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Preparation for childbirth: what you need to know what is stopping, how to prepare the body

Any woman, having learned that she has become a temple for a new soul, who will soon give birth to a child, begins to prepare for this important event.

Preparation for childbirth must be paramount. This woman is looking for information everywhere, from her friends with experience, from her parents, on the Internet.

What you need to know?

In our modern world, an incredible amount of information about childbirth and everything related to this event.

Preparation for childbirth: what you need to know what is stopping, how to prepare the body

Women, especially those who have a first pregnancy, can easily get lost in the infinite information.

After all, it is impossible to isolate effective counseling from a ton of assumptions and recommendations for pregnant women.

For example, there are a lot of breathing techniques in childbirth, but in fact, in the process of birth, they are not useful, they are not remembered, but they are not necessary.

They are confusing and sometimes even nervous, in essence, only two types are necessary.

It is necessary to learn to breathe properly before giving birth, so that during them the panic does not take over consciousness.

In the first pregnancy, women often do not know where to start, what information to trust, they try to act intuitively and very well if they succeed.

My dear, beautiful women, the women in labor have been filled with artificially bred pictures for so long that they were all coded in the mind that giving birth was painful, frightening, painful, dangerous, a clinical case, etc.

But a new and wonderful moment is approaching, we awaken from imposed dogmas and associations.

Women intuitively feel that this should not be the case, and I want to remind you that, having the experience of two completely different types, this event can be wonderful, festive, powerful and surprising! Labor is NOT painful!

Preparation for childbirth: what you need to know what is stopping, how to prepare the body

Childbirth: it is powerful, transforming, how to travel on the “American” roller coaster!

What is needed is adequate preparation for childbirth, and the beauty of this process will be revealed to the woman.

Now there is a lot of paid information, usually in courses to prepare for childbirth that do not always say what the need is.

And for childbirth, a woman walks like a first-grade girl, not knowing where, at what time she should breathe and how, the pain of opening the cervix can be transformed by virtue of opening and helping her.

For every mother who is expecting her child, she must remember that the body is designed to support and give birth to the next generation! Believe it, create your body!

He can do everything, he will do everything, the main thing is not to interfere with him and just help a little.

What prevents the body from giving birth well?

Fear Fear of everything: let the child drown.

Because after all, he continues to receive oxygen through the umbilical cord, even if it is wrapped around the neck, because he does not breathe with the neck, but with blood in the umbilical cord.

Fear of pain

If you breathe correctly, it really does not hurt! That there will be no support (you must take care of this in advance or find it accidentally in your midwife).

There are women who, due to their fears and inability to transform pain, dream and even insist on surgery or epidural anesthesia. Because there is no close person to remind you, you cared, you explained the process and the possibilities, and this is very important!

How should preparation for delivery be carried out?

1. Having learned about pregnancy, sign up for a female consultation and look at the world from a different angle!

It is important to understand that all processes are beautiful and necessary (almost all)!

Remember that there are many doctors, and even more opinions. So, what about the doctor, you also have to think in advance. There is always an option!


2. Find a program where you will prepare for the birth.. We need to join the team of like-minded people!

This is very important.

In a team of pregnant women preparing for delivery, a competent healer will surely calm down, answer all questions, teach the main points and communicate with pregnant women, join and provide strong support. Because it is they who, like any other person, can understand.

They will tell you “how I understand you”, instead of “recompose”. And it also gives him strength in the context of all the changes that are happening to him.

Before making decisions, you should become familiar with all the options for training programs. It is desirable that the courses be with emphasis on natural birth, since they provide a wonderful preparatory base.

Although in some of them, the preparation for natural birth in the home, this does not mean that it is also worth giving birth at home. The main task is to obtain the maximum information about how delivery can occur not only in hospitals and how to help oneself properly.

Preparation for childbirth: what you need to know what is stopping, how to prepare the body

No midwife can replace the skills of a woman, even if the birth is contractual, giving birth to a woman!

