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Swimming diapers: what it is, its properties and opinions

Modern parents are trying to strictly follow the times. That is why several technical skills among young mothers and dads are very welcome and are used with a bang!

Swimming diapers: what it is, its properties and opinions

Taking newborn babies to the pool almost from the same place in the house is far from new, but recently, thanks to the expansion of the niche of these services and the emergence of baby pools within walking distance, this type of development of the baby has become very popular.

It is understandable: occupation in water not only as crumbs, but also develops both physically and intellectually.

In addition, swimming perfectly fights several neurological problems and allows you to harden your baby in a natural way. Therefore, every second child who lives in large cities, where the pools of newborns are very accessible, has been swimming with a mess.

Well, in summer, almost everyone who can reach them bathes babies in open reservoirs!

In addition, now most young parents prefer to fly on holiday to the sea with their babies, and there, too, in the sea and in the hotel pool, children bathe all day!

And here comes the know-how, which is an active part of our lives: diapers for the bathroom!

What is this miraculous diaper in which the child can swim?

The diaper is a diaper made of a material that leaves no moisture inside the diaper, and outside it is a surprise for children.

The diaper has a tight belt and elastic bands around the legs, which helps protect the baby from the penetration of water into the diaper.

Also, even if the water gets on, the bath diaper does not swell and does not lose its shape, which means it does not impede the baby’s movement, it does not push it towards the bottom, as would a simple diaper, which swells and it turns instantly. heavy

So, what does a waterproof diaper give us?

  1. Swimming diapers protect the child’s genitals so that they do not reach the mud of rivers, lakes and seas.
  2. The sand can not get under the swim diaper either.
  3. You do not have to worry about having your baby empty directly into the water, since there will be no surprises if the baby is in the diaper to swim.
  4. In most swimming pools, both in our country and abroad, children’s baths are only allowed in swimming diapers. This is a requirement of sanitary regulations.

In the old days, if some baby of the children in the pool, soaked in water, all came out at once, and the mother of the “guilty” had to wash the whole “frog”. Bath diapers solve this problem!

The bath diapers are disposable and reusable.

According to most users, reusable swim shorts and diapers absorb more water and become heavier than their disposable “brothers”, although, of course, reusable diapers will be cheaper if you plan to use them all the time , instead of in a single trip to the sea.

The most famous of the disposable diapers for swimming are the Libero Swimpants swimsuits.

By the way, according to the opinions of the users, each disposable diaper of this brand can be used 5-6 times!

After applying it is enough to rinse the diaper with soap and water and dry it. So they are not so disposable!

It is possible to buy diapers for Libero Swimpants swimsuits for approximately 50 rubles each. That’s 10 rubles per bathroom!

It is not expensive at all!

What they say about diapers to swim in libero those who have already tried on their babies.

Soft, beautiful, sit well, hold the chair, can really use 5 to 6 times, bright, comfortable.

Of the disadvantages, some people say that panties draw water, but I think this is due to the wrong size, the diaper is too big for the baby and that’s it. The majority of users did not find cons.

There are swimming diapers and Japanese manufacturers. There are also many positive comments about them, but the price for them is much higher: about 100 rubles a piece!

In general, most users wear diapers, swimming shorts Libero Swimpants.

Despite the rather large selection of diaper brands to swim, now on the market.

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