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Pros and cons of cesarean section: review, advice and expert opinions.

Each year the cesarean section is gaining popularity. In Brazil, for example, giving birth with a cesarean is considered a good way.

In private clinics, 80% of women are cesareans. But nobody has yet invented a cure for all.

Caesarean section has its drawbacks and advantages.

First, it is an operation, and an operation is always a risk. Despite the fact that the cesarean section and anesthesia are increasingly perfect and safe.

The advantages of caesarean section

If a cesarean section is performed according to the indications, in many cases it saves the health and life of the future mother and child. The indications are planned, that is, they occur during pregnancy.

Pros and cons of cesarean section: review, advice and expert opinions.

The woman and the doctors have time to prepare for the operation. And emergency, when the operation must be carried out immediately to save the health of the mother and the life of the child.

Thanks to the widespread use of caesarean section, delivery has become safer.

The obstetric forceps and a vacuum extractor are hardly used (medical instruments that were applied to the head of the fetus if there were difficulties with the birth of a child).

This often led to the child’s trauma and severe ruptures in the mother’s birth canal. Giving birth history, which lasts more than a day.

Today, thanks to a cesarean, only women who have a high probability of giving birth on their own and at the same time, without serious complications give birth.

Consider the cases in which Caesarean section has undoubted advantages:

  1. Obstacles superimposed on the birth canal. For example, placenta, tumors of the vagina, bladder, bones of the pelvis, uterine fibroids.
  2. After surgery on the cervix childbirth can lead to ruptures Here, too, you must choose cesarean section.
  3. Incorrect fetal position If the baby lies in the womb with the head and head is bent, then it is better that this delivery leads through the birth canal. But there are cases in which the fruit is placed with the buttocks or the head, but the head is not bent. Such a delivery is possible, but you risk ending the trauma of the child. Therefore, a cesarean is preferred here. Delivery in the transverse position of the fetus in the uterus is not possible, only cesarean section.
  4. When The size of a woman’s pelvis is much smaller than the head of the fetus. It is better to perform a cesarean, so as not to injure the child and the mother.
  5. Some diseases of the mother. Do not allow her to give birth independently, as this will lead to a deterioration of the woman’s health. For example, high-grade myopia, diseases of the nervous system, heart, bones, symphysitis, divergence of the pelvic bones during pregnancy under the influence of hormones. After giving birth with a symphysis, a woman can stay in bed for several months. and others
  6. Multiple pregnancy. Identical twins are operated before the start of labor. They have a placenta for two and a glass, through which the twins receive oxygen and food. With the onset of contractions, the vessels have spasms and a child receives excess food, stealing the second. Both are extremely dangerous for children’s lives. If you are expecting twins, here they observe the situation and evaluate all the risks.
  7. Pregnancy after IVF or if the woman suffered from infertility for a long time. Such women during pregnancy took hormones, because the body could not independently guarantee the development of pregnancy. The chances are good that the birth is bad. And who agrees to risk the health of a long-awaited baby.
  8. Cesarean section repeated after cesarean. There is a risk of rupture of the uterus along the scar with heavy bleeding. But natural childbirth is possible and can easily pass under medical supervision, especially if the previous caesarean section was performed during childbirth.

Caesarean section is essential if you need a quick removal of the child, because the delay will lead to his death. The first is bleeding in detachment of the placenta, uterine rupture.

Prolapse of the umbilical cord.

Fetal hypoxia: when a child lacks oxygen for several reasons. Thanks to the cesarean and constant control by the doctors of the condition of the fetus, it was possible to save the child at the first sign of his suffering in the stomach of his mother.

What are the advantages of the operation that can hardly be called a plus?

