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Severe morning weakness in first trimester pregnancy

During the first trimester of pregnancy, morning weakness is almost an essential element after waking up.

Severe morning weakness in first trimester pregnancy

Of course, everyone’s pregnancy is different: someone can not get close to their favorite foods less than three meters away, someone eats and drinks everything, without feeling the slightest discomfort.

All this is very individual, but eighty percent of women are susceptible to the morning weakness and nausea that accompany it. The hormone of nausea guilty – progesterone.

Its active secretion slows down the digestive process.

One of the reasons for the appearance of such conditions may also be the fact that during this period the body of the future mother is deficient in certain elements, such as folic acid and iron.

Check blood sugar levels, calcium levels, work of the thyroid, which will provide information on iodine in the body most of the time, these factors cause severe weakness.

Most of the time in this state there is nothing terrible: the body is restructuring, internal organs are “accustomed” to the new state of things and experience an increase in stress (kidneys, liver, pancreas) and hormonal changes.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, the heart pumps blood in an intensive way, so fatigue and drowsiness are normal.

In addition to this, the woman’s anxiety about her new condition, the new schedule (visits to the doctor, the reorganization of the diet) and new worries add up to the exhausting exhaustion of the body. Sometimes, the weakness of “tomorrow” may occur during the day, there is nothing to worry about.

Often, changes occur so quickly that they are difficult to follow.

It is necessary to consult a doctor if the weakness and vertigo cause fainting, if you are very sick, and there are episodes of vomiting, which are repeated more than two or three times a day, which can cause dehydration.

Listen to the internal sensations, if something bothers you, it is better to be safe and go back to the clinic one more time. Do not take your state to the extreme.

For the rest, try to eliminate all stressors as much as possible, take vitamins, including a complex of magnesium and iodine, relax more and improve nutrition. Do not starve yourself, even if you do not want to eat anything, and most dishes and foods cause nausea.

It is believed that in this case, mint, chamomile and ginger tea, a piece of dry bread or thin slices of apple help well. Experiment with the menu, calculate the dishes and ingredients that adapt perfectly to your body and those that absolutely do not tolerate.

It is useful to exclude all fatty and fried products from foods, add yogurt and carbohydrate-rich foods. But if, on the contrary, during that period you can only eat, for example, fries and fatty chops, do not torture yourself: eat, over time the diet will improve.

It is also better to take hot and hot foods, as well as small delicatessen, break your food intake 5 to 7 times a day.

Try to move gently and slowly, if you are not in a rush in the morning, allow yourself to lie down a few minutes before getting out of bed, try to relax and think about the good. It is useful to start the day with a cup of warm water with lemon, you can also prepare herbal infusions.

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