 1-2 times a day (for a positive result)

of August 30 – every 2-3 days (until the formation of the yellow body)

Phase of the yellow body

Duration – (from September 6 to 19)

The corpus luteum phase (progesterone) begins with the time of ovulation and lasts in the usual cycle of 12 to 16 days.

The corpus luteum forms at the site of the follicle folded a few days after ovulation. Its main function is the synthesis of progesterone and estrogen to support future pregnancies.

If pregnancy does not occur, in 10-12 days the corpus luteum undergoes an inverse development, which leads to a decrease in the level of hormones, after which the next menstruation begins. If the pregnancy has arrived, the corpus luteum continues to function and supports the pregnancy.

In the absence of pregnancy, the level of progesterone reaches its maximum value approximately one week after ovulation at this time is recommended to perform a blood test to determine the function of the corpus luteum in search of progesterone.

Recommended study dates (if required)

September 11-13 – Once 6-8 days after ovulation.

9-15 September – at least 3 times (after 4, 7 and 10 days after ovulation) in the presence of presumed violations

September 20 – Only after the start of the “delay”

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