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Painful suture after a cesarean: causes of pain and indications

The pain occurs not only during childbirth, but also after a cesarean section. The sewing after the caesarean in the skin and in the uterus hurts, as well as the pain of the uterine contractions.

All this causes unpleasant emotions and can be poorly reflected in postpartum recovery of the body.

Pain after a cesarean.

After the operation, the first thing a woman should face is pain. In the first days it is especially strong.

Painful suture after a cesarean: causes of pain and indications

You must prescribe an analgesic. It can not be tolerated. This negatively affects the recovery of the body after surgery, slowing down.

The tone of the anterior abdominal wall is reduced to protect the painful area.

The hernia may form in the future. On day 3, women usually refuse to relieve pain.

Until the stitches are removed, the pain in the area of ​​the postoperative suture on the skin is worrying. This will happen in 7-8 days.

About a month there will be discomfort in the area of ​​sewing, itching, burning. But the violation of sensitivity persists longer.

Up to 3-4 months. But we are all individual and the duration of pain may vary.

The vertical seam from the navel to the heart hurts a little more than the horizontal in the bikini area.

But sewing on the anterior abdominal wall is not the only cause of pain. The uterus that hurts hurts.

The stomach may be disturbed due to the accumulation of gas in the intestine. Especially if you break the recommended diet.

If adhesions form, this will lead to the development of long-term chronic pelvic pain. She is pulling. Therefore, after surgery, it is necessary to commit to the prevention of adhesions.

Endometriosis – This is another cause of chronic pelvic pain after a cesarean section surgery.

If the postpartum period is complicated by purulent-septic diseases, this will also cause pain. But normally there should not be so much pain. When the inflammation of the uterus, there is intense pain in the lower abdomen.

When this discharge becomes dirty with an unpleasant odor, the temperature increases, worries the weakness.

Why can a seam after a cesarean section hurt?

During a cesarean section, tissues, vessels and nerves were cut. The anterior abdominal wall is damaged: the skin, hypoderm, muscles and uterus are injured.

It causes pain.

In response to a tissue injury, the body releases hormones into the bloodstream, which produces spasms in the blood vessels. The advantage is that the bleeding stops, the drawback is that the blood circulation and the nutrition of the damaged tissues deteriorate.

Metabolic products accumulate in tissues, acids that damage them and increase pain.

If the complications come together and the healing process of the tissue is affected, then it can take several months to get sick.

  • In some cases, the scar after the removal of sutures to diverge. It requires daily bandages, and sometimes even the imposition of secondary seams.
  • If there is a negative reaction of the body to the suture material, fistulas of the ligature may form. First, a nodule is formed that is painful and hot to the touch in the suture area, and then pus comes out through the opening. This situation also requires the supervision of a doctor.
  • Bruising in the subcutaneous tissue and under the aponeurosis. It causes pain. It can lead to the suppuration of the seam and its divergence. If there is redness, swelling, pain and discharge of pus in the suture area, consult a doctor.

The seam hurts and pulls with the years. This happens when:

  • Endometriosis scar of the skin. The uterine mucosa enters the scar and grows there. It causes pain that increases during menstruation.
  • neurinoma scar. When the damaged nerve endings begin to germinate at random in the scar of the skin. The most effective treatment for these conditions is reoperation and removal of the scar.
  • postoperative scar hernia. A scar is a weak point in the anterior abdominal wall. If there are defects, hernias can form over time. Its treatment is only surgical. For prevention, doctors recommend refraining from lifting weights and making an intense physical effort in the first 2 months.

Internal suture after cesarean.

After caesarean section, the suture remains not only in the skin, but also in the uterus. It is he who imposes many restrictions on the postpartum life of a woman.

It takes 6-8 weeks to cure the suture in the uterus. Another 1-1.5 years for their final training.

The germination of the connective tissue of the scar by the muscle fibers. But this is because a woman during this period will not suffer from inflammatory diseases of the uterus and will not perform abortions.

Otherwise, take more time.

How long should guard mode follow?

To avoid injury in the first 2 months after the operation:

  • live sex
  • weightlifting
  • Go to the gym and make an intense physical effort.
  • take baths

Not many people know that moderate physical activity, a set of specially selected gymnastic exercises after cesarean section, will contribute to a faster healing of the points, the reduction of pain, the reduction of the uterus and the early recovery of the body. Rest is necessary. Good sleep

More often in the fresh air.

It is very important to eat properly with the mandatory inclusion in the meat diet. The protein is necessary for the healing and repair of tissues.

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