  1. The pain Many consider the lack of labor contractions plus cesarean section. This is a profound error. To eliminate pain during the operation, perform anesthesia: general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. But these methods are not very harmless and have consequences for women and children. After delivery, a cut in the stomach hurts more than labor pains. In the hospital, you will be prescribed anesthesia, but at home you will have to cope by yourself and still take care of the child. Also, by getting rid of contractions, you may have chronic pelvic pain due to the formation of adhesions or endometriosis in the pelvis. The pain during childbirth depends to a large extent on the emotional state and the psychological attitude. If positive emotions prevail, then it will hurt less. And if you are so afraid, then in labor you can do spinal anesthesia. As you can see, pain is not a reason to perform a cesarean section.
  2. Do caesarean section Faster than giving birth on your own.
  3. Cesarean section lasts on average 40 minutes, and the first birth 10-14 hours, the second 7-9 hours. Still others are even faster. But after giving birth after 6 hours, she will recover and can take care of the baby on her own. After a cesarean, you will have to lie for at least 12 hours, or even a day, and it will be difficult to get up. It turns out that the quieter you go, the farther you will be. By the way, during labor, the contractions at the beginning are rare, short and not intense, and closer to the end they become painful. Therefore, nobody says that all 14 hours you will be exhausted by pain.
  4. Hemorrhoids Many moms think that having done a cesarean, they will get rid of the hemorrhoids. I want to bother you. Attempts are just one of the causes of the disease. Hemorrhoids often occur during pregnancy, in the third trimester. This is facilitated by an enlarged uterus, which puts pressure on the rectum, hormones, constipation and unhealthy diet. After caesarean section, one more factor is added, hypodynia, insufficient physical activity. Therefore, in the postpartum period, many suffer from hemorrhoids, no matter how they gave birth.
  5. Rupture of the cervical vagina, perineum. Yes, in fact, the cesarean section will save you from the ruptures of the birth canal, but it will have a scar on the uterus and on the anterior abdominal wall. Today, a caesarean is performed on the pubic incision in the bikini area, but if the operation is urgent, if you have excess weight or skin disease in the area of ​​the planned incision, you can cut the belly of the navel pubis. Many women give birth without tearing. More often they occur if there is a disproportion between the size of the woman’s pelvis and the head of the fetus, the weak contractions, the infection in the vagina, the edema. In the first two cases, doctors can offer you a cesarean section. To prevent an infection a week before giving birth, scan the vagina with candles. By the way, if in previous births had serious problems, damage to the rectum, it will be an indication for surgery.
  6. Incontinence, prolapse of pelvic organs. The crotch tone after childbirth is reduced, but it will recover in a few months. To speed up the process, perform the Kegel exercises: tighten and loosen the muscles of the perineum. After 50 years, urinary incontinence and prolapse of the pelvic organs are equally common among those who gave birth by cesarean and those who gave birth on their own. The reason here is a genetic predisposition – connective tissue dysplasia. If you can reach the inner surface of your forearm with your thumb, then the likelihood of these problems with age is great.

Cons of cesarean section

  1. After caesarean section 5 times often Endometritis occurs. The uterus is difficult to contract because of the scar. Blood and clots accumulate in its cavity, which promotes the reproduction of microorganisms there.
  2. After cesarean almost always Antibiotics are prescribed, and after delivery only in rare cases. Assign only medications compatible with breastfeeding, but if your child should be in contact with antibiotics during childhood.
  3. Recovery after a cesarean section is slower. We will have to work hard to remove the belly.
  4. During the caesarean section The blood loss is 2-3 times higher than at delivery. And if complications arise during surgery, blood transfusions may be needed.

Thanks to caesarean section, babies are born without injury or damage. You can save those children who could not survive if the birth was carried out through the birth canal.

The formation of immunity and colonization of the intestinal microflora are violated.

After caesarean section, breastfeeding usually lasts less than 6 months.

As you can see, in the choice between caesarean section and delivery an individual approach is necessary. Carefully evaluate all the disadvantages of caesarean section and justify the indications since you can only be a doctor.

Therefore, the best a mother can do is rely on the doctor’s experience and relax and adapt to an easy delivery.

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