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Short diapers: advantages, disadvantages, main brands.

Each parent, sooner or later, faces the problem of dressing an older baby, who always needs to run somewhere, a diaper. There are many problems here!

Short diapers: advantages, disadvantages, main brands.

Not only do you have to catch the little boy, you must also keep him lying on his back for a long time, while mom or dad try to stick the diapers correctly.

And, if a baby is taught to use a pot, here is a complete saga with a constant undoing of the diaper, and then closing it again!

After all, a novice user may want to sit in the pot five times a minute and then leave it.

And if you adjust the fasteners with Velcro, you can push the baby’s belly, which is not very desirable.

It is at this moment that the purchase of diapers becomes something relevant for the family.

And then, what is the advantage of diapers?

  1. The diapers are easy to use, like normal panties, in an active and mobile baby. It is not necessary to lie on your back, as in the case of a simple diaper, but to catch a baby and put a diaper in the form of panties.
  2. Panty diapers are equipped with an elastic band that covers the baby’s body and protects against leaks and slips. If your baby is in short diapers, you can not worry about something pushing him down or the diaper slipping (right size!).
  3. In almost all diapers, panties have elastics around the legs, which also protect the baby from leaks.
  4. Diapers are easy to remove and use at least a hundred times per hour! Therefore, they are more convenient than simple diapers when they teach the baby to the pot.
  5. The diapers are universal pants (suitable for children of any gender), separately for boys and girls (taking into account the anatomical difference in urination: children stain more the front of the diaper, and girls average and back, from according to this absorbent layer is located in the diapers for a certain sex) Well, the colors are different!), For different age groups of children, diapers, panties, designed specifically for night sleep. That is, the buyer can choose what, and everyone can pick up exactly the diapers he needs.
  6. By changing the used diapers, you can easily break the side covers and simply throw them into the bucket. There are diapers, panties with Velcro side panels, maybe in some situations (for example, changing the child without removing the pants completely and without unwrapping it) is convenient, but when we take the diapers in the panties, we do not believe that we unbuckle them, because it will cause the same problems as with a simple diaper. In addition, the child himself can easily undo those unzipped side covers, which, of course, we do not need.

Really many benefits! Is there a disadvantage for diaper pants? The disadvantages of diaper pants are the same as those of simple disposable diapers: allergies, rashes, etc. may develop.

But this is only if it is not used properly. And the rules for using diapers are the same as for normal diapers.

Pros and cons of diapers pants of big brands.

Now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the diapers of the main brands represented in our market.

Pampers (Pampers) short diapers

Let’s start, perhaps, with the Pampers short diapers (Pampers).

And so, this manufacturer currently represents two main lines of diaper pants.

These are Pampers Premium Care diapers and Pampers Pants panties (this line now replaces the Pampers Active Girl and Boy Pants diapers).

Pampers Premium Care shorts. The price of these panties is 24 rubles per piece to 33 rubles, depending on the size and quantity of pieces in the package.

It is not a budget option!

According to customers, the advantages of these panties: very soft, reminiscent of Japanese, soft, comfortable, fit well, do not slip.

They have a moisture indicator, they do not drip, they are well absorbed, it is convenient to remove them and place them, a convenient belt, the side covers are easily torn and are of high quality.

Of the disadvantages, only the price, occasionally, allergies, some users do not like that there is no adhesive tape to recycle.

Pampers Pants Pant diaper

The price of these panties of 21 rubles each to 30 rubles, is not much cheaper than the previous line of panties.

According to the consumers’ opinions, the advantages are soft, not like the Japanese ones, but neither are they resistant, comfortable, well dressed and removed, the side walls break easily, they absorb moisture well, they do not slip.

Cons: the price, wrinkles in the middle, a number of children do not have enough for the night, the smell does not like some parents, there is no indicator of fullness and Velcro for its elimination, rarely allergic reactions.

In general, they are pretty decent panties for Pampers diapers, I would especially like Pampers Premium Care panties for my children.

Panty huggies

Huggies Little Walkers diaper trousers for boys and girls. The price of these panties is from 19 to 23 rubles per piece, depending on the size and quantity of pieces in the package.

Pamper cheaper.

According to the reviews, the advantages are bright, fairly soft, well absorbed, but also not very dry, it is very convenient to use and remove. Against: the thick and hard belt and the side walls (due to the reusable velcro), the child unbuttons the side wall, when this is not necessary, leaks occur.

In general, complaints, as well as other products of this brand. In my opinion, not very good diapers, but this is just my opinion.

Libero UpGo Diapers

The price of short diapers of this brand is from 19 to 28 rubles per piece, depending on the size and number of pieces in the package. Approximately, as in Haggis.

According to the reviews, the advantages are soft and comfortable elastic, there is a tape to discard after use, they fit well, they are comfortable to use, they are a bit more difficult to remove, they are absorbed properly, but some children do not have enough to all night.

Of the drawbacks: they are filtered, several customers complain about the unpleasant smell and the fact that the side walls are difficult to break, they are quite thick.

As a result, I would not buy them, the description is not impressive.

Japanese diapers panties

I will not analyze them separately, since they have all the same characteristics as simple diapers, they can be found in articles dedicated to these topics.

I will stop at the answers. Pros, according to buyers, – in Japanese diapers, everything is fine!

At least, they are small, dear, often they encounter counterfeits.

Regarding the price, Japanese diapers have an average cost of 26 to 60 rubles per piece, depending on the size and manufacturer. The cheapest diapers of the Goon brand, of 21 rubles each.

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