Do not take sides, just look and absorb all the information, because you can not know with certainty how everything will turn out in the end!

Model your delivery, but not fanatically!

Leave space for the occasion, the experience you should receive, and without disappointment! Just thanks for the experience!

Although sometimes it is easier said than done.

My dear future moms, making a contribution to this training, you contribute to a happy and successful birth! The memories of birth remain within the sediment, and we must do everything to keep it positive.

This is more important than a dress for pregnant women many times. Personally, I understand this when comparing the two genres that they gave me to try.

In the preparation courses for childbirth you can learn the following:

  • have a clear idea of ​​the mechanism of delivery,
  • how to get rid of fears
  • how to breathe in fights and attempts,
  • what raises accelerate the delivery,
  • What poses to use in childbirth for the convenience of the state,
  • Exercises needed to prepare the muscles of the perineum.
  • how to understand that labor began,
  • when to go to the hospital

From going to the other side of the city for questionable classes (if not evaluated), it is much more convenient to buy online courses known to the general public, with many revisions, to study at a convenient time, especially if there are older children than They can not stay behind.

3. Choose a hospital.

Of course, you should probably read the comments, if you have an option.

Remember, even in the most “bad” maternity hospital at the right time, there may be wonderful people who support you, surround you closely and help you in the delivery, ideally a doctor, a neighbor in bed, but most of Sometimes it’s her husband’s partner, Dole, contracted midwife!

And even in the best maternity hospital with modern equipment, the obstetrics institute (as it was in my case), can be a blessing rather than a subtle approach, especially if you are a complete child in this matter.

In addition, each of us interacts differently with people, therefore, there may be a different result of this interaction, one will be filled with indignation and the other will be recommended and admired.

Preparation for childbirth: what you need to know what is stopping, how to prepare the body

Before choosing a maternity hospital, gather positive comments, find out what you need to take with you to give birth, because there are big differences: somewhere you must take all of your own, but somewhere you will not lose everything, there will only be water , recharge and sneakers!

In the maternity hospital, it is necessary to clarify in advance where the child will be after birth.

In many maternity hospitals, children are separated from mothers and brought only for food, as was the case with me at the Institute of Obstetrics in our capital.

Some women just want this to rest after they give birth and know that the child is supervised. He even asked not to bring it at 6am!

4. Give birth alone or with support?

The preparation for childbirth is not only prepare the body for childbirth, but also a companion. But first, think, understand, feel the need for “your” next person or the lack of it.

Let me remind you that every woman with her own history, experience, each one has nuances and needs, we do not condemn anyone, we do not take sides, it is important for us to determine, to feel the best for us specifically.

If you are better without friends and family, great! No, we are looking for a partner.

Preparation for childbirth: what you need to know what is stopping, how to prepare the body

Your chosen partner (husband, mother, mother-in-law, girlfriend, family midwife duel at the end) must be prepared for the birth, having mastered the postures, movements and massages they can offer during childbirth.

A person without training will be an obstacle, unnecessary care and even an irritant.

The partner should help, it should not be too much, he should understand the situation, what to offer the woman in childbirth as help and bring her psychological relief. That with the process it became easier in every way.

5. Things in the maternity hospital: this is a topic for another conversation..

But I can say that the list of necessary things in the hospital is approximately the same, with the exception of some points that depend on the requirements of the particular hospital chosen.

Half of what you need can be found at home. If there is a need for a new shirt or something else, do not deny yourself, but do not overdo it, keep the golden stocking.

Something bought expensive quality, but something and can save.

6. Rest time. Take time to swim or do yoga.

Pregnancy is a physiological condition for the body, if you have a real threat and an endless conservation, you should consult a doctor.

If no threats have been identified, you should not cancel the planned vacations, do whatever brings you joy, take it to you and your baby in your belly. But within reasonable limits!

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