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Sleep and mood during pregnancy: how do they change?

Sleeping in different periods of pregnancy is subject to changes in the body of a pregnant woman and can vary significantly. At the beginning of pregnancy, this may be a constant desire to sleep, which at the end of pregnancy is replaced by insomnia.

Sleep and mood during pregnancy: how do they change?

Initially, drowsiness is caused by the effect of toxins in the brain. For someone, toxicosis produces constant nausea and for someone with an excessive, uncontrollable and irresistible desire to sleep.

At the end of pregnancy, drowsiness is replaced by a completely opposite state: insomnia. The dream disappears, which can happen for several reasons.

First, the baby is growing, his movements are increasingly palpable, even painful.

Second, seizures, backaches and training fights appear more frequently.

And, of course, one can not get away from the psychological component of insomnia. More and more mother cares about the next birth, how to face this responsible mission … the main thing is not to be silent. If a pregnant woman does not lock herself up, she talks about the fears with those around her: she unloads her nervous system, as if she were transferring part of the responsibility to her relatives.

The dream is improving.

At the end of pregnancy, fatigue accumulates, and it is clear that insomnia is not exactly conducive to preparing for childbirth. What to do with it?

Often effective is compliance with the simplest recommendations:

  • Eat at least 3 hours before bedtime, there must be healthy and easily absorbed foods on the plate
  • completely reject coffee and tea
  • Take a walk before bed and then take a hot shower
  • indulge yourself with a cup of herbal tea (mint, linden, valerian) or warm milk
  • Choose a comfortable posture, avoiding a back position, if necessary, buy a special pillow to sleep.

The humor

Hormones have a completely contradictory effect on the body of a pregnant woman. Some, after they learn they are pregnant, fall into “emotional hibernation,” they become calm and balanced.

The future moms are removed from unnecessary worries, their eyes are turned inward.

All his behavior indicates that his basic desire has already been fulfilled, everything else is vanity, he does not care much. There are not many pregnant women of this type, women are found more often, in which hormones during pregnancy act in a stimulating way.

They become easily irritated, become restless and watery, easily excitable. Often, their heads are visited by dark thoughts, resulting in nightmares.

Internal fears are stronger than the joy of future motherhood. Women fear changes that will surely come to all families after the birth of a baby, fear delivery and also give birth to an unhealthy baby.

This is just a general description of possible anxieties, and it is not at all necessary for every pregnant woman to experience them. However, if you are in these lines, do not be alarmed.

Remember that there are close people who love you and help you face all the problems.

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