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Pregnancy and antibiotics, is there compatibility?

The concept of antibiotics.

People who are far from medications, any medication that has antifungal, antiviral or anti-infective effects are considered antibiotics.

Pregnancy and antibiotics, is there compatibility?

However, the term “antibiotics” means medicines of a medicinal nature of biological origin, which have selective destructive or harmful effects on specific microorganisms. This group can also include analogs of the synthetic type and derivatives of natural antibiotics.

Antibiotics in specific cases.

Also such cases include exacerbations of chronic infections, acute bacterial infections or signs suggestive of intrauterine infection in a child. In most cases, everything speaks of diseases of the genitourinary system.

However, in any case, your doctor must explain clearly and affordably the purpose of the selected antibiotic.

Safe and not very antibiotic for pregnant women.

If you read the notes to most of the medications, you can see that they are contraindicated for the treatment of pregnant women. This is due to the fact that during their development, the experiments are carried out with the use of animals to identify their potential teratogenicity and toxicity.

For ethical reasons, these clinical trials are not carried out in humans, which means that manufacturers can not reliably indicate the effects of this medicine on pregnancy and the fetus itself, so they publish these formulations in the description of the medication.

However, despite this, using a long experience associated with this field of medicine, it is possible to distinguish some groups of potentially dangerous and safe drugs. Basically, safe medications such as cephalosporins, penicillins and some types of macrolides are prescribed during pregnancy.

Glycopeptide, linkosamide, chloramphenicol, aminoglycoside, and tetracyclines are considered potentially dangerous groups.

Few important points

If you are prescribed antibiotics during pregnancy, remember the following:

1. Never hesitate to ask the doctor about the reason for the prescription of the selected medication, since, from this knowledge, you will understand more clearly the characteristics of the treatment, which means that you will be more responsible for complying with the terms and medication dose.

2. Be sure to ask the doctor to explain the contraindications and side effects of the antibiotic.

3. If only one pregnancy is planned, antibiotics should be taken only if prescribed by the doctor, given the possible pregnancy.

4. At the beginning of pregnancy, more precisely in your first trimester, if possible, it is desirable to refuse to receive antibiotics.

5. If you still took antibiotics during pregnancy without a doctor’s prescription, this will not be a reason to interrupt the pregnancy, as well as to perform an invasive diagnosis of the fetus.

Remember that the possible damage of antibiotic therapy is incomparable with the benefits it will bring if all the requirements for its reception are correctly fulfilled. Of course, it’s worth fearing, but it’s better to get clarifications from the doctor and get them back on time.

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