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Prevention of chickenpox in children.

Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease and is easily transmitted from one person to another. The incidence of varicella in large cities is constantly observed, the peak of incidence occurs in the winter-spring period.

Prevention of chickenpox in children.

In childhood, the disease is easily tolerated in rare cases, chickenpox can have a serious course and is even less likely to occur with complications. But in adults it is the other way around, chickenpox is always hard and leaves many undesirable consequences.

For this same reason, many parents, if there is such an opportunity, deliberately infect their children (they will visit a sick chicken pox) so that they can suffer this infection in childhood in a mild way.

Others, on the other hand, try to get their child out of the disease and resort to various preventive measures.

Vaccination is the only effective method to prevent chickenpox.. In recent years, varicella vaccination has become increasingly popular. This method has both supporters and opponents.

It should be noted that only those who have not previously suffered this infection can be vaccinated against chickenpox. There are also age restrictions: the vaccine can be administered to children who have completed one year.

Other preventive measures against varicella help reduce the risk of infection, but do not completely rule out the development of the disease.

The prevention of chickenpox in children includes:

  • When a case of the disease is detected, the patient with varicella is subject to isolation. As a rule, the isolation of the patient is done at home. The isolation of a patient with chicken pox stops 5 days after the last rash. That is, 5 days after the last element of the patient’s eruption appears, it becomes non-infectious and is not dangerous for others.
  • It also produces isolation of children who have been in contact with the patient and who have not previously had this infection. Isolate them from 10 to 21 days, counting from the moment of contact.
  • After the isolation of the patient, it is necessary to ventilate the room in which it was. The virus, although contagious, is not very resistant in the external environment, it dies quickly under the action of ultraviolet rays and in the air. It is not necessary to carry out disinfection, it can be limited to wet cleaning of the room.

Preventive measures if the family has chickenpox.

  • Prevention of chickenpox in children.

    Isolation of the patient in a separate room.

  • The patient must have individual hygiene products, separate dishes and bedding.
  • The washing of the patient’s clothes and bedding must be done daily, separately from other things, this also applies to the dishes.
  • Regular ventilation of the room in which there is a sick chicken pox.
  • If there is a quartz lamp, you can place the room in quartz, following all safety rules according to the instructions.
  • Cotton gauze bandages help reduce the risk of infection. When in contact with a patient, wear a mask.

Even with compliance with all preventive measures (except vaccination), the risk of infection is still very high.

There are no special drugs for the prevention of chickenpox, the use of antiviral agents is not effective either. Therefore, the disease will develop or not, depending on the state and degree of immunity.

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