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Properly choose a bathroom for a newborn, types of bathrooms for children

When a baby is expected to appear in the family, the prospective parents think about what is needed for the crumbs in their daily life, what household items should be purchased for the birth of a baby? How to choose the best for your child?

What does a newborn really need and what can one forgo to acquire?

Properly choose a bathroom for a newborn, types of bathrooms for children

In fact, when a family expects to be born for the first time, it is very difficult to navigate through the variety of things that appear in our market for newborns.

Each announcement states that this article is simply vital for the child, it is impossible to do without it! But this is not always the case.

There are a lot of products for children that are not vital for a child. And in certain situations it is very possible to refuse to buy these things.

That’s just the category of household items that are not mandatory for the baby, it’s a bath for a newborn.

Of course, bathing is a very important process that allows you not only to keep your baby clean, but also allows you to develop your psycho-emotional sphere, helps eliminate muscle spasms, including spasms that occur in the abdomen, improves development physical.

So, why then a bath for a newborn may not be necessary for the baby?

If you live in a well-maintained house with a centralized water supply, you will have a standard “adult” adult bathroom. This same bath may be suitable for bathing a newborn baby.

The fact is that in the presence of a central water supply it is not necessary to boil the water to bathe your baby, and the tap water is sufficient.

If your baby does not have skin problems (there are no different rashes), then potassium permanganate or herbs should not be added to the water, which means that it will not damage the enamel in your bathroom, which most authors write in their articles on trays for newborns

To deal with bathing a baby, it is very possible that an adult does it, that he has checked himself and his two children, he does not listen to those who say that without a special bath he will not be able to wash the child alone. This is not so, after a couple, three bathrooms, you will feel comfortable and you will feel quite safe.

Yes, bathing your baby, leaning over the bathroom, is quite heavy for your lower back, but you can sit on your knees in front of the bathroom and then it will be easier for you.

And you can buy a separate anatomical slide to bathe babies with pacifiers, get well enough in your bathroom and free your hands and back, as the baby can be comfortably placed on it.

By the way, you can use this slide exactly on the days when you are going to wash the baby with bath products (you can use soap or special bath products no more than 1 to 2 times per week), and the other days you can bathe baby without him. It will give you the opportunity to swim freely!

To relieve the burden of parents when bathing, if you want the baby to swim instead of lying down in the water with a special device, you can buy a circle around the baby’s neck to take a bath. This device is designed for children from birth, and will allow you to and not get tired, and to baby have fun in the water.

There are, of course, a number of drawbacks in this type of bathroom: keeping the bathroom “adult” clean is a bit more difficult, in terms of which, more cleaning products are spent, more water is needed to fill a large bathroom . In general, the disadvantages are not significant.

But the benefits of swimming are much more! In any case, choose only you, dear parents.

There are situations in which you simply can not do without a special bathroom for a newborn!

  1. If you live in a house without centralized water supply. There are two reasons to buy a baby bath: you do not have a bathroom for “adults” and, most importantly, you have water from a well, a well, a spring, etc. That is, water that does not undergo cleaning and disinfection. So, to bathe the baby you have to boil it! Boiling a bucket of water in a baby bath is much easier than a large one.
  2. If you simply do not have an “adult” bathroom, for example, you bathe, you will also need a baby bath to bathe a newborn.
  3. If you live in a shelter, then, of course, you will need a baby bath.
  4. If in summer you go to the house or for a long break in the sea, the lake or the river, you also need to have a baby bath (here you can take a collapsible version of the bath or an inflatable bath, with more details on the types of baths for newborns who bathe just below).

And, of course, if you think you need a bath for the baby, then you need to buy it! “Move” to swim in the “adult” bathroom, the baby is never too late!

Baby bath of your choice

Let’s understand the basic principles of choosing a bathroom to bathe a newborn:

Be sure to demand in the store, the bathroom should be made of high quality non-toxic materials!

  • The absence of any defect.

No cracks, chips, scratches, dents are allowed.

  • The surface of the bathroom should be smooth, without roughness and “splinter”. But it should not be too slippery, so that the baby does not slip.
  • The bottom of the bathroom to bathe a newborn must have a non-slip coating or non-slip feet. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the baby when bathing, the bath should not slide on the surface on which it is installed!
  • The bathroom should be light. Mom, on whose shoulders basically all the care of the baby falls, you must lift the bathtub without effort and turn, as it will be necessary to clean the bathroom.
  • Well, if there is a drain in the bathtub, it will be easier to drain the water.
  • The bathroom must be able to be installed in a bathroom support or on the sides of a fixed bathroom for “adults”. This will allow you not to lean toward the child when you are taking a bath.
  • Modern bathrooms can have additional functions: a water thermometer, for example, this is allowed, but it is not necessary, as it increases the cost of a baby bath.

Well, before buying, you must decide exactly for how long, that is, until what age the child wants to use the baby bath.

Types of baths for babies

And so, now let’s consider the types of baby baths that manufacturers offer us:

Classic baby bath

In fact, an ordinary bathroom, only smaller and made of plastic. These were used by our grandmothers and mothers.

In the classic baby bath you can place a separate anatomical slide for swimming, which sometimes comes in a set and can be purchased separately. This bathroom is suitable for a long life for the child.

It can be installed on a stand or on the sides of a standard bathroom (this time for each individual bathroom you must specify in the store).

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