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So you need to raise a child!

Each father has his own parenting rules children As statistics show, most follow the rules that have been passed on from past generations.

Innovations in this area are terribly slow to enter our lives, and only thanks to leading psychologists and educators. But if your child does not listen to you, argue regularly, is rude or just behaves rudely, then it’s time to think about what you did wrong and how to correct the situation.

So you need to raise a child!

No matter what they say, however, children are the flowers of life. But the flower can not ascend, grow and flourish without comfortable conditions.

And this is not about material goods.

After all, the main thing that we can give children is to put it directly in consciousness. Here are some tips to help you correctly. to raise a child, And then the offspring will give you a glass of water in your old age!

So you need to raise a child!

Old and overwhelmed advice, but incredibly useful. When you yell at your child, he absorbs all aggression like a sponge and will eventually throw it away.

Calm down, take a deep breath and think about what you are so bad about. Now prepare yourself mentally for an unpleasant situation and, when the time comes, express your dissatisfaction with the usual tone.

This makes education much easier.

Can not you hold yourself? Yes, it is difficult, indisputable!

Here is an invaluable recommendation that has already helped many adults face themselves. First, find out what exactly it is that angers you and screams.

Be prepared for this situation always. Loud music?

Bad grades? He has already overcome it more than once and, in theory, he should be prepared for such annoyance.

Of you two, the adult is you!

Count to 10. If you do this simple manipulation, it will be a pity to break the crying!

So you need to raise a child!

2. They do not require too much.

Your child will definitely be the best for you, even if you do not win swimming medals or do not study better than anyone else.

Do not assume that your offspring should be like you at the same age, or change to him the realization of all your unfulfilled ambitions. Just look for what you do best and develop it!

So you need to raise a child!

3. Make a good impression.

Children are a mirror of parents, and they will evaluate everything you do and even repeat.

Surprise your child with unexpected abilities, show your knowledge, strength, character. Therefore, it is possible not only to gain credibility, but also to invest in the child all the best that is in you.

So you need to raise a child!

4. Discuss, help, convince.

There must be complete understanding among you. Discuss everyday life with your child, be it not just a teacher, but also a friend.

Help to feel that at any time you can expect their help and advice, make sure that the family home is a strength for him, where he will be heard and helped.

Convince your son that he is the blacksmith of his life, his failures and his successes. In an atmosphere of love and understanding, great people grow.

So you need to raise a child!

5. Spend more time together.

Even if it is impossible to find much time for a child in your schedule, use it as efficiently as possible. Read books, go to the theater, outdoor recreation: it affects incredibly positively your relationships and teaches your child to perform useful activities.

If the child does not receive enough attention, he will start looking for him in the others. And there are no guarantees that in the end everything will be fine.

So you need to raise a child!

6. Do not shy away from the questions.

Even if the child asked a question about a sensitive topic, do not try to avoid an answer. Children are not yet ready to accept certain information, but any uncertainty in the response will distort the child’s perception.

Answer directly, but succinctly, if the topic is unpleasant.

So you need to raise a child!

7. Do not guard against difficulties.

As a father, your task is to prepare the conscience of fragile and carefree children for adult life. Protecting carefully against all problems, this will not work.

The death of relatives, problems in the family, even a banal refusal to buy “that beautiful toy” hardens his son, helps the personality to form.

So you need to raise a child!

8. Admit your mistakes

When you realize that in the end it was not right, for example, in conversations with your son or daughter, do not be afraid to admit it to the child. Your authority will not fall, on the contrary, you will raise it, restoring justice or correctly recognizing defeat.

So you need to raise a child!

So you need to raise a child to grow a real person!

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