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Pain after cesarean: stomach pain, stitches

Pain after caesarean section bothers during the first days. Doctors prescribe pain relief.

In general, pain persists up to 7-10 days.

Somewhere for about a month, there is concern about suffocating, altering the sensitivity and itching in the postoperative scar.

There are also long-term effects of surgery that cause pain: endometriosis, adhesive disease, scar neuroma.

Is there a birth without pain?

Every woman wants to give birth without pain. When going to the maternity hospital, to listen to the stories of the brides, about how hard and painful the pains are, many pregnant women dream of a cesarean section.

Pain after cesarean: stomach pain, stitches

They think in vain that there will be no pain at all. Yes, and there is no need to press, just lie down for half an hour on the operating table.

But not all is so easy.

You can not outwit nature. By omitting contractions and attempts, the woman will face pain after the operation.

First you have to discover why the stomach hurts after a cesarean section. After all, the pain is different and its causes are also different.

For a long time, it has not been any secret that if a woman goes to an operation or in childbirth with a positive emotional attitude, the pain will be tolerated more easily.

What hurts exactly?

First, the seams hurt. In fact, during the cesarean section, the abdomen and uterus were cut.

After the surgery, anesthesia is prescribed. After 3 days, most women reject it, as the pain gradually decreases.

In 5-7 days the seams will be removed, after that it will be much easier. At the end of the first week the acute pain disappears. But about a month is still a violation of sensitivity, a slight tingling, itching.

In 20% of women, pain in the area of ​​sewing persists for up to 3 months or more.

Rarely, but chronic pain occurs in the postoperative scar. This is due to damage to the nerves and the formation of neuromas.

This complication often requires reoperation and removal of the scar.

Second, if you received general anesthesia, after intubation, the trachea hurts in the throat and mucus builds up in the lungs. Coughing torments

The cough gives an unpleasant sensation in the area of ​​the wound.

Pain after cesarean: stomach pain, stitches

To facilitate cleansing of the throat, hold the abdomen with your hands, inhale deeply and exhale with a loud sound, while pulling the abdomen. Repeat several times.

Third, a cesarean section also gives birth. After surgery, the uterus is at the navel level and each day its volume and size decrease.

Uterine contractions cause pain.

Also, after repeated delivery, the pain is stronger. The pain in nature is reminiscent of weak contractions.

When feeding a child, this pain increases because oxytocin is secreted, a hormone that contributes to the reduction of the uterus and its release from postpartum secretions (lochia). As soon as the uterus contracts, the pains will disappear.

This will happen at the end of the first week. It is good that the belly also becomes noticeably smaller.

If you have a fever, feel weakness, chills and severe pain in your lower abdomen, have an unpleasant smell, be sure to call the doctor. It can be a complication as terrible as endometritis.

These pains appear later in 3-4, and even in 5-7 days. In contrast, the muscular pain of uterine contractions, which are the strongest immediately after surgery and decreases every day.

Fourth, the stomach can hurt and due to the distention of the intestines. During the operation, he was “crushed” a little and does not want to work the first day.

If a woman breaks the recommended diet, she may well face this type of pain.

Pain after cesarean: stomach pain, stitches

If you feel bloated, due to the accumulation of gas, sit on the bed and swing a little back and forth, while breathing deeply. Then lie down on your side, the gases will disappear.

For the prevention of intestinal distention, doctors recommend not eating anything during the first day after surgery. Assign injections to improve intestinal peristalsis.

By the second day the gases must start to come out.

You can eat lean meat or chicken broth, a few tablespoons of cereal, drink tea and water. On the third day, you can add boiled egg, kefir, cottage cheese, steamed meat. For 3-4 days there must be a chair.

After that, you can have everything that is not harmful to the child. you will breastfeed Avoid fried, spicy, spices and spices.

The meat should be boiled or stewed. Fruits and vegetables, but not red.

Long-term effects of cesarean section.

Unfortunately, many women face long-term consequences. The years pass, but the stomach after a cesarean section still hurts.

Adhesions formed after any operation in the abdominal cavity.

Between the uterus, the ovaries, intestines and adhesions of the bladder are formed, causing discomfort and causing chronic pelvic pain. If the intestines are involved in adhesions, this can cause constipation and impaired intestinal permeability.

If the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes suffer, it is full of sterility.

Rarely, but it occurs after endometriosis by caesarean section. The mucous membrane of the uterus enters the abdominal cavity and causes inflammation and adhesion formation there.

During menstruation, the pain intensifies. There is postoperative scar endometriosis, when the mucous membrane of the uterus begins to grow in the anterior abdominal wall.

How to help you?

In order to feel good as soon as possible, it is necessary in 3-4 hours to start rolling on the bed, to bend the legs in the knee and ankle joints, to bend and raise the arms, to tighten and loosen the hands and to extract the exhalation stomach.

After 10-12 hours, try to climb. Take a bandage.

Do breathing exercises.

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